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Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

I attended the coveted Cocktails & Couture event, founded and hosted by Lianne Farbes of The Makeup Girl.

Cocktails & Couture is a totally unprecedented event. Kicking off Fashion Week and integrating social medias, online editors, and the beauty & fashion world.

I met many of my long time Twitter friends and many of my favorite bloggers!

I took over 100 photos at the event. I won't include them all here but I have set up a Facebook photo album for your viewing HERE.

So I'm sure you all thought that "rebel" was me. Nope! It's actually my Canon Rebel! I adore this camera. It captured the ambiance of the night perfectly.

I started the night strolling through NYC with my camera in tow! I was super amped and excited and knew the night was just beginning. Of course along the way I stopped for random photos.

I love NYC. People are always rushing to and fro and the scenery is great. I had to stop to grab a photo in front of this restaurant the colors were so bright!

The moment I walked through the door of the event, I was greeted and told to pose for my photo on the red carpet. I happily obliged. The photographer was gorgeous herself and I definitely had to thank her and grab a photo.

Just off to the side was the bar. An open bar with flirty drinks made specially for the event and sponsored by X-rated Fusion,  Ultra-Premium French Vodka that is blended with rich blood oranges, mangoes & passion fruits.

The bartenders were hard at work serving up cute, ice cold cocktails. I tried a sip of Couture Candy. A pretty bubble gum colored drink with a fruit flavor and a kick. Since I barely drink, the kick was too much for me but, I tell you, the bar ran out of liquor by night's end. Their cocktails were a success!

I made my way on down, half walking and half two stepping thanks to the amazing spinning going on by India aka DJ Bella de Jour. Even with all the jamming going on she stopped to pose for a picture. One of the best DJs I've heard. Everyone was up and dancing the entire night.

I did a tour of the awesome venue, Bo Concepts, an amazing urban design furniture store. Each area of the venue had an at home feel with just the right amount of sass, I loved the pieces!

Further down was, INDIQUE, the only African American owned hair company. I met the owner and her team. They showed me hair samples as well as their mink eyelashes. Their makeup team was also giving makeovers. Those ladies are gorgeous.

Another sponser, IMMUNOCOLOGIE, the first ever skin care line formulated to work with your immune system, spoiled their guest by expertly applying their products and explaining it's benefits.

Just around the corner, another sponser, NONTOXIQUE, a holistic skincare line which caters to hands, nails and feet, applied their product to a guest. What's better than great cocktails, awesome music and a hand massage with skincare products that are good for you!

With a waiting list that spanned over an hour, CND Shellac pampered guests who signed up to perfect manicures and some even had their nails shellac'd!

With the festivities in full swing. The air was rich with laughter, dancing and networking. Old friends shared a great time and new connections were made. So many great people under one roof. I wish I could picture them all here but this blog post would NEVER end! Here's a sneak peek though...

Melissa, co-founder of O So Chic Blog & Donna J , Lifestyle Expert

Genevieve A. Santos, founder of The NYC Makeup Artist Meetup Group & I
Lianne Farbes, Founder of The Makeup Girl & host/creator of Cocktails & Couture & I

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennett & I

Not even the TIP of the iceberg with who attended the event. There were so many more awesome people. Be sure to check out my Facebook photo album. 100 photos of pure gorgeousness! Trust me! View the album HERE!

All that's left to say is: See you in February!

Later Blossoms


Mz More said...

Loving that blazer!

B A R B A R A said...

Hello Sherry, im so happy to be sending you the One Lovely Blog Award. you inspire me a lot http://barbsiesmusings.blogspot.com/2011/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Candy said...

My goodness...what a ridiculously awesome event!!! I saw the CND pic and it made me look down at my nails and realize that I'm in desperate need of a manucure myself LOLOL. (I'll go get one tomorrow lol) Sounds like you had an awesome time!


Kasidy said...

Love your make up and the flower in your hair! Beautiful!


Kimberly said...

What a great event! Lots of beautiful people and vendors! Looks and sounds like you had a blast. One of these days, I'll too make my way up to New York!


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