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Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting! I'm a budding freelance makeup artist and makeup/beauty blogger! I reside in New York where I was born and raised. I love this place! I'm young, vibrant and creative! Please I encourage you to follow my blog, leave comments, ask questions or even browse. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010


OK, I admit my favorite feature on a person is their eyes. Big eyes, little eyes, dark colored eyes. light colored eyes, cat shaped eyes and rounded eyes. I love them all!

Let's jump right into the different types of eyes there are in reference to makeup and makeup application:

Small Eyes: Eyes like these can be tricky when it comes to eyeshadows and eyeliners. Placement is what will be important. NEVER use dark colored pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner or powdered eyeliner along the upper lash line(where the upper eyelashes are) or lower lash line(where the bottom eyelashes are). Doing so would close the eyes more making them appear smaller. If your an eyeliner lover another trick you can do is place the eyeliner along the outermost corner of the eye(aka outer V) and wing it up or back. Similar to creating a cat eye. This will make the eye seem a little bigger.

Close set Eyes: Eyes like these are accentuated best when a lighter color is placed in the innermost corner of the eye(near tear duct and nose) with a darker color in the outer V. This gives the closeness of the eyes the illusion that there's more space between them. Darker colors in the innermost corner will just make your eyes seem even closer. The key here is to always brighten your eyes up, mystery is good but lets keep the darkness away from your face.

Bulging Eyes: Eyes like these can appear even bigger with light or pastel shadows on the eyelid. The key is tho definitely embrace your dark colored eyeshadows and eyeliners. The dark colors will under-emphasize the bulging of the eyes and EMPHASIZE the eye itself..

Deep set Eyes: Eyes like these give off that mysterious look. That can be difficult when it comes to choosing which eyeshadows are best. It doesn't have to be. The rule of thumb with eyes like these is to use LIGHT colors on the eyelids! Using darker colors on the eyelids will shadow the area around the eye even more.

Wide set Eyes: Eyes like these fare well with dark colored shadows and eyeliners, especially in the innermost corner. Placing it here will bring the eyes "closer" together.

Droopy Eyes: Eyes like these can work best when a winged liner look is used. When applying any eyeliner make sure its winged (drawn upwards) at the outer V. This will make the eyes seem "lifted".

Let's also discuss the different types of EYELIDS:

Mature eyelids: These lids may be wrinkled, or have some saggy skin, or even crows feet on the edges and may even be very dry making eyeshadow application difficult. The key here is to hydrate the eye using a light moisterizer or even an eye cream. Using products with Retin-A (anti-aging agent) or firming complexes is best. Matte eyeshadow colors are best they will adhere to the eye better and an eyeshadow primer should definitely be used. Steer clear of creamy eyeshadows as the uneven surface of the eyelid will make that form of shadow crease

The above diagram was provided by Google. There are many many many eye shapes. I will definitely have another post discussing more shapes and flattering eyeshadow/eyeliner applications. We will also move into eyebrow shapes, lip shapes and the shapes of faces in general and how each can affect your makeup placement. stay tuned for that. Leave and questions or comments below, rate and follow me if you like. THANKS!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So my inspiration for the name Sherry Blossom Beauty is derived from my real name and my love of the cherry blossom flower! In high school, I took up Japanese for my foreign language class and I enjoyed it. It was lots of fun and the language is so unique. I didn't become fluent and I've forgotten much of what I learned except for the Cherry Blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms is the given name of the flower from the cherry tree.
In Japanese this tree is known as Sakura. Cherry Blossoms are indigenous to Japan, Korea and China.
There is a practice known as Hanami which is the celebration & viewing of beautifully bloomed cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms are omens of great fortune, affection, and love.

Sunday, October 17, 2010



So I've finally arrived! Blog World! LOL

A little background on me. My name is Sherry. I'm a budding freelance makeup artist and makeup/beauty blogger. I've always been a writer more specifically a poet. I never thought this is what I would wind up doing for the world to see but here I am! I've never been happier.

First I'm not a makeup expert, guru, fashionista or the greatest there ever was. I'm a regular person that just loves makeup and being a makeup artist. I am an "everyday woman". That's what I'm shaping this blog around and that's what type of service I'm providing as a makeup artist. Let me explain, an "everyday woman" is all of you. Working women, homemakers, mothers, married women, single women, young women, old women, urban/city women, suburban women, college student women, women who drive, women who take the bus/train, local women, all shapes, colors and sized women. I'm here for you because I am just like you. There isnt anything so extraordinary about me. I'm not super rich, famous or even super popular. That's what I love! I can relate to all of you as blog followers, bloggers yourselfs or even clients!

I remember when I first grew a love for makeup and how it felt so overwhelming. I would google and youtube different things and would be bamboozled by products, brand names, websites, articles, photos, reviews, blogs, videos, comments and stories from different places and people. I would feel disconnected like maybe I was in way over my head. I couldn't even afford most of the things I liked and forget being able to afford a makeup artist to do my makeup for me! It was then that I wished there was someone out there like me, someone who understood that everyday women want to look and feel beautiful as well. That's when I decided I would become that woman! The above quotes summarizes it all, I can make you up flawlessly and beautifully ,but if you don't feel it within nothing else will matter. I'm here to help you not only feel great and beautiful on the inside but the outside. I genuinely care about each and every supporter, fan or client. You all help make me who I am and I thank you!

So guess what this is all for you! We are going to have fun! Ask me any questions and I'll answer, if I don't have an answer I will find it for you and post it expeditiously. Email me or leave a comment and I'll write back. Offer suggestions or even insight on anything dealing with beauty or even women as a whole. We learn something new everyday and I want to learn from all of you. I can't wait! Let's get started!
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