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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

We all know that no amount of makeup could ever replace plain ol' "good skin". Our skin is the largest organ on our body and our FIRST line of defense against germs and other unmentionable invading somethingorothers floating through the air. We should be viligant in our skin care regimes BUT we tend to forget the fight is BEST fought from the INSIDE out.

What do I mean???


Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water. We need water to live and our skin needs water to thrive.

Forget what you THOUGHT you knew about the benefits of water to the skin. I'm going to give you only 8 shattering truths but trust me there are many more. So, sit closer to your screen and pay attention! Your skin depends on it!

  1. Many of you walk around in a state of perpetual dehydration because you do not drink enough water.
  2. Water carries nutrients throughout your body and flushes out toxins via urination and prespiration.
  3. If your not frequenting the restroom odds are you are NOT drinking enough water!
  4. Water aids in maintaining the body's PH balance, pivotal in healing & recovery after sickness.
  5. Your skin regulates its body tempersture by prespiring when you become overheated. If you don't replenish the lost fluids quickly then you will become dehydrated. Dehydration is a PRIMARY factor of dry skin!
  6. Dehydrated skin can look like the surface of a prune aka WRINKLES(yes, not all wrinkles are "natural" some may be prevented/treated).
  7. Without proper hydration, capillary (blood vessels just beneath the skin) circulation is reduced and your skin can lose it's color (think: you'll look tired/sick)
  8. Keeping hydrated is imperative for skin repair. Lack of water intake can slow your skin's ability to repair itself resulting in deep wrinkles on mature skin and looking older than you actually are for other women.

Need I go on???

So here's the challenge.

I am committing this month to drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day. That's 8-9 glasses of water a day.


 For me it's easier to just have my entire day's supply of water in a 2 litter bottle so that I know I'm getting the proper amount and psychologically it's much easier to do. I bought a 2 liter bottle of Sprite..POURED IT OUT and then filled it with water!  I used to love Sprite... so this makes me feel like I'm laughing this challenge right in its face...

For those that may have difficulty with just drinking water for the remainder of the month of August  ...milk and 100% juice does count as well.

EVERY SINGLE DAY until September 3 I will drink ONLY WATER (no exceptions) I am planning on making this a permanent part of my skin care regime and overall quest to health consciousness.

If you cheat and grab an alcoholic drink (which REMOVES water from your body and can dehydrate you RAPIDLY) or drink soda (it does have some water in it but its quite insignificant and won't count towards your daily intake) it's okay. Dust your self off, back away from it and grab a glass of water. Do NOT think you can't continue the challenge because you most surely CAN!

Also, do your best to drink your daily amount throughout the day if you drink any water at least 2 hours before you go to bed you may wake up with puffiness!

Water in conjunction with using my daily skin care products and I'll have clearer skin in no time!

Here's a photo of  the products I use for my updated skin care regime/anti-acne/breakout regime (View my video of how I care for my skin here) I will do reviews of each individual product soon...

Here are candid photos of my skin sans makeup...I'm on a quest to CLEAR SKIN!....BRACE for it please (and you all thought I was kidding when I told you my eyebrows are SPARSE lol)

AHHHHH I must love you all to show you these photos!!

The white cast is actually my acne medication that I place on nightly...


Hyper-pigmentation of old acne scars : a few spots on the forehead, both cheeks and chin

I had terrible acne as a teenager into early adult hood and the hyper-pigmentation used to be FAR WORSE. I remember when my skin first began to clear. It was during the summer and I declared to give up soda (ohh how I used to LOVE Sprite) and drink lots of water daily. By the time the fall arrived. My skin had improved 10 fold. Well time for history to repeat itself...

We will support each other and encourage each other to stay on track via my FACEBOOK PAGE! So SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST! 

So who's joining the challenge??!!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


EVE-O-LUTION said...

Im totally with you gal!!! even my skin is all acting up....

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@EVE Awesome!! 30 days to clearer skin!!!

BO - Makeup Is Art said...

Il give it a try too. i did the 'no soda, carbonated drinks' thing for a year plus when i was in Uni. but it didnt change my change skin at all, infact i lost so much weight my mum got scared. i used to have really bad acne and pimples like 5 years ago but its much better now cos i get facials done and i think generally iv out grown it.
But i can still aim for clearer skin cant i? Its not like me skin now is all perfect and stuff.
So im in it with you.

~Kymmy~ said...

I'm SO in. I was just telling myself I need to go on a fast and make water my goto liquid right before I started catching up on blog reading. Thank you Darling. This post was confirmation.
I can't wait to pop, lock it & drop it in the mirror when I see how clear my skin has gotten. Blessings on your quest.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@BO Water intake can also aid in loss of "water wight" and help relieve other things too such as bloating, constipation and dark urine(odorous). Try it out you may just see some improvement. Awesome I always wanted to try a facial...

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Kymmy LOL!!! Yes we surely will dance!!!

Ashley said...

Cool! I'll be jumping on a little later. But this will definitely help get my skin looking like it does during the Winter (Clear).
Ps. I love/currently using the Deep cleansing astringent. It's always been one of faves

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Ashley Cool! Clean&Clear has amazing products

Miss ToolBelt said...

I'm several days late but I will join this challenge starting today. To help with hyperpigmentation remember BLACKA


These are natural skin lighteners that can be used in conjunction with this water challenge. Apply these ingredients topically.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@MissToolBelt Thanks awesome information! Thanks for joining the challenge..

Barby1923 said...

@Ashley, Neutrogena is my all time favourite skin care brand.

momo said...

Ok ms sherry,I'm in starting 2ma 08-24-2011 Thanxs Sherry....



@BARBY & @ Ashley I tried Neutrogena when I was younger and it didnt seem to work for me..what products do you both like?

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