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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

I first stumbled upon this question
"Why I Write" on a fellow bloggers page as a tag blog post. Although I wasn't tagged I asked if it was okay if I tagged myself she replied sure and to be sure to tag other people.

Around this same time I received a blog award from a fellow blogger for having a blog with great writing content. This award was geared to bloggers with under 500 blog followers. I was taken away with her kindness and promised to "Pay it Forward" to other deserving bloggers as someone had done unto her. I'll share more about that award in a later post.

Well life is forever changing and during the brainstorming phase, I decided to deviate away from the tag and write freely on the "Why I Write" topic. After some recent events I see answering this is more imperative than ever before. BUT I am prepared because I have 5 truths most people won't be able to handle...

Why I Write?

Let's begin shall we....

"I'm NOT selfish! YOU ARE!"

I blog because I'm unselfish. So many thoughts, ideas and opinions run wildly through my mind daily and much of it was shared with me and benefited me greatly so I have this desire to share the wealth.

I know when many people are helped they initially want to keep everything to themselves. They fear sharing because they don't want anyone else to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that they received. Not me! I am unique and we all process information differently so I'll share the wealth but that doesn't mean I won't kick up dust while I'm maximizing on it you just may have to dust yourself off.

My belief is "do unto others as you want them to do unto you. Some people just didn't get the memo!"

 I can't tell you how many times I've received valuable information from someone generous enough to share. There is this motto going around: "pay if forward!" , to me this means to give the gift that keeps on giving...basically to share with others what has been shared with you. This is something I try to accomplish within each and every blog post. If what I write helps one person I am beyond ecstatic!

To explain, a commenter wrote to me stating that they had recently quit their job to work full time as a MUA almost 3 months ago and have yet to see actual profits. This person wrote that they have been afraid that they didn't make the right choice by pursuing their dream. They had stumbled across my blog and after reading my blog post will NOT give up and will keep trying harder to make it!

After reading that I was taken aback!
THIS is WHY I blog! I felt validation, excitement, sadness and joy all at the same time. I was sad that this person was so close to possibly giving up on their dream. Validation that writing of my own experiences truly can help and inspire others. Excitement and joy that I was able to "pay it forward!" My blog followers and YouTube subscribers definitely give life to my passion and I thank THEE!!!

"You really want to compete with ME?! That's funny. Your really NO competition AT ALL!"

Whether we know it or not or whether we may want to admit to it or not everyone competes with someone or something. I write and deep down inside I'm competing with every magazine that hits your door step and every blog you follow. I want to tell a story that relates to you like no other. I
will want to  go down in blogger history! 

Now don't get me wrong, every blog has something to offer and I don't directly compete with any particular magazine or blog. What I do is make sure I have great content, make sure I'm consistent and regardless of how much popularity I receive I make sure to remain grounded. To never forget "where I came from". I'm simply, a girl who had a story to tell and was partaking in a journey she never imagined she'd be on as a freelance MUA and beauty blogger in NY!

Not all competition is bad competition. I like to think of competition as healthy challenges and I approach each with the same ferociousness as the last. I want to constantly improve. It's
MY MANIFEST DESTINY! If I pass someone along the way I'm fine with that as long as I didn't step on them in the process. If I've earned it fair and square it's cause for celebration. My all time biggest competition is MYSELF! No one I repeat NO ONE is more competition than your very own self! I am my own worse critic cliche but true so each blog post has to be better than the last. Each word and sentence is calculated to tell a story in the exact way I've felt and/or experienced it, no holds barred. So each post I write, each time it's viewed, each time it's commented on, each time it's shared throughout the  bloggersphere, Internet, forums, chats, groups, Facebook, Twitter and other social medias I am proud because I've beat the "competition": ME and I've earned it!

"You can't buy genuineness but I'll cash your practice checks!"

Simply put
I DO NOT blog for money! No one can pay me enough for my wealth of knowledge hidden through out the tabernacles of my human brain. Truly priceless and it will forever remain that way! My knowledge that is. However, if I receive compensation for my blogs success that's no different than a doctor receiving a salary for his/her success in diagnosing/treating their patients or the presidents salary for leading/protecting our nation. We all know that what they do is worth far more than they make! That is the meaning of priceless!

"Repetition is the best teacher. So copy me, just NOT verbatim!"

I write to be an example to others thinking of taking this journey that it CAN be done. I believe it is safe to say that I single handedly helped to inspire a handful of bloggers, new and old alike to remain on, do more of, or start to blog. It's refreshing. It's popular. It's therapeutic. Oh heck, it's a fad. A fad that is temporary to most but permanent for me! It just so happens my lifetime passion of writing is now a fad known as blogging. And my lifetime passion of talking (seriously I LOVE to talk!) is now a fad known as vlogging. I don't need to be coaxed or pushed to write, ideas flow out of me like digested food: always swiftly and not without causing a stink! In this context, stink is a GOOD thing! I practice what I preach on my blog and can find happiness in the fact that people want to see more of
me <----> my blog 

If they can't be interchangeable something is NOT right...

Yes I'm ready for the comments. I want to know if you can relate to these 5 truths or have you ever wanted to scream them or something similar out as loud as you could ,so no one ever underestimated your intention again? These have been hovering in the depths of my mind for some time. I am no longer unsure of whether I should share. This is what makes Sherry Blossom...Sherry Blossom. 

I hope you understand better why I write. It's not as cookie cutter as many assumed. It's so much deeper than that. Now tell me why do you write?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


RevealingBeaute said...

I'm reading this again once I get up off the floor!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

LOL!!! Yes ma'am!!! @Revealing

MiiSS kECiia said...

i so pictured you at a podium with subtle triumphant music in the background... I applaud ma'am... i applaud you.

- MiiSS kECiia of @MiiSSkECiia the blog

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

LOL @MissKeciia

EVE-O-LUTION said...

And thats why I like you gal!!!!
keep em comin!!!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@EVE SMILING!!! Thank you!! I like you too! Thanks for your readership and continued support!!

Melody Robinson said...

Girl..... You stepped on all kinds of toes with this post. You know these blog folk don't take to kindly to that lol! I love it and I'm so glad that we've crossed paths. Keep it up!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

LOL @Melody I had to let the world know! I'm happy we crossed paths too! And you keep up the good work as well! Thanks for commenting!

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

LOL @ Frances saying she'll read again when she gets off the floor.

This was a GREAT post, Sherry!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks @StyleNBeautyDoc @Fran is hilarious!

Crissy K said...

I'm so glad you write, your posts are so fun and true to the core. And you are right, your blog is truly inspiring, informative and always on top of the latest things.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Crissy Thank you SOO MUCHHH! I sincerely appreciate not only your comment but your readership. Writing is part of my passion and I love that I can combine my passion of beauty and makeup together with writing. It's amazing and I don't plan on stopping...EVER!!...

Elle said...

I am so grateful that you decided to partake in this tag and put your own spin on the topic I too imagined you on a podium with the music in the background. And I appreciate your blog as well. It's really chill and you can tell that you enjoy blogging. *twirls*

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you so much @Elle. I was all prepared to follow the rules lol and then my heart started to speak to my fingers and they started to move and the rest is blogstory!!! lol

Strawberry Blonde said...

Wow. This post is so inspiring. I'm a writer and most of what I write about is very serious - some times it's business stuff; sometimes extreme life or death stuff. I can't tell you the number of times I've joked with my friends 'I wish I could write about lipgloss!' lol. And then I discovered beauty blogs! This has only happened in recent months and I started my own last month. Still very early days but I'm loving it so far and wish I had the time to do it all day every day! So I read this post nodding along with you and you've left me on the edge of my seat... well, sofa ;-) ...saying bring it on!! LMAO

Thank you for this - love love love your attitude and am thrilled that a little of it has rubbed off on me! :D xx

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

AMAZINGGGGGGGGG @Strawberry Thank you! I'm so glad you did what your heart desired and happy some of "me" has rubbed off on you!! You may have just started but your on the right path!!

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