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Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

Here's another face of the day. I switched up a few of the products to test out a new look. What I'm loving MOST is the lipstick! You all remember when I won Celebrity Makeup Artist, Ricky Wilson, Couture Beauty Makeup Contest, well this lipstick was a part of the massive makeup prize I received. You can check out the Youtube video where I show all the products and swatch them too HERE! Its a Dior lipstick: The color is best described as an amazing mix of mauve, bronze, brown and gold! Altogether, the look is edgy, funky and fresh...



Revlon Smoothing Face Primer
Maybelline 24/7 Stay Foundation in Cocoa
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Cappuccino These 2 foundations were mixed to get a perfect match!
MAC MSF in Deep Dark


WnW lime green shimmer e/s (all over lid)
WnW forest green shimmer e/s (in outer v and crease)
WnW royal blue shimmer e/s (blended in crease lightly)
WnW cream shimmer e/s (as brow highlight)
NYX Liquid E/l


Black Radiance Soft Honey Blush


Lip balm
Dior l/s in Mauve Mirza

And here is the final look

Do you have any new favorite makeup products? Have you tried any Dior lipsticks? Whats your thoughts? I love your comments and feedback so leave it below!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

You know I love to bring you all the hottest most exclusive info first. Well today I'm going to share with you all HOW TO WEAR GLITTER LIPS! This is not for the faint of heart. IF you LOVE BOLD LIPS then this is for you.

The products you need are simple:

Your favorite  lipliner

Your favorite lipstick

Eye Kandy Sprinkles Glitter

Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar

Your favorite lipgloss

Eye Kandy Cosmetics is a hot new company I was first introduced to at IMATS NY. The company has SUPERB customer service and know their stuff! They have colors galore!! Here's what they say about their company from their website:

Eye Kandy is a brand new company that offers the latest breakthrough in glitter cosmetics. Our revolutionary liquid adhesive base, Liquid Sugar, sets us apart from all other glitter cosmetics.

Our Liquid Sugar base offers incredible endurance that will hold your glitter on all day without flaking off into your eyes and onto your face. Our Eye Kandy Sprinkles are a high-end, pure cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for the eyes and is available in forty-eight brilliant colors. Because you apply the glitter and the base together, you can manipulate your application to a fine line for a more subtle look or a thicker, bolder line for a more dramatic or “night” look. Finally, a product that does exactly what it says it will! Say good-bye forever to pat-on, gels, flaky and messy eye glitters! Eye Kandy is the perfect no flaking, no mess, everyday cosmetic that you’ve been searching for. Eye Kandy is here to meet all of your cosmetic glitter needs, so have fun with the product and don’t be afraid to experiment and play with the colors.

We guarantee you will love your look. Eye Kandy is also for dancerscheerleaders and any other stage performers!"

I had to UNDERLINE BOLD and ENLARGE the fact that they have 48 colors and when they say BRILLIANT they mean BRILLIANT. The colors are so vivid its insane and this is EXACTLY why I decided to use the glitter on MY LIPS!

It's easy here are the steps!

1) Apply your favorite lipliner and fill in your lips as you like

2) Apply at least 2 layers of your favorite lipstick

3) Take a lip brush and dip it into (if its your own personal supply) or take a Q-tip(best for MUAs as to not contaminate the liquid sugar) and quickly dip it in to soak up the Liquid sugar.

*You may also place the liquid sugar in a travel sized bottle that has a droplet like top so that you can drop a few drops onto the lip brush this will ensure no contamination*

4) Sift out a little glitter onto the top of the glitter jar (if its your own personal supply) or onto your hand or palette( best for MUAs but be careful not to over sift).

5) Dip the lip brush with the Liquid Sugar on it onto the glitter you sifted out and apply to lips with a PACKING or PAT PAT motion. Do NOT swipe across lips it will cause the glitter to mix with the lipstick. 

6) After you've PACKED the glitter onto your lips (you can make it as subtle or as intense as you like the glitters ARE buildable) let it DRY for approx. 30 seconds (I like to give it a minute to be sure).

7) You can wear it as a MATTE like glitter lip or now place ONE layer of lipgloss over (over-saturating your lips with gloss may cause the glitter to move).

The glitter IS NOT MESSY. You will not find it all over your lips by days end. It's safe and is removed easily with water & tissue, baby wipe, hand wipe or a makeup remover. 

Here's a few photos of the Eye Kandy glitters and liquid sugar

Here's a few photo of the Eye Kandy glitter over lipstick 

Look how BRIGHT and vibrant her lips are! 

You can make it as subtle or as vibrant as you like. See how finely milled the glitter is NO chunks in sight and it doesn't move once dry!

If your interested in purchasing Eye Kandy Cosmetics glitters check them out at http://www.eyekandycosmetics.com 


Have you watched the video? Do you think your bold enough to rock GLITTER LIPS? What do you think of the Eye Kandy Glitter? Be sure to comment and let me know!

Until Next Time



Hey Blossoms,

I never was much of a fashionista growing up. My style consisted mostly of my shirt matching my shoes and I usually wore blue jeans, dark blue jeans with invisible stitching preferred. As I got older my "style" or lack thereof worsened (in retrospect I never had it to begin with). I used to be a size 0 with abs to die for and so most of my clothing was geared toward showing off those same abs(I am now a PROUD size 9 with a flat stomach sadly my abs are gone forever). LOL. Oh man, the tragedy of a young girl confused. My midriffs and short skirts were far from "attractive", form fitting -YES attractive- DEFINITELY NOT!

Don't even bother asking "Well where were your parents?" We all know as teenagers when we wanted to do something we found a way to do it, with or without permission. I was NOT a "BAD" kid at all. Passed all my classes in H.S, honor roll and honorable mention, even graduated high school early but I wasn't sensible when it came to fashion. I was trying to find myself during those times so my "style" transitioned with current trends, peer pressure, my thoughts, beliefs, morals and priorities. "Being fashionable" is something I still struggle with. Some days are better than others but its FUN now. Challenging myself to go outside of my colorless box. My favorite color (which actually is considered a contrast) is BLACK! (Trust me when I became a MUA I was happy that I already wore the universal colors: ALL BLACK!). My best friend would have to PRY the BLACK dresses, shirts, and shoes out of my hand. To me there was a difference to her it was COLORLESS.

Now years later I understand that the PERSON makes the clothes the clothes DO NOT make the person. With that knowledge regardless of what color I am wearing I'm me and I'm happy! However something great has been happening over the past year. I have gained some understanding of fashion. Enough to revamp my entire "style" and wardrobe and actually be able to find something to wear on an impromptu night out as opposed to running crazily around local shopping areas and mall the DAY OF a night out, date, or special event. Goodness the stories my best friend and I can tell. Now we complain of not knowing what OUTIFT to go with. To think there was time when we had NO options! LOL

I had to give you all a little background before I showered you with the goods. I have stated this before this blog is MY DIARY. It's a manifestation of my journey as a freelance makeup artist, natural hair woman, soon to be esthetician and now a fashion conscious extrovert! So along with my FOTDs(Face of the Days) I will be posting OOTDs(Outfit of the Days).

I recently went out to visit family in another borough. It may have well been another state since it took almost 2 hours to REACH! Thats NYC Public Transit for you! However, I looked on the bright side I felt and looked cute all the way there!

I will post more on what I learned about fashion ESPECIALLY THE MYTHS and the importance of STAPLE PIECES! in a later posts. without further delay (or chatting as you can tell I like to TALK a LOT!) here is my OOTD: BLAZING FIT & FLORAL!

MANIFESTO FLORAL print blouse (I've had it over a 1yr and never wore it before today)
AMBIANCE body-con FITted skirt
FOREVER21 black leggings
ALDO peep toe wedges
RED suede belt with "old gold" stud detailing
RANDOM "old gold" bangle with black engraved detailing
RANDOM "old gold" large teardrop hooped earrings

Sadly I couldn't find my hair accessory when I took these photos but I wore a black lace bow tie hair accessory...(did you notice the BOLD & UNDERLINED words that inspired my title!)

So there it IS! Another thing I learned is that your clothes don't always have to MATCH, as long as the colors are in the same color family (did you notice the varying shade of red between my blouse & my belt) and GUESS WHAT there are NO RULES! IF you do not want to match at all and don't want to wear clothes in the same color family and you prefer CONTRASTING colors then do it! That's actually a trend known as COLOR BLOCKING! Again fashion is what YOU make it so have FUN with it, make the clothes don't let it make you and don't break the bank following trends!

So what's your favorite fashion trend? How would you describe your style? Please comment I'd love to know!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!

Monday, April 25, 2011



Hey Blossoms,

As a freelance makeup artist in New York competition is FIERCE! However to succeed, thrive and profit there are a few key steps one must embody and follow. I'm going to tell you ALL how to make money as a makeup artist!


Know your craft! 

No one wants to hire someone that doesn't know what they are doing. So if you need to practice on your smokey eye, then practice. Still having trouble matching foundations to skin tones, then practice. Unsure of those who've paved the way before you, then read/google/ask about them! Ignorance will keep you broke and poor skills will keep you even broker as a MUA. So KNOW what your doing, never think you know it ALL and KEEP PRACTICING! Even veterans get a little dusty.


Have a STAND OUT business card!

Have you ever been handed a business card and went about your day. Only to find the business card in the depths of your pocket or bag and couldn't remember the face behind the person who handed it to you NOR what exactly they were promoting? No? Well go walk around a busy shopping strip and see all the fliers and business cards you'll be handed or go to a seminar or major event. Look at all your business cards at the end of the day and see if you can remember the person based off their business card. Yea, I'll wait...

Don't get me wrong I know sometimes less is more and in today's economy less is more affordable but don't drown yourself with simplicity. A little color and a photo..(RETOUCHED photo that is!!! ABSOLUTELY No camera phone/digi cam pictures please! Trust me from experience!) can go an extremely long way. To make it easier have your business card match your personality or speciality. If your a special effects MUA design it around that theme, if you want mainly bridal clients then design your card around that theme and so forth. With the ability to custom design the front AND back of a business card  the sky isn't even the limit.

Your card will be the LAST thing in a potential client's hand when you depart from them, and stand as an extension of your FIRST IMPRESSION, but the FIRST thing in their hand when they realize they need a MUA for a gig and reach for the business cards they've hoarded( yes hoarded because trust me many cards will be in that pile). Will YOU be remembered through your card or will your card SINK or SWIM?

Here's my OLD card (I placed a digi cam photo! HUGE NO NO! Novice mistake)

When you know better you do better right? Decked out with my logo (my actual lips filled in with Cherry Blossoms ,my namesake inspiration, by a lip brush engraved with my name "Sherry Blossom") and 2 RETOUCHED (albeit slightly) photos from my portfolio...Here is my NEW card(a few changes have been made to it this was a draft copy but it still looks pretty much the same with some info removed/inserted)!



Goodness I have come across so many MUAs that are still "working on it", their portfolio that is and  yet they thrust themselves into the mix and add to the competition already out there. Are you saying that there are MUAs working and getting clients with no business card, website or hardcopy of their portfolio even? YES I AM!!! So you need to rise to the occasion again,1st with business cards and now with a solid and strong portfolio.

Now my demographics is the everyday woman. Regardless what your market is everyone in the world is VISUAL. They like to SEE what ever it is that you SAY you can do. It's simply human nature. Grandma always said "The proof is in the pudding." And she was right. Now I'm not saying go obtain a encyclopedia sized portfolio filled with every makeup combo known to man (trust me even if you did that you would STILL miss some). but have a few photos in there. If your unsure of how many start off with these categories if you'd like or as they pertain to your business: Bridal, Editorial, Beauty, Special Effects, Avant Garde, Black & White. A few photos in the categories you pick would make for a nice well rounded portfolio.

Now this portfolio can be online, hardcopy OR both. For those of you interested in TV, Print & Film it's best to have both. Sometimes there is no time to sit there and log onto a website. Many top publications have corporate offices where you drop your hardcopy portfolio off to for them to view and you pick it up at a later time or day.

Again since my demographic is the everyday woman its more my choice to have an online portfolio AND a hardcopy portfolio. I notice that most of my work comes through by word of mouth and thus as Grandma said "The proof is in the pudding."



I know! I know! What happened to the "old school" or the "day and age when.." Yes I've heard all the stories but the fact still remains that technology HAS taken over and will continue to do so. So if you want to keep up with the wave AND the money then get with the program. But what does that mean? That means I do not care what Facebook did to your last relationship, get back on it and this time maintain a BUSINESS like profile(give your "friends" a heads up that shenanigans won't be allowed on your page!); clients don't want to read about the drama going on between so and so and how this guy/girl is hitting on you or even what your doing at that exact moment your posting (ok I'm guilty of this but be sure if you MUST post your daily happenings keep it PG13 and DRAMA/VULGAR WORDAGE FREE!)

Get a Twiiter account and LEARN what #hashtags will be most beneficial to you (for all MUAs be sure to follow #makeupchat & #makeupmonday chats!). Ok I understand life can get way to busy for the daily almost hourly upkeep of these said social networks. Here's a solution. BLOG!!! BLOG!!! BLOG!!! Simple websites are fine but people WANT to know what's going on with you, what you like, what your into, what you learn, and of course the occasional freebie (be it exclusive info, great tip, prize or giveaway). Unless your super successful already and random strangers google you by name, a simple website with a few photos and your contact info just will NOT work. FACT: I've bought more from companies/people who are interactive on social networking sites and blog more than from those people/companies who do NOT! So if I'M seeking more than I know others are too and so thats what you should AIM to provide..MORE...just simply because! People want to know that they are not just dollar signs to you. That the only contact or conversation  they can have with you is when they are paying for your services. So get off your "anti-technology horse" and go create a FACEBOOK, TWITTER account and START A BLOG! ITS FREE!!!

I have it all!




I'm Sherry Blossom all day everyday! Even when I'm out and about, at school, home or work. No I don't walk around making up strangers, classmates, my family or coworkers. What I mean is I AM THE SOLE REPRESENTATION of my brand..my business. Opportunity rarely gives you a warning before it knocks so I am always making sure to cross my T's and dot my I's. For me this means clean made up face, presentable wardrobe (I'm usually dressed in all black anyway..Universal MUA wardrobe!), business cards on hand, and a great personality with proper diction to match. There is nothing worse than a person that looks and acts all put together and opens their mouth and completely turns you off. PLEASE DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! Every single person you encounter: male/female, young/old can be a potential client or LEAD you to a potential client. I'm not saying treat everyone like your next paycheck I'm saying be sure to keep in mind that you are the SOLE REPRESENTATION of your business if YOU bring ill repute to your OWN BRAND...YOUR BUSINESS remember there is no one else to blame, no one else to fire...the consequences of poor behavior will DIRECTLY affect you. Your REPUTATION is all you have and it MATTERS. This is one profession where what others THINK of you can make or break you. MOST of your business will be by word of mouth and you will see in the field of makeup  artistry that its a SMALL SMALL world. So don't BURN BRIDGES!



This is a very simple numbers game. Here's what I mean using a very simple list of a few purchases(withdrawals) and a payment (deposit) to show a "month" of expenses and profits: I've made up these numbers and kept it simple so you can get the jest of the idea...

APRIL 2011
Spent $100 on a new eyeshadow palette
Spent $50 on a "MUST HAVE" _________(insert anything you like here you know how "must haves" go)
Deposit from 1 Photo shoot gig $200

Total Withdrawal $150
Total Deposit $200

Now you already have more than enough eyeshadow palettes and could have made do without that new palette you purchased and that "MUST HAVE" item actually wasn't that great. Now if you would have passed on both your monthly PROFIT could have been $200 instead of $50!!! So PLEASE STOP the FRIVOLOUS SPENDING and you'll start INCREASING YOUR PROFITS!



This is a huge one! Remember I said this makeup artistry world is really small well let me correct that its really really really small. I PROMISE you that you will soon work a gig with other MUAs and I assure you that you will work more gigs with those same MUAs again at some point. The Fashion/Beauty/Makeup/Photography and now even Natural Hair/Jewelry/Clothing world are integrating. It's like playing that game "6 degrees of separation". No matter how distant you think 2 people may be in any of these fields I BET there is a MUA that I can connect to them. Whether I have to go 20 rounds to make the connection I assure you a connection will be made. So what does that mean for me? If your a type A personality your fine I'm sure you understand the need to network, to not disrespect anyone, to do your job, to keep your mouth closed, to not burn bridges or step on toes but for you ALPHA MALES & FEMALES you will need to RELAX and quickly or your business will meet its demise before you have a chance to clean your next roll of brushes. That's ALL it takes! One wrong move,one bad statement, one tardiness and it can be all over between you and that client or fellow MUA and the rest will be a domino effect. Don't believe me when I say that the industry is small and befriending other MUAs is a positive and not a negative well here's a story. One of my first jobs when I began was referred to me by ANOTHER MUA who could not make the shoot and asked me to take her place! From that single act alone I have made SO MANY connections!

 Still unconvinced here's another story about professionalism and not burning bridges(no matter WHAT!): I tested with a photographer ,who I never received my photos from, and 6 months later was hired by a stranger via online ad to do work on a shoot for their friend. I arrived at the photography studio to be greeted by that SAME photographer. I remained neutral and did my job and at the end of the shoot the photographer spoke of needing my services as an in-house MUA for the studio (due to the photographers POOR IMPRESSION from our initial meet up I remained respectful but was relieved when there was talk of getting back to me with more info as  I really didn't want to have to politely declined right in their face!).

And yet another story, I was chatting with a woman randomly and before our departure found out she was the Makeup supervisor for Phantom of The Opera that same day I chatted with another woman randomly only to find out a few days later that woman was the creator of a VERY popular blog site and surprisingly knew who I was at the time but I didn't know who she was. She later told me "You pop up everywhere!". I asked if that was a good thing and she said "Yes especially in this industry." I'd like to add to that and say as long as it's POSITIVE things your popping up end then keep it up! ...POINT MADE! I have soo many stories like this but the moral is: Network, make connections, be respectful, humble and kind you NEVER know WHO you will run into again or what doors they can (if any) will open for you!



Uh oh I'm sure I'll get flack about this but I don't believe in trying to get rich off every client. I have a flat fee that I believe is very reasonable. Although the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry we are STILL in a recession and my demographic are everyday woman be it college students, working moms, at home moms even retirees. I understand that sometimes getting their makeup done by a professional makeup artist is done on a special occasion and usually a "splurge" that they treat themselves to. I understand because I WAS THEM at one point before I turned my love for makeup and makeup artistry into a business! My fees can be located at the bottom of this very website and are current. I freelance and so I do have a full time career. However because I freelance and don't do makeup 40hrs a week/5 days a week does NOT mean I give subpar service I actually do my very best to give the absolute BEST service. I'm always told I should charge more. For now the prices are what they are. So ladies/gents enjoy it now! My profit potential is insane! Imagine 10 people that have $35 but not $50 but want their makeup done. There is no bargaining at makeup counters the price is just the price(most counters charge a $50 minimum fee) and many freelancers charge an equal amount or sometimes MORE! So under other circumstances those persons would be without their makeup done (unless they scrounge up the difference or WANT to part with the extra money..usually not) .When they see my work and prices its a deal they just can't beat. So 10 UNHAPPY customers just became 10 HAPPY clients. Imagine those 10 HAPPY clients know 10 other UNHAPPY POTENTIAL clients EACH. That's 100 more people to know of my "can't be beat deal" and the rest is HERSTORY! Now of course its not JUST that simple but you get my idea.



This should be a no brainer but some MUAs like to hold on to "information" afraid to let it seep for fear that those persons who are novices to makeup will gain knowledge and therefore might no longer seek a MUA services. Now I'm not saying that this DOESNT happen because it does BUT we ALL know how vast makeup is its more than just a foundation, mascara and lipstick. So unless the people your giving makeup information to are working towards becoming MUAs they will NEVER be at your level of expertise and thus your services will STILL be needed.

We all know how much money we've dropped on building a kit, makeup artistry books, makeup school, makeup classes, makeup seminars, makeup shows. So much blood, sweat and tears to make OTHERS LOOK their best. So trust me YOUR SERVICES ARE NEEDED!! Not many people know what you DO! So don't be afraid or hesitant to give back to those that come to you seeking help: What's the best foundation for oily skin? What's the best concealer? What eyeshadows do you prefer? These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we as MUAs get asked. These questions aren't even the tip of the iceberg to the world of makeup, it's like one little snowflake on top of the TIP of the iceberg! Answer them all (no matter how repetitive they may become) you ARE your BRAND so don't be afraid to be BRANDED as a MAKEUP GURU (in your circle). It's okay to be the GO TO person for sound makeup advice just be sure your telling whole truths and not whole lies. Just be sure the information your giving to people who trust your expertise, judgement and answers are complete and your generosity will be appreciated, cultivated and ultimately lead to CLIENTS!



WHAT?!! DID YOU SAY FOR FREE!!?? Why YES , YES I DID! There is a method to my madness folks. Nothing in life is ever truly free. I've volunteered my makeup artistry services to many fundraising functions, awareness events and even school/college/church fashion shows. In each event I was able to showcase my skills and abilities, practice on different skin tones AND network! (pass out business cards, talk about makeup with other MUAs at times & chat with key people) All of this is invaluable. The gift that can keep on giving! Trust me not only does volunteering your services feel good on the inside it can feel good to your bank account in the near/far future when you hand out your business cards to potential clients. Even if nothing comes from it, I still go home from these events feeling good. Many times the "models" you do in these events have never had their makeup done professionally. Yes I'm a sap and seeing those awesome smiles when they look in the mirror makes me smile. When I get a call from a person who requests my services who was referred by one of the persons I made up or was an attendee to one of those events  I did for "FREE"  THAT makes me smile EVEN MORE!!!


FOLLOW ALL THESE STEPS(if your current plan isn't making you a profit) or INCORPORATE THE ONES YOU DONT FOLLOW YET(to increase your profits)

Follow these above steps and I promise you will MAKE MONEY! Ok maybe not filthy rich but depending on your demographic and how much you dedicate to your business and your fees you can get a nice piece of change every day/week/month/year it's all up to you!!! Also remember that not only monetary gain can be obtained from following these steps too but CONNECTIONS! In many fields it can be a matter of WHO you KNOW not just WHAT you know but PLEASE PLEASE (I can not stress this enough) BE GENUINE & HUMBLE! This entire list will not benefit you if you are NOT GENUINE & HUMBLE!


Really Sherry Blossom? Is it true? Why does it work? IT works because it has YOU..YOUR BRAND...YOUR BUSINESS in CONSTANT rotation! All day and everyday!! Your bound to get feedback, business, network, make connections, gain future clientele. All these are imperative to a successful business and a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROFITS!!!

So do you have any other money making tips? Have you tried any of the above tips to improve your clientele?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

I haven't done a FOTD for a while. Although I've taken the photos numerous times to do so it always slips my mind when it comes time to blog. I recently attended a Memorial Day Service with my boyfriend and his family. His parents are Jehovah's Witnesses and this is a huge celebration for them. Although neither him nor I are Jehovah's Witnesses we were still extended an invitation. I attended last year and again this year. Its always a nice service as everyone is so kind and bible scriptures are read. Although I do not claim any denomination I do believe in God. The event only lasts an hour.

The women dress modestly and the men dress in suits. I definitely didnt want my makeup to stand out too much especially since I was a guest and not a part of the congregation but I still wanted to look polished. I opted to center the look around a GOLD HIGHLIGHT at the prominent parts on my face: bridge of nose, cheek bones, brow arch.

What I used to achieve the look...


Cover Fx Primer
Maybelline 24hr Stay Liquid Foundation in Dark Cocoa
LA Pro HD Concealer in Toast (under eye)
Cover Fx Mattifiying Powder
MAC MSF in Deep Dark


All Wet n Wild shimmer E/s (I've depotted them all so I'm unsure what palette but I own all of the palettes)
bronze shimmer e/s on lid
burgundy shimmer e/s in crease
black matte e/s in outter v & crease
gold with burgundy specks e/s as brow highlight
gold shimmer e/s at inner tear duct
NYX Liquid Eyeliner in black
L'oreal Voluminous Masacara in Black
WnW Eye liner in Gold (along bottom lash line & set with burgundy shimmer e/s from crease)


Black Radiance blush in Warm Honey
WnW gold shimmer e/s to highlight bridge of nose, chin & cheek bones


Lip balm


I'm pictured here with my wonderful boyfriend who I affectionately call Handsome (for obvious reasons). He is the designer behind my logo (shown at the beginning of all my Youtube videos). We were headed out to an event and I was able to snap this picture before we left his parents home.

Have any of you ever used a shimmer eyeshadow to highlight? matte eyeshadow to contour(I didn't use one here)?

Until Next Time

Later Blossoms!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

You all know I love color and lipstick is definitely included. I have so many favorite lip combos and found out today one of my favorite pink lip combos is a dead ringer for a MAC Quite Cute lipstick that is sold out everywhere... CANDY YUM YUM.

I went into MAC today and while being complimented on my makeup by a MAC MUA another MAC  MUA said "Your wearing Candy Yum Yum!". I was surprised because I wasn't but she seemed so sure of it. I have never swatched the actual MAC Candy Yum Yum so I had no idea before today what it would have looked like against my skin. Funny because a few weeks ago I commented on a "Are you going to buy MAC Candy Yum Yum?" post with a statement that basically said "It's a pretty color but I'm sure I could mix a few things and dupe it". I never got around to doing so. WHO KNEW?! it would be a combo I've already been wearing for so long!

As you can see from the link I've included showing what MAC Candy Yum Yum is going for online, people are dying to get there hands on one and internet sellers are profiting. This lipstick retails for $14.50 and is being sold new for $52.99 online!!!!! INSANE

I'm here to save you money and time. As a makeup artist I find extreme comfort in being able to mix and match colors, test different combinations to create a "must have" color. This dupe was found by sheer accident as I've been wearing it for quite some time long before MAC even advertised their Quite Cute collection. I know you are all dying to hear what it is!

Without further hesitation here is all you need to create an exact dupe of MAC's CANDY YUM YUM


Jessie's Girl Fuschia lipliner( outline lips and fill in bottom lip halfway)
MAC Lip Conditioner (upper and lower lip then blot)
CoverGirl Queen Spellbound Lipstick( 2 layers upper and lower lip)

NYX Africa Lip Gloss( 1 layer along bottom and blot with lips)
INGLOT AMC Lipgloss (just at the center of upper and lower lip)
Reline with L/L

Here's what it looks like:

Hope you like!!

Do you have or know of any other dupes for MAC Candy Yum Yum? Have you ever accidentally duped something? Let me know...

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

As I was preparing for my weekly deep conditioning and wash I thought of how quickly a month has gone by and to do this hair update for all of you! I am so excited to bring this update to you all! I am completely IN LOVE with my natural hair. I love how it feels, smells, styles and just goes with my face and outfits of the day. A single hair accessory can turn it from casual, to chic, to elegant. A few bobby bins here and there can take it from pony tail to up do. And I LOVE MY COILS!!!

When I comb my hair now I barely see any broken ends or hair strands and if I do I literally can count each of them that's how little there are. They are so cute too! Little coils!

I can tell my hair has grown simply because I have to detangle more often and now I understand the importance of protective styling to retain length and I have resorted to wearing one.

I am still learning and I see my biggest challenge is keeping my hair moisturized. I'm constantly going to the bathroom to sprinkle a little water on my hair especially the ends which tend to get the brunt of this New York weather..one days it's hot, the next its' raining, then it's freezing cold...my poor hair!!

Despite my few difficulties, the weather and my newness to the whole natural hair world I am doing an awesome job. If you don't believe me just check the photos below!

You all remember I went natural 3/20/2011 and had my hair was 6 inches at its longest point (the front and center of my head). On 3/23/2011 I noticed I still had permed ends :( so I chopped off 3 inches...leaving me with 3 inches all over. I was NOT discouraged as I knew I'd grow it all back and grow it has!

March 20th 2011

April 19th 2011
The nape of my neck was definitely one of my TOP priorities when it came to target areas for hair growth. Keeping this area moisturized and not pulling it up to tightly with daily scalp massages was key in it's growth. Although it's the least dramatic in it's growth you can definitely see improvement. Hair has grown filling in what used to be bald spots. I'm sure in time this area will be just as thick and dense as the rest of my head.

Now on to more dramatic hair growth results. My regime is pretty simple...MOISTURE ! MOISTURE! MOISTURE! I do my absolute best in keeping my hair moisturized and detangled. I usually wear it in 4 afro puffs at night each heavily moisturized (to last through the night especially since it tends to get hot in my home) and one big afro puff during the day. Shea butter is my BEST friend as it keeps the oils I use (EVOO, Almond, Coconut, Jojoba & Castor Oil) locked into my hair during the day.

March 20th 2011

Here's my hair growth at the nape of my neck stretched out for a length check. As you can see in the first picture the hair literally stops at my hairline(2 inches) and in the second picture it's 1in passed my hairline(3 inches in length).

April 20th 2011

March 20th 2011

The next area is the side. They were amongst the longest sections of my hair before I cut off the remaining permed ends. After the BC (big chop) the sides just reached the tip of my earlobe(3 inches). Now it's well past my ear lobe(4 inches) and on it's way past my jawline.

April 19th 2011

Next is the front section of my hair. This was by far the most drastic in length change from 6 inches to 3 inches when I did the BC and now I can see another dramatic length increase. I'm going to showcase my hair BEFORE my BC (6 inches), AFTER my BC (3 inches) and NOW (4 inches).It feels awesome to see that my hair is healthy and grows beautifully. I'm excited to see what the future holds for my tresses.

BEFORE BC (3/20/11)
AFTER BC (3/23/11)
NOW (4/19/11)
Yes I am SHOCKED myself! I never imagined such fast and amazing results. My hair is softer, HEALTHIER , thicker, curlier and well on it's way to being LONGER than it's ever been before !!!

Here are photos showcasing my hair texture

A head full of coils! I call them coils because they are tight and not as loose as regular curls. I have NO IDEA what "type" this would be considered. All I know is these are MY coils and I LOVE THEM!

This is what I'm doing as a protective style. A synthetic hair afro. I make sure to thoroughly moisturize my hair underneath and either have my hair in 2 strand twists, bantu knots or normally 2 afro puffs underneath and a small section of my hair out in the front for blending. I want to try kinky twist extensions but I'm afraid of the damage it may do to my ends so for now this works for me and here's a picture of the style below( pictured here with my BF...affectionately nicknamed "Handsome").

ALL IN ALL..my hair has retained 1 inch of NEW GROWTH in 1 MONTH! At this rate 12 inches of hair for a year is definitely doable!! Can you even imagine?!! There is a Youtube Natural Hair Guru who reached WAIST LENGTH in just 2 YEARS! And her hair was SHORTER than mine after her BC! So I know it's definitely possible. Setting "hair goals" is fun. Its definitely not all about length but getting the length is sort of like a bonus or a present for taking good care of your hair and I'm definitely happy to have received this 1 inch "gift" and I cant wait to "receive more!" The journey has only just begun but it's turning into an amazing experience! One I wish I started years ago but happy that this is one journey that has NO EXPIRATION DATE!

I am addicted to hearing about and seeing photos of others hair journey and if you know of any amazing blogs or youtube channels feel free to share below. I follow quite a bit already but like makeup...you can never have enough!

I hope you all enjoyed and a HUGE thank you to all who have followed my journey thus far and those  you who are so supportive...

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BLOSSOMING INTERVIEW: Up Close & Personal With Your Favorite Guru: MakeupbyCandie

Hey Blossoms,

We all have watched Youtube videos at some point in time. If you love makeup you've probably watched more than your average person considering all the available videos on makeup. Whether product review, swatches, or tutorials it's available free to everyone on Youtube. There are a handful that's widely known and we refer to them as Youtube Gurus. One of my favorites, who you may remember from my past blog post "Women of Color CAN wear blue eyeshadow" is: MAKEUPBYCANDIE.


1) I'm sure you get asked a lot if your real name is Candie? So I won't badger you with that! BUT we do want to know what eyeshadow combinations do you think of  for each when you hear the following candy names.. M&M's? Skittles? Lemonheads?
  • People don't even call me that in real life lol. People just started calling me that since "Candie" is in my YouTube name. I actually prefer to be called Candace. 
  • M&M's-blue, yellow, and brown
  • Skittles-red, orange, and yellow
  • Lemonheads-white and yellow

2) You have beauty counter experience working for M.A.C.? Is there anything you've learned thus far that you believe ONLY working at a cosmetic counter can teach you? Why do you believe that?
  • Working at a counter will give you hands on experience with face shapes, eye shapes, skin types, etc. Anyone can put makeup on themselves on YouTube, but in the makeup world, being able to apply those techniques to others is crucial. 

3) Any tips for managing a full time school schedule, freelancing as a makeup artist and holding down a job? How do you manage?
  • I multitask. I have 3 part time jobs and I'm a full-time college student. I like to sneak in notecards here and there while I'm on the clock at my jobs, that way, I can keep up with all my classes while still getting paid. As dangerous as it may sound, I also study notecards while driving. Depending on what I'm studying for, I'll also make up songs and learn them.

4) What are your 3 favorite matte eyeshadows, 3 favorite shimmer shadows , 3 favorite lipsticks & 3 favorite blushes (from any brand)? 
  • 3 matte - MUFE #99, MUFE #75, and MAC Orange
  • 3 shimmer - Glamour Doll Eyes Pistol Pistol, MAC Ricepaper, and MAC Bio-Green
  • 3 lipsticks - MAC Electro, MAC Up the Amp, and MAC Peachstock
  • 3 blushes - NARS Gina, NARS Taj Mahal, and MAC Stark Naked 

5) You do NOT wear foundation yourself. How do you respond when a client/customer asks you "why not"? Do you think your not wearing foundation makes some people question your makeup artistry abilities when it comes to choosing/applying foundations?
  • I always give customers my personal opinion on whether or not I think they need foundation. Contrary to popular belief, many women wear foundation unnecessarily. I understand if there's something on your face that you need to conceal, but a fresh face with basically nothing to cover needs no foundation. I've also noticed that it ages your skin terribly if worn on a daily basis. Some of my classmates have wrinkles already and I'm only 21. I personally prefer my own skin than foundation. My favorites are NARS Sheer Glow and MAC Mineralize Satinfinish. Both of them are collecting dust in my makeup drawer though lol. My mom is also the same way. She doesn't like foundation either and she still looks like she's in her 30s instead of 90.

6) How did you become a Youtube Makeup Guru? how long did it take you to reach the level your on now? Any tips for making Youtube Partner?
  • I wouldn't consider myself a guru, but I just started making videos at random. It took me a year and a half to make YouTube partner. It definitely doesn't happen overnight. I would say to just post a ton of relevant video responses, entertain your audience, don't lie, don't be conceited, and respond to people. Interacting with your subscribers on social media will also draw attention to you. Also, post tutorials more than reviews. No one wants to see informercials ALL the time. Oh and one more thing...FOR REAL lol...post tutorials on what YOU like. Do not let your subscribers tell you what to do on your channel. Of course, be open to suggestions, but if they see they can run your channel, it's pretty easy to assume that companies will sway them into lying in their videos too.

7) What is your skin type? What do you believe are the best products for skin care for your skin type?
  • Really dry/sensitive - I use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, then Fix +, then MAC Comfort Cream or MAC Studio Moisture Cream. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer is also a great alternative for my skin.

8) Who were your makeup influences? Did you watch any other youtube gurus when you first started out? follow any blog? or study the work of any celebrity makeup artists?

      Hopefully no one gets offended, BUT I'm just being honest here...my opinions of course :)
  • MakeupByRenRen - I still watch her, but she's a lot different than a couple of years ago. I like the "bright and neon tutorial" Ren lol.
  • angeec03 - Another person who has changed. Same as above.
  • xsparkage - Still love her. She does looks that I love.
  • julieg713 - She's like one of my top 5 favorites...maybe THE favorite. She still does looks that I love and has not changed a bit. 

9) What are your top 3 biggest makeup pet-peeves?
  • un-tweezed eyebrows in makeup tutorials, blowing on makeup brushes, using lipstick as eye shadow primer...WTH?! lol 

10) The nydailynews.com reports the UK cosmetic store, Superdrug conducted a survey and results show the average woman spends $180 every year on cosmetics for a whopping $13,000 in her lifetime and the average woman shops 5 times a year for new makeup? According to that study, are you average? below average? or above average? Do you set yourself any "makeup budgets"? Why or why not?
  • 2009 and 2010 - WAY above average
  • 2011 - below average
  • Right now, I am on a serious budget since I'm moving out-of-state for graduate school next year. I have enough makeup at this point. I'm just adding in things that stand out to me.

  • I like my popcorn burnt.
  • I can sing.
  • My favorite color is orange.
  • I hate seafood.
  • I am a tomboy.
  • I wear makeup once a week.
  • I played basketball and ran track and cross country in high school.
  • I don't like conceited people.
  • Louisiana sucks.
  • I love Calculus and Spanish.
  • I went to an acting and modeling school for a year.
  • Saying "excuse me" when burping is pointless.
  • I'm addicted to loaded baked potatoes...without meat.
  • The only meats I eat are chicken and fish.
  • Spelling errors annoy me. 
  • I don't attend parties with too many people; I do live in one of the US's most dangerous cities lol.
  • Britney Spears is my favorite singer.
  • I believe the Illuminati exists. 
  • Oh and if you can't tell, I'm random :) 

I completely concur with her last "did you know" because I watch her Youtube videos and follow her on Twitter and randomness is definitely a part of her. Its awesome when someone is not afraid to be themselves even if some of their beliefs are controversial or not shared by others. Her videos are always straight to the point and I surely don't mind the tangents she goes on. An entertaining personality is a win to me. This interview was honest, real and purely all MAKEUPBYCANDIE. Thanks for sharing!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!
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