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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

On February 18th 2011, the sensational INGLOT cosmetic company opened a brand NEW flagship store in NYC at Chelsea Market. This was DEFINITELY an event to attend. I was given the honor of arriving an hour early to join the press release and have access to the entire store before the festivities began. I utilized this time to snap photos and really check out all the products! Again INGLOT is absolutely amazing! This blog post will be different. I will use the photos to tell the story of the night's event. I know you all are anxious to see what the party was like so I'll get right to photos.

This is such a wonderful location! The clothing store Anthropologie is on the ground floor, its across the street from the Apple store and down the block from a great restaurant: POP Burger! (One of my favorite quick bite places)

INGLOT has an impressive array of professional eyelashes. I absolutely love the feather lashes and the accent lashes! If you have an avant garde or editorial shoot to do and need some awesome lashes I would definitely recommend going straight to INGLOT!

INGLOT sells every brush in their brush set individually! Awesome. Their brushes are amazing. no shedding and feels great on the face! Flawless application every time!

                                       Jackie, Celebrity Fashion Manicurist, does the nails of a guest

                                                      Jackie holding nail lacquer color # 964

What an amazing array of lipstcks, lip pencils, retractable lip pencils, lip glosses, lip pots, lip conditioners & balms.
The pigmentation on these retractable lip pencils are amazing and they come in so many cool colors!

AMC lip glosses are like liquid lava. They are HOT!!!! The color changes on contact and has a nice reflection to it. They are build-able and beautiful. Non-sticky, smooth, moisturizing and long lasting. 

These sleek lip glosses come in MANY colors and are SUPER pigmented! There is lots of product in them and they look great alone or paired over a lipstick.

Lipstick pots!

All the rave! Black lips! Self-explanatory

Awesome lip conditioners!

The flash really took from the color but I believe we may have a DUPE for Lady Gaga's new listick from MAC here!!!

The lipsticks are separated by color and shade variation. I love that they have a shade for everyone! Whether you prefer a cooler shade or a warmer (my fav) shade they have it!

James Vincent of The Makeup Show and the Powder Group was the Host for the night! He did an amazing job explainging Inglot's history and his favorite products: concealer stick, cream blush, freedom palettes!

The foundation range is just impressive! These are just the tip of the iceberg with mineral foundation. there's cream foundation, stick, pressed powder, cream to powder, tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation!

CREAM BLUSHES!!!!! Super pigmented!!! A little definitely goes a long way!


The coveted Freedom System displayed in a way to showcase examples of different combos.

Neutral Eyeshadows available in various textures.






More Blues and Greys


More Greys and Browns

 Silvers and Whites

Freedom System palettes used while picking eyeshadow color. Place pan eyeshadows or other products on this palette in the order you want them arranged and an INGLOT employee will make your customized palette in no time!


The "rumored" palette is no more! ITS TRUE!!!!! The 20 pan palette is here!!! It will be available for purchase soon! Follow @INGLOT_USA on Twitter for the official announcement!

The 10 pan palette is available at ALL INGLOT locations!

Powder Foundations

Powder Blushes

Eyebrow Powder & Wax

Cream concealers

                          INGLOT has AMAZING lipsticks that are super pigmented and long lasting.

Single Eyeshadows



These wipes are non-irritating and work exceptionally well. Great for waterproof makeup removal but still gentle enough on sensitive skin!

Liquid Eyeliners!


and more Brushes!

And even MORE brushes!




DURALINE! This turns ANY eyeshadow, pigment or glitter  waterproof with one drop! Great for making waterproof liners!

Eyelash curlers

Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils! Amazing glitter bases!

OMGGGGGG their pigments are soooooooooooo pretty!

Gel liners! The colors are so rich and bright!

Brushes with patent leather brush belt

Travel brush sets! Super cute!

Fashionable brush rolls

Cosmetic bags!


Palettes! I loveeeeee these! Stainless steel, easy to clean, and great for any makeup artist kit!


This amazing MIXING STATION allows for you to create your very own custom colors, change textures of eyeshadows or even create your favorite discontinued eyeshadow!!!

Brooklyn, Pro Makeup Artist & face behind @INGLOT_USA on Twitter working hard giving great makeovers!

Check out his makeup station! The book in the background is INGLOT eyelash book but it has AMAZINGGGG eye makeup looks!! A must have for those editorial and glam eye lovers!

Brooklyn again

Here's another angle of the makeover

Sharie, Another Inglot Pro Makeup Artist

Check out her face chart of looks for the night!!!

Another angle of the makeover

Andrew, Pro MAkeup Artist works at the Times Square Location and is soo helpful! If your ever in times Square stop by and say hello! Tell him : "Sherry Blossom sent me!" lol

Check out his face chart of the night's looks!

Check out his makeup station!

Already on to another makeover!

Agni, Hairstylist from Hair Room Service who was at the event giving guests great hair makeover. She's doing beautiful pin/drop curls in this woman's hair!

Check out her hairstyling station!

Look how sleep and shiny the curls look!

Nail lacquers! INGLOT has soooooooooo many colors! A nail technician, nail lacquer lovers haven!

Lucy, Another INGLOT Pro Makeup Artist. She was uber sweet and helping everyone. Isn't she cute? I had to stop her and grab a few photos! She also recognized me from my Youtube channel! How awesome!!!

Her makeup was so flawless and amazing the colors were so springyyyyy!


More nail lacquers! They have so many textures!

Nail care!

Nail art!

More amazing colors!

INGLOT has an array of specialized nail polish for all your nails needs!

GOODNESS!!!!! See ALL these colors! How can you even choose!

A few guest and fellow makeup artist at the event! They looked soo retro I had to snap a photo!

Awww! Brooklyn again! He was so helpful not only to me but to any and everyone who came up to him that night. Go visit him at the INGLOT in Garden State and tell him: "Sherry Blossom sent me!". lol

                                                             Brooklyn's Signature Pose! :)

        More guests at the night's events! The woman on the left is wearing OCC's Anime lipstick!! I love this color! One of my all time favorite fuchsia colors! Yes I wear this color!!

                                                                      INGLOT NY!!!

Mr. Wojtek Inglot, the creator of INGLOT Cosmetics! He was so sweet and approachable! He even said hello to all my blossoms on video and posed for this photo! THANK YOU!

The creator of Hair Room Service, a mobile service of celebrity hairstylists available for any event. He did amazing spiral curls in her hair. He was half way finished here!


                          NEW PALETTES!! Equipped with mirror and well for mini brushes!

                              5 circular pan palette available at ALL INGLOT stores for purchase.

AMAZING GOODIE BAG! Stay tuned for a giveaway of some INGLOT products. Be sure to follow me on Twitter , this Blog and my Youtube Beauty Channel and comment below this post or video about which INGLOT product you'd love to try. Be sure to include your usernames of all (Twitter, Blog and YT) in your comment! More details will follow with the OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY!

There were so many amazing people there! What's not pictured are the amazing studio photography that was in the rear.Taking photos and video of the guests and makeovers! I definitely joined in on a few shoots! This INGLOT will have a photographer and videography on staff at all times for photo shoots and videos when the studio space is rented! How cool is that!

There was an open bar serving water, red wine and white wine. I've never had wine before tonight so I had a few sips of red wine. I didn't like it. I guess it MUST be an acquired taste.

James Vincent of the Makeup Show and the Powder Group. I was so busy gathering photos and info for you all I didn't think to take a photo until he said he'd only take a photo if I was in it! How wonderful! I can't wait to see him at the Makeup Show and I will be joining the Powder Group soon too!

Mr. Vincent introduced me to Michael Devellis of the Powder Group and he complimented my outifit and said I was gorgeous! OMG I was soo flattered! Thank You! An amazing group of folks I'll tell you!

Another guest! L O V E her outifit!

Hard at work on makeovers!

Ann, Pro Makeup Artist, She's so wonderful. I blogged about how nice and helpful she was in my last INLGOT post. She works at the Times Square location. Go visit her and tell her "Sherry Blossom sent me!" lol

Twiiter @thisfancy face and Blog: www.thisfancyface.blogspot.com makeover using the colors above!


Inglot is available in over 250 locations and only became available in the USA in 2009!!!!!!

The prices of WILL NOT go up JUST yet...projected maybe by MARCH/APRIL so HURRY and get your products! Also it SURELY WON'T go up by $30 as projected!!

I hope you enjoyed this post Blossoms. Giveaway details: post and video will be up soon so stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


Angelica said...

Wow thanks for this! Dying to get my hands on the 20 pan fp:) lucky lady! I truly love their shadows and gel liners. I wish they would open one in SF. The fps is truly genius and such a great deal, i want it all.lol. I do
Want to branch out to their foundations. Would you say its comparable to any brands? (also lurve their brushes)

Did you already do the giveaway? I am dying for a goodie bag. Inglot seriously revived a much needed cosmetic addiction that was dormant for years because all else was b.o.r.i.n.g. That is until Wayne Goss did his first video!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

I love their pressed powder foundation!!! I will post a few FOTDs with it soon! Its in a league all on its own...amazing...

no the giveaway will be posted soon! I have some more products to purchase!

So stay tuned. Not sure if it will be available internationally just yet so stay tuned!

glad you enjoyed it and thanks for subscribing!

KeLLsTaR said...

Excellent MONSTER Inglot post! Looks like you had an awesome time. :-)

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

LOL!!! Yes super great time!!!

Angelica said...

Hey Sherry:) What do you think of their brushes?
Thanks mama!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

I haven't used all their brushes. I've played with a few of them the numerous times I've visited and I own the angled eyeliner brush! I love it! super soft hair long handle but just sturdy enough to give me a precise line with gel liner every time and its amazing to use when turning eyeshadow into a liquid liner using their "duraline". I'll have a post up soon with this technique! I'm DEFINITELY going to get their brush set! INGLOT does not disappoint! Also I plan on uploading a Youtube video using their foundation for anyone that is interested!

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