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Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

So I will be doing MANY posts on IMATS NY 2011. In order to assure that I'm giving you all the best on what went on there, what I purchased, who I met, what I learned and more I MUST break the posts down into DAY ONE and DAY TWO and then into these respective categories: WHAT I PURCHASED, WHO I MET, INSIDE IMATS NY & WHAT I LEARNED. I'll do my best to consolidate as much as I can but please be sure to check out ALL of the IMATS NY 2011 posts for the complete story.

Now onto all the amazing products I picked up. I accidentally left my list at home that I created and shared with you in my Youtube Video: IMATS NY & What I plan to purchase. You may view that video HERE! I did remember most of it and many items weren't even available to purchase from the show. I will be ordering those items later from a catalogue.

I took photos of everything I bought on the first day so here they are complete with a brief synopsis of why I purchased that particular item(s).

The absolute BEST purchase at IMATS. The amazing "ZUCA" bag. A staple carry all amongst many makeup artists. This bag organizes and carries EVERYTHING. It's also the ONLY carry all for makeup that is approved by the FA for travel as a carry on. So your precious makeup stays WITH YOU for your entire flight. Many makeup artist have their makeup kits insured...YES!! MAKEUP INSURANCE!

 I have a meeting set up to have mine insured so stay tuned for that post. I can't stand to have my makeup out my sight for a second and I almost never do. So I can just imagine the horror of knowing it's in the hanger with other luggage and the chance of your bag and makeup being damaged, stolen and/or lost. The "ZUCA" bag is a life saver and I'm glad to say I'm finally saved! 

Although this will put a DENT in your wallet it is surely a great investment. To add to it's uniqueness, the "ZUCA" can also be used as a chair! You can sit on the top portion and it can bear human weight. I'm 5ft 8in, 153lbs, size 8 and I sit on it comfortably. It comes with a seat cushion which is not pictured here. Inside the bag there are 5 clear and durable zippered bags, a bazillion pockets located inside and outside the bag, an extra "sac bag" that when filled with items rest comfortably on top and a cover all. WOW!

 It rolls smoothly and the handle extends very high so no strain on my back. The amazing wheel allows for a smooth glide even over the worse terrain. I live in New York and the streets can be very unforgiving with cracks, uneveness, high side walks, sloops, construction, gravel, trash. This bag glides smoothly right over it and you barely feel a bump. This lets me know my makeup is safe inside and I no longer have to worry about cracked/broken/spilled makeup inside. As I use my bag more I will be sure to tag on more pros (and if any, cons) but as of right now I LOVE MY "ZUCA" BAG!

If you watched my video then you know MEHRON was DEFINITELY a booth I wanted to visit. This company comprised most of my "makeup to purchase" list. Sadly, many of their products weren't available at the show but I will be ordering later from their catalogue. This here is a "Barrier Spray"...placed on after the makeup application to set the makeup and make sure it doesn't move at all! Mehron is know as being the leader in theatrical and special effects makeup so many performers use their "Barrier Spray" when they need their makeup to STAY PUT!

This is MEHRON "CoverRing Tattoo" a dense and highly pigmented cream used to cover tattoos, Whether working on a photo shoot, a client or a bride who wants to cover their tattoo this works amazing. This can also be used for extreme hyper-pigmentation, discolorations or scars that need covering.

 This is MEHRON "Ad Gem" a safe but outstanding adhesive used to place gems and other detailing on the face and body as pictured above. I can not wait to have some fun with this!

This is Japonesque " lipstick/foundation" palette. 21 lipstick wells and 16 (I believe) foundation wells on the opposite side behind the divider. I've been eyeing this for a while but this palette costs a nice little penny so wasn't I more than happy to receive it at a super discounted price! I love condensing my makeup kit and this will allow for me to carry so much more!

These are ALCONE stackable empty 5 gram jars. These will come in handy with either carrying pigments, custom made lipsticks (especially when I play around with my OCC lip tars), foundations or even glitter.

This is MEHRON Paradise Palette! This palette comes with all but 6 (metallic) colors in their cake makeup. This is water based and can be used on the face as foundation, body or even for face painting and temporary tattooing. This will be amazing for kids parties, fairs, and Halloween. I can create any look! So you want to look like an alien like Lady Gaga..DONE!....like an Avatar...DONE!...any character or design can be created! Stay tuned to my Youtube channel for all my amazing transformations!

I LOVE OCC LIP TARS! These are super pigmented lip colors and a makeup artists dream. I mix these lip tars to my hearts content and create some of the most unique lip colors one has EVER seen!!

Another great bunch of MEHRON products. So you want your entire body to look like a bar of silver or a bar of gold I can create that for you easily!!!

NAKED COSMETICS is in high demand. These tiny jars retail for $60 bucks!!! Yes I just said $60 bucks!!! for a row of 6 pre-stacked. CAN NOT be bought separately. Each jar comes with a couple of "pinches" of product! However the pigmentation is CRAZY. I also picked up the lip conditioner. Stay tuned for the amazing things I have in store with these products!

More Japonesque empty stackable 5g jars and a small powder jar with a sifter top...So I can carry around a little sample of my favorite translucent powders!

I purchased quite a few MEHRON foam sponges for when I apply the cake makeup.

INGLOT!!!!!! You all know I have soo many palettes from them. I just couldn't resist and had to get another eyeshadow palette featuring all MATTE eyeshadows. The colors are super bright and just in time for the spring. I also picked up a 20 pan lipstick palette! INGLOT lipsticks are awesome. You all know one of my favorite everyday lipsticks for brown skin is made by them. To see that Youtube video where I do a lip swatch and give a full review of the lipstick click HERE! I picked up quite a few reds ,nudes, browns, pinks, purples and coral colors! Stay tuned for swatches!

I ALMOSTTTTT didn't get this!!! I've been hounding COVER FX on Twitter for a while to come back out with the Pro Artist Kit on their website. I was told it was sold out and would debut again at IMATS. Forgetting my list, filming, meeting and greeting , talking and taking tons of photographs I didn't make it to their section until the very end of the show. This was the LAST ONE! This kit retails for a FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS! It is worth EVERY cent! Cover Fx is the go to for covering clients with severe acne, birth marks, discolorations, dark circles, hyper pigmentation, scarring, bruises and surgical scars! This company has 33 foundation shades! However using any of these 12 you can create EVERY foundation color available! I was a witness to one of their MUA taking just 2 foundations and creating HER color (she was about 3-4 shades lighter than me with a yellow undertone) and then MY color. I love being a mixologist so I was more than sold after her demo. I was going to purchase the kit anyway but the sheer versatility of this kit blew me away...from sheer, medium, full to straight on opaque coverage this kit can do it all. It comes with their amazing primer, translucent powder, matte and oil blocking powder and one of the softest foundation brushes around!!! This PRO kit is a must have and it was destiny that I received the last one!

I'll be sure to showcase everything in an upcoming Youtube video(I still have to blog about what I purchased on DAY TWO...yes MORE PRODUCTS!)...stay tuned for more blogs...of what I wore, who I met, pictures galore! and what I learned all on DAY ONE: IMATS NY 2011!!!!!

Do you have any of the products above? What are your thoughts? What reviews would you like to see first?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


Unknown said...

Love the items you purchased! Spectacular for your kit. OMG....May is right around the corner! You know what that means right? THE MAKEUP SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! 80) Also too bad we didn't meet at IMATS.


The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

I need that Mehron Barrier Spray! I was at the Mehron table a couple of times but couldn't get in to see anything because it was so crowded...lol. Gonna look again at The Makeup Show :)

lipstickfashionmascara.com said...

you cleaned up girl!!!!!!!!!!one of these days I shall invest in a Zuca!


Yes I made show I fit in at every table I could especially since I forgot my list at home! Mehron was the longest on that list and I was excited to get many of the products...@Maria awww I missed so many of you at IMATs and I'll see you @The makeup show surely!...@BeautyDoc yes I have tried it already and it surely LASTS! see you at the makeup show!...@Lipstick yes I was not playing!! Awesome deals! I love my ZUCA already! I will be sure to do in depth reviews on the products I picked up!

Royal Beauty Designs said...

Wow! Sherry. You did an excellent job in capturing your experience on day one. I can't wait to see what you have to say about day 2. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait until IMATS in L.A.! :D

GalaxxyGlow said...

You got some great stuff.


thanks @Royal! I hope you checked out my IMATS day 2 blog! @Purple I love everything! In-depth reviews are soon to come! Thanks for reading everyone!

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