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Friday, December 3, 2010


MARC JACOBS had the idea now let me break it down!

Hey Blossoms,

So today's blog is all about skin types. Many people are unsure of exactly what there skin type is because they may see dryness one day, oiliness on another and thus they become confused; thats okay because SKIN CHANGES!!! Your skin sheds and replenishes itself daily! Your skin may not ever stick to one "type" and actually juggle between 2 or more.

Skin is the biggest organ on the human body. It protects us(our first line of defense!) and helps us regulate our body temperature. With such huge responsibilities we MUST treat our skin with tender love and care! 
I'm going to reveal to you how. First lets discuss each skin "TYPE".

 I use the word "TYPE" very loosely. Our skin is as unique as our DNA, fingerprints and personality no 2 people have the SAME skin. I understand how difficult it can be to maintain our skin with all its uniqueness. It can get tricky thats why you must be vigilant in finding out what works best for YOU! There are many products out there that promise to do a plethora of things. How do you sort through it all?! Understanding your skin type is the first way. Let's get started...


This "type" of skin is characterized by an even texture that appears supple and is smooth. This skin has a balance of moisture and oil never really appearing dry or oily. The pores of this skin is small and therefore usually has very few blemishes or acne. The small pores make it difficult for oil, dirt, germs and dead skin cells to get trapped there to create any bacteria that causes acne or blemishes. 


This "type" of skin is characterized by a dry textures that appears parched or "thirsty" and is usually flakey. This skin has difficulty retaining moisture and producing natural oils that hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. If not properly maintained this skin can age faster and has an even more difficult time during colder weather. 


This "type" of skin is characterized by the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands(the glands that produce oil on the face). This skin can range from being me slightly oily to extremely oily. This skin attracts dirt, dust and germs from the outside environment and must always be cleansed on a regular basis to combat its susceptibility to black heads, white heads, acne, blemishes and pimples. Don't fret this type of skin is also known to age slower and have less wrinkles and fine lines.


This "type" of skin is characterized by oily and dry parts on the skin. This skin is the most common and the oily part is usually the T zone area which consists of the forehead, nose, upper lip and chin and for some even the cheeks. Usually the cheeks are the dry areas. This skin needs to accommodate  both "types" to the skin.


This "type" of skin is characterized by a fine texture. It is extremely sensitive to weather and products. Any irritations show up on this skin. The best bet is to use all natural products or products free of dye, perfumes, chemicals or synthetic ingredients!

I hope this helps BLOSSOMS! Stay tuned for more. I'll go into how to care for each type of skin now that you can select what type of skin you have. Remember skin changes and your regime will have to change accordingly too!

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Until Next time,

Later blossoms!


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