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Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

So as we all know IMATS is a great place to meet your favorite and famous Youtube makeup gurus, beauty bloggers and celebrity makeup artists. I was fortunate enough to meet quite a few people. Even more fortunate enough to be recognized by a few! OMG!!!!

While there I also experienced how amazing makeup artists can really be especially in the special effects and theatrical makeup department. Being that I mostly do beauty/editorial makeup, I am becoming more and more interested in special effects, character makeup, body art and face painting.


I purchased the 2 day ticket and after I checked-in was given this wristband which CAN NOT be removed or else you forfeit entry on the 2nd day. So yes I wore this wristband 2 full days...shower and all!

Here's WHAT I SAW:

The amazing work of a MEHRON makeup artist. The model has a prosthetic on her nose to give her more of a feline appearance! I love how their products are pigmented and safe for face, body AND hair!!

The MAKEUP IS ART booth. Their makeup artist just began her amazing work. 

This man won 2nd place in the IMATS student competition "Tribal Theme". I was so busy and unfortunately missed this competition and didn't get a chance to see who won 1st or 3rd place. However I did film the Special Effects Student Competition so be sure to view that video on my Youtube channel for IMATS Day 2 video.


My best friend (pictured on the right)  with Youtube Makeup Guru, Queen of Blending. My bff was such a team player! She's super new to wearing makeup (she applied her foundation and gloss. I lightly filled in her brows, did a brown smokey eye and added pink blush) and accompanied me BOTH days. She held my makeup bags, my camcorder, my digital camera, took photos, helped film, even used her keen sense of hearing to scope out other Youtube gurus and beauty bloggers as I unknowingly passed them. Everyone was buzzing around and crowding booths so I was unaware of the meet and greets that were going on! THANKS BEST FRIEND!

 My turn! Pictured here with Youtube makeup guru, Queen of Blending. I was shocked to know she knew of me and even mentioned she was "waiting to see me"..HA! I'll take that! I admire her for her confidence and consistency. Her laugh is SUPER INFECTIOUS! She thought it was hilarious that my bff was buckled down with all my bags and I was telling her to film and snap a photo...poor bff..lol. Thanks for being as kind in person as you are on Youtube! She was such a doll with everything and I sincerely appreciated her patience. The lighting is a little off but she is pictured in my Youtube video of IMATS Day 1 and in photos from IMATS Day 2.


Beauty Blogger, @thisfancyface, from Twitter and Queen of Blending. You may remember @thisfancyface from my Youtube Video of the Grand Opening of Inglot in Chelsea, NY

While heading out of IMATS to lunch I spotted Youtube makeup/fashion woman and blogger, Allthingsfabulous101, as she exited a cab with her husband. Funny how I recognized him first so I knew she wasn't too far behind.

Pictured here with  EnkoreMakeup from Youtube(R) and I can't remember the young lady to my right.

Youtube Makeup guru, NiNiLuvsMakeup and I. I saw her both on IMATS day 1 and IMATS day 2. She had such pretty sequins blazers on both days(second day she wore a gold one).

Pictured here with Welcome2DivasWorld from Youtube. Shared so many laughs!

Pictured here with DRBrooklyn730 from Youtube. She was super sweet!

Pictured here with Thebexworld from Youtube. 

Pictured here with Thebexworld( far left) and her friends. The sweetest group of young ladies!

Pictured here with MY SUBSCRIBERS! These two were so kind and funny! We shared some good laughs over at the INGLOT booth!

Another woman who I can't remember her name at the moment but when I heard her southern belle voice I immediately said "Where have I seen/heard you before?" and the conversation went from there. Again if you see this or if my followers recognize here please comment below and leave her name :(

Pictured here with the AMAZING Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennett. I sat in on his seminar and  learned some great tips. I can NOT wait to start using them. He was super personable and was so funny. I mean hilarious. When I told him how funny he was he stated "I'd rather be entertaining and have fun when I teach than be boring". I definitely agree.

There were so many people I did see (Eve Pearl of Eve Pearl Cosmetics, NikkieTutorials from Youtube, the makeup supervisor for "The Phantom of the Opera" and others!) and some I missed (JulieG713 from Youtube and a few others) but all in all I had a great time. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts and on to IMATS Day 2!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!!


CocoagirlD said...

Hey honey glad you enjoyed yourself at IMATS good pictures.. The young lady in that picture looks like TallBlkBeauty from youtube it looks just like her w/o her glasses not superduper sure but i swear that looks like her.. Anywho just subscribed to your blog and enjoying it till next time ttyl.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks and YESSSS thats her name!! thank you!!!!

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