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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey Blossoms,

Soo excited to bring to you all my BLOSSOMING MAKEUP FACE OF THE DAY! In these posts, I'll share with you all the different makeup looks I wear on a day to day basis and the actual products that I use! Feel free to use your own dupes(comparable/similar/look alike) products from your own makeup. This post is just to have fun. Feel free to leave questions, comments or suggestions. I'm eager to hear all of your opinions. Remember there's no one definitive way to apply makeup do whats most comfortable for you and use products which best suites you! Now let's get started!....

So today's look is featuring 4 eyeshadows from Urban Decay's Book of Shadows III: NEW YORK! Absolutely love this eyeshadow palette and I'll be sure to do a review!

So first I applied UD's Eyeshadow Primer Potion to both eyelids generously and blended it out to a smooth finish to prevent creasing. I then used UD's 24/7 eye pencils in RANSOM (purple color) and penciled in to just below the crease of both eyes and I blended the colors out so that there were no visible lines of demarcation. I added UD's eyeshadow in PSYCHEDELIC SISTER (shimmery purple) to my entire eyelid and blended it out up to my crease. I added UD's eyeshadow in ROCKSTAR(deep satin purple) to my outer V and about 1/3 into the end of my eyelid. I blended both colors together. I added UD's MAUI WOWIE(shimmery creme color) just below my browbone and blended down. I used UD's PERVERSION(matte black) in my crease. I blended this well as this color(well all the colors really) are higly pigmented! As you can tell the key is to BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! To finish the look off I added UD's 24/7 eye pencils in ZERO(blackest black) to my upper and lower waterlines, set that with PERFUSION and then added liquid eyeliner to the top lash line, flasies and gel eyeliner to clean it all up with just a touch of mascara! And VIOLA....... here's the look! I hope you like it!...

In this photo the falsies really stand out making the look more dramatic.

In this photo I show how seamlessly I applied the falsies to my lash line.
In this photo I show how the highlight of the brow bone  is really accentuated.
In this photo I wanted to show the outer V and how well all 4 eyeshadows blend into each other.
Profile View of look

The satin/shimmer finish of the eyeshadows are visible.
Eyeshadow look from a distance (magnified)

Entire BLOSSOMING MAKEUP FACE OF THE DAY: Bold eye /nude lip
Thanks for viewing I hope you like the look!! Until Next Time! LATER BLOSSOMS!!!!!!


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Nic elook thanks for dropping by my page and sending a message.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks! Sure thing let's keep in contact!

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