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Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

After asking MANY photographers and TONS of research. I've compiled the top 6 (yes 6, and I'm glad I have your attention now) things photographers do NOT want to see from YOU, the makeup artist on set. THIS will be a 2 part special so be sure to follow this blog for more.

Let's begin, shall we?

1. Park your ego, a real team is at work.

You do the most amazing cut crease looks, your "no makeup" makeup look IS virtually and digitally undetectable. GREAT! Now place your ego in the trunk of your car before you go on set. You do a stunning job, you're talented, you may even be sought after. The photographers know this. That's WHY you were hired. If you let your ego get the best of you the word "booked" just may become obsolete in your list of makeup artist terminologies. There is no "I" in team, cliche but true... get it? Got it? GOOD!

2. You have 20/20 vision, that's nice. Use it to see what the photographer wants.

Photographers know you want everything you work on to wind up in your portfolio but realistically that won't happen. So you really want an avante garde piece but you are on set of a shoot that's aiming for something that parallels an Abercrombie & Fitch print ad. I know...I know...it'll be alright...now back away from the MUFE Flash palette...

3. Did you really bring more equipment than the photographer, stylist, model and maintenance man of the studio combined?? *blank stare*

I'm pretty sure Picasso wouldn't approve! True artists have what they need. Stop treating your makeup kit like your savings account. There is no need to "save for a rainy day". You will NEVER go on a set booked for 5 models and end up with 50! So there is no need to bring every piece of makeup you've ever bought. Furthermore, let's see you fit 10 eyeshadow palettes on that little countertop area designated for makeup. *I'll wait...*

Remember rule #2. Use your 20/20 vision to see what you will truly need and just bring that.

An over packed kit can lead to lost items, broken items, stolen items and an overall unorganized looking kit. 


No,this isn't the title of the newest blockbuster horror flick.

Models are used to having their makeup applied, hair pulled, body twisted and turned, clothes place on, shoes pulled off before most of us even have a cup of coffee.

 So if a model offers you a short cut (by giving you tips on what works best on their skin) or helps you avoid a disaster on their face, pay heed. For example, if a model states she is a chronic blinker and tears excessively , skip tight-lining unless the look your going for is "streaked face raccoon". Take what applies and throw the rest out. This is NOT a threat to you as a MUA but actually a bonus. Models NEED MUAS. You may get booked again to work with that same model if she feels comfortable with you and you actually treat her like a person and not just a face.

Most importantly, the photographer wants the model happy and focused so that the perfect shot can be captured. If you are known to upset models or cause unnecessary tension with the models then you will NOT be called back in to work. It's not about YOU remember, in case you forget, refer back to #1 & #2.

 5. Light makeup please: FLAWLESS & NATURAL

Yes, that's right. The photographer wants the model to look flawless AND natural. Makeup artist aim for years to perfect this look.  Clean beauty is where the real money is. Flip through your favorite magazines and check out the work of your favorite big time makeup artists and you will see that the "no makeup" makeup look is what rules. So get use to it, get comfortable with it, work hard to perfect it and be sure, if you have dreams of seeing your work in a major magazine and/or on the red carpet, your portfolio reflects this!

6. Time + Talent x Professionalism = MONEY

Time on a shoot can fly by. Between makeup, hair, wardrobe and all the in-betweens it can feel like a whirlwind. So move expertly and work diligently. Time management is key and frolicking is frowned upon! Photographers want to see a level of professionalism from you that rivals (and in some instances far surpasses) their own. Basically, your professional presence needs to stand out, long after you've physically left the set. It's that type of impression that will have you booked with that photographer time and time again. So remember the time management and talent you bring to the table times your level of professionalism will equal MONEY (in the bank) for you for future booking. Simple enough, eh?

That's it, 6 simple things photographers DO NOT want to see and what you must do to overcome them. Photographers will appreciate your understanding of the aforementioned. Apply it to your business and the results just may surprise you!

What has worked best for you in your makeup artist:photographer relationships?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

Yes so true, great post

~Kymmy~ said...



@Jessica Rivera YES very true! Thanks for reading!


@Kymmy Thanks for reading!

T.Davis said...

Very True! Thanks for sharing


@T.Davis thanks for reading!

missannabanna said...

great advice!


@Missannabanna Thank you!

HeidiStylHix said...

This is a great advice! Thank you for sharing!


@Heidi thanks! I'm glad I could share and help! Thanks for reading!

MUA Desiree' Stovall said...

Thank you for sharing Sherry, this is not great for beginners but also a reminder for all level makeup artists'.

MUA Desiree' Stovall said...

I meant to say: not only great for beginners.

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