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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

As promised here's the barrage of IMATS DAY 2 posts and I'm starting off with WHAT I PURCHASED. As you can tell from IMATS NY DAY 1 I hauled my behind off so IMATS DAY 2 was very light but just as important.


This is 2 separate purchases. First the bundle of false 100% human hair eyelashes and secondly, the clear zippered bag. Prom season and bridal season are upon us and requests for false eyelash applications are increasing so I bought about 30 pairs (5-6 styles). I love sturdy, clear , zippered bags its easier to see what you need and great for organizing your kit. I bought 2 in this large rectangular size(I made it just in time to snag the last 2 a woman behind me wanted them too!! Both days seemed to have been my lucky days for grabbing the last items left!) and 2 smaller bags in a more square shape.

EyeKandy glitter and liquid sugar. These glitters are extremely versatile. I actually pre-ordered another 3 glitters and another bottle of liquid sugar (they had sold out at the show) It shipped yesterday and should be here soon. Be sure to stay tuned to my Youtube channel for all the amazing things I'll do with this product!

A necessity!!! Disposable mascara wands. Disposable makeup tools in general are necessities but these I tend to run out quicker. I believe this is a bundle of over 120 wands!

I pictured the larger rectangular bag first and I packed it with my false eyelashes. These are the 2 smaller square ones. I've since packed one with eye liners and jumbo eyeshadow pencils and the other with eye primers, liquid liners, gel/cream liners, paint pots and mascaras. These bags are awesome because they can fit a lot, are made with sturdy plastic and have a strong zipper. They also match lovely with my all black Pro Zuca bag!

Here's the second large rectangular shape clear zipper bag I purchased which I filled with Jessie's Girl lip liners. The woman at the booth was so kind and gave me an amazing price. I believe I purchased 23 in all!

EyeKandy brushes and brush belt

Royal & Langnickle Pro Brushes

 CiCi Brushes

Royal &Langnickel and Cici Brush pictured together below

So I purchased brushes from 3 different companies:

Royal & Langnickel (with the silver rim)

Cici Brushes (with the black rim)

EyeKandy Cosmetics (The powder brush and brushes included in brush roll)

My favorite brush of all is the Super Foundation brush from Royal & Langnickle it is soo soft and the thick handle and denseness will make for a super smooth application. I love applying foundations with sponges but this brush made me fall in love with foundation brushes all over again!

My second favorite brush is the Round Top Foundation brush from Cici Brushes. It's the best of a powder brush/kabuki brush all in one but rounder. This is going to be awesome for setting foundation or applying finishing/translucent powders. Its dense enough even for applying cream foundation. I love a super versatile brush. I wish it was bigger but I don't mind putting in extra work to get the job done.

My third (but certainly not least) favorite brushes are all my "lip brushes"(from all 3 companies)..some are actually tiny concealer brushes but have rounded edges that taper off at the tip. PERFECT for applying any lip product with precision. Again another versatile product. I bought dupes of many of these brushes, especially the eyeshadow brushes, one can NEVER have to many of those.

I'm very happy with the brushes I picked out. Many of them remind me of ones I already own. I plan on buying some really high-end brushes at The Makeup Show. I want butter-smooth brushes that feel like silk on your face. These brushes I bought are soft and smooth but I'm always on the search for bigger and better so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I purchased over 30 brushes!!!!!

What's not pictured here is my Pro Pack from BeautySoClean which is a makeup sanitizing company...I pre-ordered it at the show since it sold out. I will be receiving 250 makeup sanitizing wipes, large bottle of sanitizing mist(with approx. 1500 "sprays" in it) and large bottle of sanitizing brush cleaner. I am excited to finally try their products. This company is taking the makeup world by storm and totally revolutionizing how we clean our makeup!

Be sure to check out my youtube video of IMATS NY DAY 2!

Did you attend day 2? Did you pick up anything? What products have you tried? What products would you like to see a review on?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


Gwen Glamorizer MUA said...

great purchases and blog i love it!

Miss Prissy said...

It looks like you found some really awesome deals at IMATS NY!

Joyce said...

Nice haul!

By the way, what's the eyeshadow brush called? (The Royal & Langnickel brush with the black bristles.)

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