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Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey Blossoms,

So today I wanted to introduce you guys to something edgy and fun: ELECTRIC BLUE MASCARA! Ok I know your thinking who would want blue eyelashes!! Wait, watch and let me explain. Blue mascara makes eyes POP!,its flattering on ANY eye color,especially blue eyes and brown eyes.

Blue mascara first came onto the makeup scene as a fad and has since sealed its fate as if it were the classic black mascara. Blue mascara comes in different shades of blue as well as in types just like black mascara. There is blue mascara that lengthens, separates and adds volume. I prefer separation as I already have long and full lashes.

Blue mascara comes in 3 shades: navy blue, royal blue, electric blue. Navy blue is known as an eye brightener it reflects the whites of your eyes and looks as close to black as any colored mascara,royal blue is a little more noticeable on the lashes and goes great if you just want a little color at the tip of your lashes, and electric blue is bold and beautiful for a full effect of blue mascara this is the one! Blue mascara does not look clownish at all, its different and vibrant. I absolutely adore it!

So Blossoms, blue mascara is Sherry Blossom Approved! Go to your nearest makeup counter and get one! I didn't list which blue mascara to get because frankly mascara is mascara to me. So I don't want to make any of you biased to any one type,go out and try different ones and see which one(s) you like. As i mentioned above depending on whether you want to add volume, lengthen or separate will ultimately help you pick the mascara that's best for you.


Unknown said...

So which blue mascara's do you suggest? ;) and I like your hair, very cute!


Hey! @Santara NYX has a great one: Electric Blue and Urban Decay has great ones. depending on how blue you want to go: royal blue, nay blue and Electric Blue.

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