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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

It's no secret most people attended only IMATS Day 1 but there were still quite a few awesome people I met and even a few I missed ( *sad face* )

Here's WHAT I SAW:

Blossoms meet Lauren pictured here wearing an amazing RED LIP! If you want to know what she's wearing, you'll have to just watch my IMATS Day 2 Youtube video HERE! Also be sure to stay tuned to my Youtube channel for CRAZIER combinations....seen here first....E X C L U S I V E !!!!!

More amazing special effects makeup artistry from the TEMPTU booth!! Yes! special effects makeup can be airbrushed too!!

Now here's WHO I MET:

The AMAZING: Erin of Scandalous Beauty! She remembered me from the Twitter chats we participate in. She is an awesome blogger and even has a Youtube channel! So personable and sweet with a GREAT smile. definitely a highlight to have met her!

Kia, of Yummy411 and I. She was so soft spoken and sweet.

While waiting for another Youtube guru to finish a conversation before I intervened to ask for an autograph and a photo. I spotted Miss Teen USA! It was awesome! I was immediately propelled back to when I was in either 1st or 2nd grade and Miss USA (or was it Miss America) came to my elementary school and I was in awe of her poise and grace as she sat in front of us on our school's assembly stage while my best friend sang with the glee club to her...but I digress. She was lovely. She even wanted a photo with the youtube guru herself. So she snapped a quick one with me first. How awesome!

Youtube makeup guru, Pertrilude. He was so kind to sign the back of a photograph autographed & given to me by his friend, Queen of Blending, which was a nice collage of pictures of her, EnkoreMakeup, Xsparkage, Purzebuzz and JulieG713 on the front. He also posed for this picture. He had the best smelling cologne on too! All through IMATS only my sense of sight, touch and slightly hearing lol were peaked so when my sense of smell came to mind after a whiff of his great smelling cologne I had to compliment him!

My best friend (and IMATS NY 2011 assistant lol) pictured here with Miss Teen USA. I also used to joke and say my bff has a Miss America smile, because she has the perfect smile for EVERY photo..looking at her smile compared to Miss Teen USA (who I'm sure smiles a WHOLE LOT!) I would say my judgement was accurate lol!

This woman came a long way to attend IMATS and I'm sad to say I can't remember her name. We had a brief meeting as she was busy mingling too. If you see this or my followers know of her please help me refresh my memory.

Mr. INGLOT! I feel like he "knows" me now. lol! I spoke with him at the Grand Opening in Chelsea, NY and then again IMATS DAY 1. I asked him for a photo and he said "Tomorrow I will have a professional photographer and I will definitely take a photograph with you then." When I saw him on IMATS DAY 2 I walked over to him and before I said a word, he smiled and said "See, the photographer is right here." I laughed and told him I was going to "demand" a photo that time and wouldn't have taken no for an answer. I also asked him to say HELLO TO MY BLOSSOMS on film which he gladly did (again! he says hey in the grand opening video) See that video of IMATS DAY 2 HERE! It was very nice of him and I LOVE INGLOT PRODUCTS!!! Check out my blog post of IMATS DAY 1: WHAT I PURCHASED to see what I picked up!

The awesome INGLOT photographer. We actually follow each other...small world lol!

Got a chance to meet another subscriber and Youtuber, MsLovelykisses88.

Celebrity Makeup Artist and owner of his own line of professional makeup brushes, Roque Cozzette. I'm also a proud PRO Member of his brand!

As the IMATS DAY 2 came to an end I decided to do one last go round and spotted Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennett and Youtube Makeup Guru, Queen of Blending. She's shown in IMATS DAY 1 post as well as IMATS DAY 1 youtube video. Sadly I didn't get a close up of her makeup. It does look oddly familiar so she may have a similar tutorial up of the look. Of course it was a yellow gold glitter and royal blue cut crease look. I had gold glitter on my lid too! What a coincidence!

Great folks, Great laughs.... same time next year ya'll!!!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


Mz More said...

That is Kia from Yummy 411 in the pic under Erin. Looks like you had a ball. I went on Day 1 and really enjoyed it!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...


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