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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

I did not think I would protective style so soon but after experiencing a few tangles from constant manipulation of my hair trying to place it in styles it could go in and styles it couldn't I decided my tresses needed a break (no pun intended!).

I was very hesistant to protective style for many reasons.The first being I did not want a hair disaster to set me back on my journey, The second, I felt like I was going against the natural law and resorting back to "fake" hair so quickly. Lastly, I felt I would get hooked and cover my natural hair up more than I would show it. After almost a month of protective styling I see that my 1st and 2nd reasons aren't anything to worry about. However, the verdict isn't out yet on the third. I've been eye balling a few other styles but I've promised to give my hair a few weeks break in between protective styles.

Jenelle, a natural hair blogger and creator of www.kinkycurlycoilyme.com recommended a local hair salon to me via Twitter. Although this salon doesn't specialize in natural hair she told me that she goes there and has had many protective styles done, all which she was very satisfied with and she had no hair issues after removing the styles. I was sold. I follow her blog and am a subscriber to her Youtube channel.I've seen the many pictures of her protective styles and her growth is amazing and we seem to have similar hair texture so I decided to give it a try.

This is how I was wearing my hair before. I would gather it into a pony puff and then place a synthetic puff over my own to not only protect my ends but to add volume to my puff: I LOVE THIS STYLE! Sadly the constant manipulation was a little rough on my newly natural strands so I have to retire this style for a short while.

These are pictures of me with my Senegalese Twists:

They are very easy to maintain. I moisturize and seal them with water, essential oils and Shea butter or Coconut cream daily. I tend to wear them gathered up and away from my face since I'm no longer used to wearing hair in my face since going natural. I remember a time when I HATED wearing my hair up now its a style I prefer.

So far I've had this style in since 5/9/11, just under 3 weeks. I made 2 months natural 5/20/11. I am super excited to do a length check and see how my hair has grown when I finally take down this protective style. I'm trying to make this style last for at LEAST 6 weeks and at most 8 weeks but I can tell that I will need to get the front redone in the next week or 2. My hair was NOT straightened for this style. I instructed the stylist to merely just comb each strand out, ridding it of knots, add a little Shea butter and then twist it with the synthetic hair used to create the Senegalese twist.

I will soon write a blog post on the DARK SIDE of being natural AND the confusion and myths NON-NATURALS have of protective styling! I am NOT surprised that when people saw me with this protective styling those who had shunned me because of my natural hair began (TRIED!) to talk to me again. I was rained upon with compliments of how nice "MY" hair looked (some of the compliments were about the style itself and harmeless but others seemed almost slathering me with compliments to persuade me to not go back to wearing out my natural hair...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!) Also some seemed even more "mad" in thier minds (im just assuming here) they believe once you declare yourself a "natural" that you shoulnd't ever use another hair tool, product or wear any synthetic style EVER AGAIN! The natural hair misconceptions are endless!

I'm curious to know what are other's naturalistas protective styling favorites? Have people received you or treated you differently when your hair is protective styled? What myths/misconceptions do you see/hear from nonnaturals about being natural?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

So Day 2 of The Makeup show was just as hectic as day one. I still wanted to dress for the occasion but decided I had to bring back my trusty color black. I opted to spice it up a bit with a neon colored shirt and stripes! Find out what I wore below!


GUESS Black Blazer
FOREVER21 Neon Yellow Spaghetti strap shirt
FOREVER21 Black/White Striped High waisted body-con skirt
FISHNET stockings
FOREVER21 Bow Belt with hanging "gold" tassle
BLACK Feather & Flower Hair accessory
MANDEE Layered "Silver" & Black Chains
RANDOM MATTE Silver Bangle
BAKERS chain link "silver" and black ring
RANDOM Black dice earrings



MUFE HD Primer
Black Opal Stick Foundation
Graftobian Powder Foundations


INGLOT Light purple shimmer e/s (all over lid)
MAC Carbon E/s (matte black e/s in outer V and blended into crease)
Dior white shimmer e/s (lightly blended out as brow highlight)
Ruby Kisses Black Gel Liner
Ruby Kisses Very Sexy Mascara


Black Radiance blush in Soft Honey


Jessie's Girl Red lipliner
MAC Ruby Woo (matte red lipstick)


I kept it very classic with a simple light smokey eye and a red lip...red lips against any neon clothing looks exceptionally brighter and more vibrant! I believe I accomplished and mastered "standing out in a crowd".

I was sad to see The Makeup Show draw to a close after 2 days of nonstop products, knowledge and learning I still felt like I didn't have enough. Same time next year for sure!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you wear red lips? neon clothing?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


 Hey Blossoms,

I am still floating from all that I saw, felt and experienced at The Makeup Show NY. This is a star-studded event that is jam packed with seminars, classes, discussions, demos and more from industry POWERHOUSES and heavy hitters. The program for the show was something out of a dream. A haven for makeup artists and other industry professionals. James Vincent and his team out did themselves. The largest Makeup Show EVER!

The Makeup Show works hard to provide a place for enrichment, enlightenment and growth. Over the course of 2 days I experienced this all and I know that this is a pivotal point in my life. The bonds that were created and cultivated here will be bonds that last a lifetime. It seriously is priceless!

Here is the rundown of those industry pioneers that were available to us: unabridged and uncut for one on one conversations and more throughout the 2 days of The Makeup Show

David Klasfeld
Dell Ashley
Ve Neil
Tate Steinsiek
Dina Ousley
Al Lonzano
Val Hernandez
Jon Hennessesy
Lori Taylor
Koren Zander
Dani Fonseca
Eve Pearl
Valerie Goldstone
Wanda Longo
Dominic Briguglio
Lee Grimes
Ana Preciado
Dominic Cruz
Sheila McKenna
Kevin James Benette
Fatima Thomas
Deshawn Hatcher
Crystal Wright
Jennifer James
Michael DeVellis
Rose-Marie Swift
Eugenia Weston
Joanna Schlip
Danessa Myricks
Dany Sanz
Sam Fine
Billy B
Jeanine Lobell
Pati Dubroff
Reggie Wells
Johnny Lavoy
Kathy Aragon
Esterique Aidan
Orlando Santiago


Google any of these persons and you will see why they were in attendance and how much they have to offer. The Makeup Show had well over 41 industry professionals with over 300 years combined experience between them! All available to you for 2 days to answer your dying questions, give seminars on the business, give demos of their signature techniques and participate in PRO PODS where they gave 1-on-1 time to each person.

The PRO PODS were amazing! Being able to ask specific questions, have your portfolio viewed and critiqued, get autographs, share stories, advice, tips and tricks and gain insiders knowledge of ALL aspects of the industry. PRICELESS!

The education provided by the Makeup Show is a once a year and many times once in a lifetime opportunity! As many of the key artists and speakers ONLY give classes/demos/speeches for The Makeup Show. So be sure if your a serious artist and looking to take your business to the next level attend The Makeup Show in your state or travel to the Makeup show nearest to you! It's beyond worth it!

I met so many amazing people at the event. Many of them I have been corresponding with for awhile via Twitter, FB, Makeup Artist meet up groups, Youtube or their blogs! I was so happy and excited! They all felt like family.

I have to introduce the 2 missing links of my 3 Stooges makeup group: @MissMerli and @thisfancyface. We were literally inseparable but we still got so much covered. With 3 sets of eyes everyone saw different things. I'm super excited to read their blog posts on the event. And here they are respectively!

My beauty blogging friends!! They are so cool and gorgeous too! Huge shoutout to @MissMerli who went natural after being inspired by all the naturalistas at the Sam Fine Event in Harlem! She looks so stunning! I SEE YOU!

Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and fellow Youtuber MakeupbyKimPorter

Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger: April Antoinette. She is such a doll. Making huge strides in the makeup world. Check out her work in the latest Jim Jones video!

Youtube Sensation, QueenofBlending and I. Her laugh is uber infectious and she's so sweet. Loved the tutu! I shared that I wore a similar one when I went out to South Beach! It was bold, daring and hot! I adore that despite any negativity she's always laughing or lol'ing. Keep up all the great work and congrats on reaching 200,000 Youtube subscribers! Success is the sound of laughter in negativity's face!

I was super happy, proud and excited to be able to attend the Makeup Show as press. Being able to walk straight in (no line waiting!) and check-in as Sherry Blossom of Sherry Blossom Beauty was literally a dream come true. and I was more than willing to sport my "press badge" and it was surely meant to be being that it also matched my outfit!

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennett and I. Speaking with him is always a good time! He makes you laugh and is always chipper. With a really great down to earth personality you never feel as if he is unapproachable!

 Beauty Blogger, Felicia of ThisThatBeauty.com She was a judge for Danessa Myricks makeup competition and also was a part of the Blogging and Beyond seminar. Definitely check out her blog and Youtube channel.

A wonderful group of MUA and Beauty Bloggers who shared such amazing stories of strength and are such inspirations. They were so positive and have been very supportive and helpful. The connections were first formed on Twitter and The Makeup Show solidified them.

From right to left: Fran of RevealingBeaute.com(such a kind soul), Santara of TheGorgeousIngredient.com (be sure to follow her on Twitter @thegorgeousblog and go back through her timeline for A M A Z I N G tweets of the happenings during the Makeup Show. I don't know how she did it but her coverage was awesome! Cluing even me in on things I had missed! and Jennifer James(a mentor, a friend and the powerhouse behind challenging all makeup artists to #GraspTheMastery)

 Fellow MUA, Bethany Townes and I. She was soon to start working on making over her model in Celebrity Makeup Artist, Danessa Myricks makeup-up competition hosted by Youtube sensations Purzebuzz and EnkoreMakeup.

 A fellow subscriber and blog follower. Her name has slipped my mind. So if your reading this please shout it out so I can include it! We were having a great time do you see our huge smiles!

A fellow MUA and blog follower. Her makeup was flawless. If you see this photo please send me a shout so that I can include your name.

I had to snap two of this amazing woman. Fashion Blogger, Sharontina of TheRunwayTimes.blogspot.com. She is such an inspiration. I am a native New Yorker and during this past NYFW I felt overwhlemed trying to figure out how to find out more about the shows and where to start. She even gave me awesome advice on how to wear opaque tights! A kindred soul! Follow her on Twitter @Tyraslilsis and @TheRunwaytimes. She isn't biologically Tyra's little sister but she adores her and even was on her show! How awesome is that! Also the rain did that to her hair..that's her story and she's sticking to it..lol

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Ricky Wilson! Now you may all remember a few months back I entered and was a winner of his Couture Beauty Makeup Contest! He was so generous to send me hundreds of dollars worth of Dior, MAC, Givenchy, Sephora and Cover Fx products! I actually was wearing a Dior pink lipstick this day that he sent me! I was so shocked and initially didn't recognize him. I have no idea WHY I assumed he was shorter but I totally was flabbergasted when he approached me with his 6 ft 3 in frame!!!!! WOW! He looked amazing and his skin is flawless, loving his hair too!

 Let me share a story about Mr.Inglot, he is a man of his word, his booth was unbelievably busy and I saw him running around crazy. During one of his mad dashes, I grabbed him to snap a photo, he let me know he was busy but he'd come back to take one. I turned back to my fellow MUAs and beauty blogging friends and said "I know he'll be back as he said. This is a man who KEEPS his promises." No sooner did I finish that statement and he placed his arm on my shoulder ready to pose and smile! Moments like that stand out to me because it's such a great feeling when someone who you support in turn supports you. He was busy being a great business man and boss and I was busy blogging/vlogging yet he promised to stop for a picture and even though it was only for a moment it was a moment he promised and THAT is what support and customer service is all about! 

 A fellow MUA, subscriber and blog follower and NEW BEAUTY BLOGGER!!! follow her on Twitter @Heidistylhix She is currently attending Aveda Institute. She is such a sweetheart and gave me the most precious compliments. I am so happy to have met her and I sincerely appreciate her support. She was even inspired to begin blogging!! How awesome is that! Loving her natural hair too! I can't wait to read her first post!

One of my all time favorite bloggers/vloggers Erin of ScandalousBeautyOnline.com she is so sweet and when I met her at IMATS I was excited to know she remembered me from Twitter. Im so happy she made it out to the Makeup Show be sure to check out her blog for the coverage she got and the one on one interview with BILLY B!!!!!
 An ICON in the beauty world, Linda Mason! She was so nice and sweet and was very involved with those who approached her booth. Her books are one of the first makeup books around. She had an assortment of books, some newer ones and  even was selling copies of her books from the 1990's!!! WOW. History always repeats itself and some beauty basics are timeless. It was such an honor to meet her!

A fellow MUA, subscriber and blog follower! How amazing is her skin??!!! Gorgeous! She was so sweet and is always giving feedback on my videos and blog. I sincerely appreciate her readership and views! She was truly a supporter from the beginning! Great meeting her! Follow her on Twitter @LabelsNlove24

 MUA, Marcus Miller ,@Makeupmanmae,  and I. He does awesome work so definitely be sure to check him out!

 Youtube Sensation, Queen of Blending and I

 A fellow MUA who's name has slipped my memory. If you see this give me a shout so I can include your name!

 A fellow MUA from Trinidad, blog follower and subscriber. I loved her hair and her accent! I hope NY showed you a great time. It was great meeting you!

AJ Crimson, creature of Kissable Couture and I.

DEX New York booth

Menaji skincare booth
Frends Beauty booth

The wonderful women from Motives who was so kind to give me a Press kit! Thanks so much! I appreciate it and I can't wait to try out the products!

The representatives of Chic Studios, a well known makeup school in the Dumbo Section of Brooklyn, NY. They are also very active with the NY Makeup Artist Meet up Group. Sweet girls!

 Fellow MUA, @MelodyKewl from Twitter! Heyyyyyy! Gorgeous isn't she!

Fellow MUA and Beauty blogger Danielle of the wonderful styleandbeautydoctor.com, posing here with her model after she did the "foundation" application portion of The Danessa Myricks makeup competition! Both of their skin is flawless!! Hey Danielle, what foundation did you use on your model???

Mr.Wotjek Inglot, the creator of Inglot Cosmetics, talked about the new ALL Matte collection 40 eyeshadow palettes, I thanked him for listening to the customers when we requested more mattes and he shared more colors and products are in the works(the blank squares are of colors that will debut in Oct 2011).

Hissyfit booth
Kevyn Aucoin booth.
Crown Brush booth

 How disgustingly creative is this! Lightweight but sturdy hand crafted custom made jewelry. the necklace says makeup artist in "old gold" lettering with black paint splashed across it. The earrings dangle but are not heavy and don't stretch the ear lobe. On one side there is picture of a lipstick tube decorated with glitter and rhinestones and on the opposite side (pictured right above) is an actual photo of @KPericlesBeauty makeup work! She is wearing her work on her ears!! Talk about advertisement! The jewelry designer is a friend of hers out of Miami, FL. Feel free to contact Kerline on Facebook for any custom design orders and she will forward your information to her friend. I can't wait to order and receive my items!  One of a kind jewelry is priceless!!

Mr.Flux! You may remeber him from my coverage of the MUFE Pro Social. Check out his cool hot pink tie and the face pianting to match!

Xotic Eyes has awesome face, body and eye decals! I love this!!!

This woman was such a tropper she was cold but she modeled the body painting for hours! The detailing is so pretty and I love how the colors blend. This reminds me of the Lion King so much and I immediately wanted to sing "The Circle of Life" when I saw her. LOL! Instead I opted for just a quick photo.

 Stila cosmetics models

 A fellow MUA who I just had to photograph. For all my natural hairlistas this woman is wearing this turban/head tie/scarf so well! Just stunning!

Queen of Blending does it again! Bold eye and lip! Nothing is ever too much for her! I blame her swag on her NY necklace! LOL!

I was swamped with filming, taking copious notes and photographs so that I could share this event with all of you! So the first day I didn't even get a chance to swatch a product let alone make a purchase but I did visit many booths and chat with those behind the counters to see what was being offered. I was able to chat it up with so many amazing people.

So these above photos were just a couple of snap shots of some of the things that caught my eye at the show and the amazing people that I met ! There actually was so much more but if I include it all this post will NEVER END!

Another amazing moment was when, David Klasfeld of OCC took the time out to personally show me the new tinted moisturizers which are super light and he even mixed a few to make a custom color for me (unfortunately I was so busy I never made it back to the booth with the 5g jar I was suppose to bring!...raincheck please!),

I also chatted with Danessa Myricks and we talked fashion and makeup briefly, she had on an amazing jump suit. This woman runs I Make You Beautiful and helped to create a few well known makeup lines, like Ruby Kisses.

Youtube Sensations, QueenofBlending (top pic: left) and MakeupbyRenRen. I spoke with Ren over at the Graftobian booth, she helped me to pick out some deeper foundation colors. Be sure to view the Youtube video clip I filmed of her teaching a class! She was so awesome for letting me interview her a few months ago and even extended an offer of help if I ever needed it.

 Fellow MUA and Beauty blogger, Kia Darby of Yummy411.blogspot.com and I.

Marketing Guru, Crystal Wright I. I own her books and she is amazing. The only person of her kind that caters specifically to the freelance artist: hair/fashion/makeup and marekting yourself to the world so that you can get to the level you want to be at. I had the opportunity to have dinner with her, her interns and a host of MUA and beauty blogging friends. There she offered up a wealth of knowledge and Ms.James encouraged me to ask her a burning question I had. I was petrified and I admitted so. I conjured up the courage and dived in. I was beyond surprised when everyone chimed in (@kimgraymakeup and a few others) to share their experiences and convinced is not the word. They were able to do what I wasn't. They were able to explain in laymen's terms the benefits of their bonds formed from taking Ms.Wright's class and to calm any fears or uncertainties I had about how I could tweak what I learn to not only propel me as a makeup artist. Crystal Wright will be conducting a class in June/July and in October and I will definitely be sitting in before years end. I'm excited about that. Your words are still with me and I am grateful to be able to get advice from someone of your calibur. I truly respect your opinion and thank you for choosing me as the winner of your raffle!!!! I can't wait!

(Left to right: Santara, Fran, Erin, Jennifer)

(Left to right: Sharontina, Santara, Jennifer, Fran)

 In life you meet people for a reason, season or a lifetime. I never beyond my wildest dream thought that I would meet not 1 not 2 not 3 but 5, yes 5 (one is not pictured here but you can visit her blog at Creativelyyoursbyro.blogspot.com) that would forever change my life. After the Makeup Show we all went out to dinner. Nothing to fancy but it didn't matter because it was all about the company of these women. A group of 9 of us (the other 3 persons are not pictured here but you can find them on Twitter @jfierce(MUA), @missmerli (MUA/beauty blogger) and @thisfancyface (MUA/Beauty blogger). The conversations were plentiful but one of the women has a very special gift and she was able to hear me even though I didn't utter a word. Life is funny like that. A series of events will have you feeling lucky but when your eyes are opened to the fact that you are blessed, it is a sight to be hold. A connection was made that will never be broken, stories told, bonds formed and friendships that I pray will stand the test of time. I once read a quote that a true friend is someone who "sings the song of your heart when you have forgotten the words." and the women I bonded with from The Makeup Show did it in acapella! Thank you ladies! I received the message and I'm working hard to "accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

A huge shoutout to The Makeup Show for providing the place to bring so many like-minded individuals to the show. I entered the show by myself but left with a family!!!!

We absolutely adore this signature finger point! LOL!

Now how beautiful are the above candid shots of 2 people I look up to. Sam Fine and Jennifer James. It was so special watching them interact. We all are so busy with our own lives that sometimes we never just stop and look around us. Both these people have been beyond influential in the makeup world and both are so generous with their time, efforts, advice, critique and guidance. A male and female version of a makeup mentor. Words can't even express how ecstatic I was to finally meet these 2 face to face and as they interacted with each other I snapped away. It was then I realized that what I always believed was confirmed: They ARE of the same thread, That innate feeling to want to help and to be generous with their knowledge, experiences and know how. How else can we explain the countless questions they answer repeatedly or their enthusiasm to participate and teach/speak at such an amazing event like The Makeup Show. Both have supported the show since it's inception 6 YEARS AGO!!! Faithful, dedicated and humble, what more could any ask in a mentor. Unselfish, giving, assertive and honest I could go on and on but to believe is to witness. Please be sure to follow them on Twitter @SamFineBeauty and @JenJamesBeauty so you to can witness what many of us do on a daily basis and what for 2 whole days was available to us unlimitedly at The Makeup Show.

  I chatted with top bloggers like Danielle of Styleandbeautydoctor.com, Santara of thegorgeousingredient.com, Fran of revealingbeauty.com, Monique of thisfancyface.blogspot.com, Merli of missmerli.blogspot.com, Felicia Walker Benson of thisthatbeauty.com, Erin of ScandalousBeautyOnline.com, Sharontina of TheRunwaytimes.blogspot.com, Jennifer James of JenniferJamesBeauty.com, Brandalyn Fulton of Bstandsforbeauty.com and so many many more! 

There are always those people that stand out amongst a crowd and stick in your memory long after the moment is over. I have a few of those people. First being, Jennifer James of JenniferJamesbeauty.com, an amazing makeup artist (just check the headlining photos on her blog!!) with over 20 years in the business (GURU ALERT!). I was beyond estatic when I saw her and we immediately embraced. The first thing I noticed about her (besides her eyebrows both having a PERFECT arch!) was that she was so sweet and not as militant as her tweets/posts read. She IS just as honest, assertive and direct but she has such a kind voice that shoots straight for you heart and mind. I have since nominated and sworn in Ms.James as my mentor. She has signed on the dotted line and so it begins!

Then there was Sam Fine. Although, I had met him days before he was still top on my list to meet again. I didn't have long to wait and even rode the elevator up with him to where he was to give his demo and presentation. Now The Makeup Show is the ONLY place I've ever been where the attendees walk alongside  or ride the elevator with those key persons who MAKE the show. (imagine going to a concert and walking next to the key artist of the concert tour...the one who influenced you to buy the ticket in the first place...SCORE!) He of course was more than entertaining and had everyone laughing. I had my camera and camcorder in hand and I was listening intently, jotting down key points he made as well as simultaneously tweeting. I did this the ENTIRE class and boy was I winded! It was hard work! Check out @theGorgeousBlog timeline for those tweets too, she kept it up the entire show! Blessings to her for working so hard and diligently to bring the Makeup Show to the Twitter universe! People were retweeting what she was writing like crazy. @samFinebeauty and @themakeupshow were seen all over the Twitter world thanks to her!! I had to stop filming during..a direct order from Mr.Fine. I will include a few highlights but if you want to know what he spoke of or even what he teaches be sure to buy his DVD (just click on the image of his DVD below) AND attend the Makeup Show nearest you! It's worth it!

There were also a hoard of friends I wanted to meet from Twitter, FB and various makeup artist groups I'm a part of. I met fellow bloggers, youtubers and even followers and subscribers to my blog and channel. I was so humbled and so happy. Sherry Blossom Beauty is viewed and followed and inspires so many. I want to thank each and every one of you and let you know that as long as I have air in my lungs I will continue. Your support ignites my passion! Thank You so very much! I appreciate you all!

In conclusion, The Makeup show was not just an event it was a mind opening once in a lifetime experience. That day can never be duplicated and I know that each and every show works hard to outdo the last. Each place this event visits is special and it leaves its own mark on the people that attend. If you can attend more than one Makeup Show I suggest you do! I also suggest you attend both days! The sheer availability of education rivals that of the most prestigious makeup school! To James Vincent, Michael Devillis and Shelly Taggar. Thank You so much for your hard work, your ideas, your encouragement, your perseverance and for making this experience life changing for not only me but so many other people. With everything in me I will do all I can to support your show and get the word out. I will definitely see you next year (hopefully more than just in New York) have fun in Chicago but I have to say this, there is no place like NYC!!!!!!

SIDENOTE: Be sure to check out the Makeup Show and The Powder Group newest pro makeup magazine that caters to a wider array of makeup artists from the everyday woman makeup artist, bridal, editorial, to runway...its called ON MAKEUP MAGAZINE! Contact @JVincentMakeup on Twitter for more info!

So what was your experience at The Makeup Show? What did you take away from any Makeup Show you have attended?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms

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