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Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey blossoms,

As much as I tried to avoid it I couldn't. So February 7th 2010 marks the day Inglot will raise their prices a huge bounding leap! I don't quite understand as no statements have been released as to why? So I'm truly perplexed as I write this on a train barreling through the tunnels of NYC as I head to the flagship store. I'll see what they say when I arrive!

I can't deny that Inglot's products are amazing, especially their eyeshadows. As of right now, before I'm overcome with sheer ecstasy (think:kid in a candy store) I have my mind on trying more eyeshadows, more specifically matte colors, gel liners and maybe concealer and pigments. Let's see what I actually leave with when I'm done demolishing the store(and sadly bank account)

The very first time I stepped into Inglot I was amazed at the sheer color range in every product whether it was eyeshadows, lipglosses, pigments or nail lacquers( I'll start to get into those soon so stay tuned for that).

What further made me smile (ok salivate but who's asking anyway) was the freedom palette system which basically is a system where you grab a palette (3, 5, or 10 slots) and fill it up with whatever you want for ONE fixed price regardless if you mix and match as long as it fits into the palette! 

It's also no funny business. Very simple! Eyeshadows are either matte, pearl finish, shimmer or high shimmer. Foundations are in range from lightest to darkest no cool/warm knowledge necessary! Pigments pigments pigments galore. The colors are AMAZINGLYYYY pigmented and so so so (yes 3 so's worth) pretty! Ok that IS an opinion but a true one ;)

The guy who helped me the last time I was there was awesome! I cant remeber his name but hopefully I see him there. Inglot takes customer service to the TOP! They answer every question, no matter how many times you ask (I tested it out just for you all. Although I was nicknamed "Question" by coworkers at our training academy class but I digress.) At Inglot they are informative and definitely not pushy. Let's be honest. This products sells ITSELF!

So this time I'll do my best to take pictures! I can't wait. This train needs to move faster. I have Inglot to buy! Lol! I'll update from here soon!


Ok so when I first made it to the front door. I was 30mins early and was told the store opened at 10:00am. I had a quick breakfast and came back only to hear that I had to come back in another 30 mins because something in the ceiling was being fixed. I was a little disappointed because I was overly eager to begin playing in everything AND it was COLD! Please don't turn me away! Sad face and all I walked over to Forever 21, which just disappointed me more with all their tank tops, midriffs and shorts! Uh hello is -0 out there what if I need something super warm right now! Aargh! After wondering around the store aimlessly for 40mins exactly. I didn't want to be turned away again so the extra 10 minutes was necessary .

 I walked back to Inglot for a THIRD time and pushed the door open and lo and behold I was here! And the ONLY ONE in the store might I add! I was greeted by a makeup artist who I later found out was Ann, who was super nice and helpful. She swatched colors with me, explained more about the different textures of the eye shadow and even had makeup wipes ready everytime I ran out of space on the back of my hands. I brought my older palettes with me and she went over every shadow to make sure the newer ones I picked weren't dupes of what I already had! Thank goodness she was there. Every shadow I picked up she'd say "You have this one already but how about you try this one." I can say she recommended every eyeshadow in my new palette and I love them! Some great highlight colors in there also! She also taught me a neat trick with one of the eyeshadows! She was beyond awesome and I appreciated it so much!

So what did I buy?!! I bought another 10 pan freedom palette, 2 gel waterproof liners and a 3 pan palette with 2 brow powders and 1 nude lipstick(yes I know so random I did have a concealer but switched it at the last minute) when I say these products are amazing. They ARE amazing! Ann introduced me to a few other products too that I had accidentally overlooked the last time I was there! I can't wait to buy more Inglot products! #TeamInglot all the way.

Another makeup artist came in and I recognized her from my last visit and found out her name is Melissa. She was super cool also! Something about seeing another tall woman like myself that instantly makes them cool! #teamtallgirl :)

I started to ask her questions about the sudden raise in price and she expressed that everyone was just as perplexed and the exact reason is still unknown to them. She did mention that she heard it could be due to something happening in Europe, she was a little vague and unsure of the source or any truth in that. The phone rang constantly! Customers calling to inquire if the "price increase rumor" was true and other questions. Melissa even confessed that she too was a little disappointed in the price increase and actually had a list jotted down of products she'll pick up before the price increase. WOW! You know it's serious when the makeup artists at the counter are stocking up. Ann mentioned how crazy it's been with everyone requesting Inglot like it literally came out of no where and overnight.  I told them they could thank YouTube and Makeup Guru's for that as well as the quality of the products! Ann seemed proud of Inglot's hot rise. I would be too!

Insider's tip: INGLOT usually sells out the first day at IMATS/the MakeupShow so get there early and buy on the FIRST day or you'll be placing eyeshadows in blush palettes. Lol j/k (maybe)

I asked f I could take photos around the store for my blog and they didn't hesitate and said sure. Ann even asked me for my blog site. I gave her my business card. She expressed interest in getting a whole bunch of bloggers over to have a meet and greet. And a fly on the wall mentioned this could be at a NEW STORE IN NEW YORK! Yes you've heard it FIRST here another INGLOT flagship POSSIBLY PRO STORE(20 or 30 pan palettes and a WIDER array of colors and I'm momentarily thinking: even MORE colors I'm sincerely impressed now.)

I also found out the male makeup artist who helped me the last time I was there is named Andrew. Here's what I blogged after that visit...

Went into Inglot NY and it was an amazing experience! The male makeup artist on the floor was soo helpful. Every question I asked he had a detailed answer, explained in laymens terms and such a kind demeanor overall. No pushy sales, unsolicited advice or rushing. One of the best experiences I've ever had in a makeup store or at a counter.

Now to the good stuff! The eyeshadows! Raved about across the Internet I haven't found ONE negative review! The list of pros are endless for me:
Highly pigmented
INEXPENSIVE! (1/3 the price of MAC shadows!)
Huge amount 2.7g!
Four different finishes
Come in singles, square or circle for the palette
Can be placed in an amazing magnetized palette!
Wide array of color choices

Inglot offers soo much: nail lacquer, concealer, liquid foundation, powder foundation, pigments, lip/eye liners, lip gloss, lip sticks, paint pots/gel liner pots, mixing mediums, brushes, bags, train cases, AND MORE!

I wanted to step outside the MAC /MUFE realm and this cosmetic line did NOT disappoint!

So that's how I felt after my last visit. Below I'll show photos of the products I looked at from this recent visit I took a boatload of photos for you all. Check out all the goodies...

A peek inside the INGLOT NYC flagship store

Huge selection of foundations in many different forms
WOC friendly!!!

Freedom System



Pigments! Pigments!

Waterproof gel liners

Pro Artist brush roll 32 pieces available in synthetic or natural hairs

Makeover area/Test Area

Nail Lacquers galore!

Body bronzers

Freedom System

Single eyeshadows, eyeshadow pencils, lip liners

R to L: Concealer sticks, Sheer liquid foundation, mineral foundation

Skin Illuminators (must go back for some I love them!)

Stick Foundation (being phased out for a new release with a different formulation)

Pro artist traincase

Cream and powder blushes(they also have liquid blush)

**NOT  PICTURED: Lipsticks, lipglosses, lipstick pots, lip crayons!! So SORRY blossoms I didn't realize I skipped over that area! The selection is as wide as the nail lacquers so its definitely a MUST SEE so sorry I'll be sure to photograph it next time I'm there! Scouts honor :)


R to L: Nude lipstick(looks redder in photo), med brown, dark brown brow powder

Teal and Midnight blue waterproof gel liners

Great neutral colors and see the pigmentation! Amazing!

My newest palette..these colors will rock in the summer!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Inglot Cosmetics are SHERRY BLOSSOM APPROVED!

I have many youtube tutorials using their products check out those tutorials here SHERRY BLOSSOM BEAUTY CHANNEL

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


EVE-O-LUTION said...

Oh wowww i didnt know Inglot was in Us too :D
im a newbie in USa and the make-up way :) learning everyday. M in Miami so the 1st thing now is i'll be looking for a store near me ASAP. hehehe
cool review gal and lovely pics- the shadows look so pigmented and promising na?
Do check out my blog-site too and comments from pros always welcome :)
have a grt weekend :)

KeLLsTaR said...

Gorgeous colours! What do you think of the brow powder? That's one of the Inglot products I haven't even looked at (too busy looking at eyeshadows hehe).

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

The eyeshadows ARE amazing! Definitely check for an INGLOT near you! Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Yes the brow powder is awesome! Perfect brow color! A little goes along way! It stays! I'll be doing a blog post on them soon! So stay tuned! Yes INGLOT eyeshadows are it's prized possessions so it's easy to get lost! But they have so many OTHER great products! I'll check out more later today! At the celebration of the new store opening in NY! so stay tuned for that amazing post and maybe even video!!!

KeLLsTaR said...

Look forward to it Sherry Blossom! :-) I've been branching out & tried their lipsticks - the matte lipsticks may become my new obsession. They're gorgeous! Inglot do mattes exceptionally well!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Kellstar yes they do! the high concentration of pigments and color allows for any type of finish to stand out whether lipsticks/eyeshadows/gel liners or foundations!

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