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Friday, March 11, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

As a freelance makeup artist I use many products from many different brands. I use what I like and what does the best job. There are a few brands that stand out as well as their products. Each brand has its qualities that I love the most. A quick rundown of similarities are these brands pride QUALITY! Whether you use foundation, powders, lipsticks or eyeshadows you know you'll be getting the best quality of each. Now I haven't used every product each brand has to offer nor do I use every type of product from each brand. I'll give you my top product from each brand:

1)Graftobian Creme Foundations

Blends superbly! Photographs like a dream and has a wide array of shades! Works well with oily/combo skin when paired with a great primer. SHERRY BLOSSOM APPROVED!

2)Inglot Eyeshadows

LOADS of colors! Super pigmentation! Different textures available and all perform great. Easy to blend with a smooth buttery texture. My favorite eyeshadows by far!

3)Black Opal Stick Foundations

Caters specifically to women of color. Great for all skin types! Has an awesome finish when applied properly and buffed into the skin with the right tools. Sheer, medium or full coverage. 

These products have been staples in my kit for quite some time. I love them! Clients love them! And everyone is happy! When you find an excellent product you stick with it because you always want to use what's best and what will guarantee the best finished look. These brands and products are just a few of my favorites in no particular order but I wanted to share to see if perhaps some of you all love these products too.

Now there will be products you try and love and products you try and dislike. The products that come to mine immediately are

1)Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

This makes skin look ashen and photographs horribly. Terrible for oily/combo skin although it boasts of a matte finish it does NOT deliver. Even powder foundation, primer, setting powder/spray can't fix this! PASS!

2)Maybelline Powder Blush Compacts

Packaging is terrible. This blush breaks EASILY. One tap or bump and it'll be in pieces. Poor pigmentation the brush applicator is useless. Color is NOT buildable and looks way to powdery on even when used with a light hand. MAC Fix + can't fix this! PASS!

3)Jordana Clear Lipgloss

Feels like tar on the lips! Creates a sticky, clumpy, gooey mess and acts like an exfoliator on the lips. It seems to make lips flaky. Horrid white paste line creator! Does not apply smoothly at all it glides on like TAR! Blotting this lipgloss is a horror its way to thick yet its runny too! PASS!

These products failed to either perform the way they were advertised or were just poorly made! Although each company DOES have items I like these listed items failed to make the grade. They all get a CAPITAL F! Kind of harsh, it may seem but trust me I tried to make them work time and time again to no avail.

Have you had any run-ins with any of these products mentioned? 

What are your thoughts?

Just leave a comment below!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


ZaraLouU said...

Can't say ive used the products but the brand maybelline i have never liked - i used the dream matte mousse blusher and it kinda clumped on my cheeks in little dots it was awful! it made me look like i had loads of dead skin cells just there!! - just shows that the more expensive brands can sometimes just be...a rip off!!! nice blog Sherry!! x

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks for the compliment! After the dream matte mousse foundation disaster I didn't even WANT to try the concealer or blush!!!....the formulation of that stuff is really bad..Yes price does not always equal best!

Jadegrrrl said...

I agree Inglot is amazing!!! I have the graftobian on my list of "things to try" now :)

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Yes you'll love the Graftobian foundations!

Stephanie said...

You are so right about the Maybelline foundation and blush. I saw a picture of myself with that foundation on and it looked like someone threw some ash on my face LOL. Those blushes are just awful. I haven't had one break on me, but I don't travel too much with my makeup. I think the pigmentation is just awful. You must need a shovel to dig up some color because brushes don't work. Even with previous bad experiences with them, I had the nerve to buy one of the new Fit Me collection blushes supposedly for deeper skintones. Same garbage, i swatched it and barely anything showed up in my finger. I returned that so quick.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Goodness tell me about it!! I have tried the Maybelline Fit foundation and I do like it...reminds me a lot of Revlon Colorstay BUTTTT it isnt best for OILY/COMBO skin because it gets soo shiny. When I intitally did the review I loved the foundation (Im shade 355) I had worn it many times but I used primer, mattifier AND oil-blocking powder...I decided to try it a few times with nothing on and then a little primer and it was OIL CITY!! So I will be writing another review on the Fit ME foundation but looking at the powder and blush I felt like the texture looked the same as their previous line so I passed. They need to get a new formulation!!! I guess they can work on only one thing at a time but even their foundation needs help! Love their mascaras though!!!

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