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Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

Yesterday I was so busy. I attended both the Makeup Forever Event as well as Sam Fine's event in Harlem. I had an awesome time at both but there is something about Mr.Fine that just takes the cake! Now I must get this out the way. I never thought much about his name until I saw him in person Mr.Fine is F I N E. Of course I'm talking from a professional makeup artistry point of view (insert smirk here!) his complexion is perfect, the perfect features and his brows are gorgeous!

Now after being blown away by seeing Mr.Fine in such close proximity I immediately turned into a pupil. I soaked up everything he was saying. It was amazing to watch him be attentive and pay attemtion to EACH and EVERY person that approached him. He's such an awesome conversationalist. Eye contact, smile, warmth, sincerity, smile, attentiveness, and what stuck out for me above it all was how he REMEMBERED each and every person name that he was introduced to. I watched him ask someone their name, sign an autograph, stop to answer another person's question, sign another autograph and come back to the FIRST person and ADDRESS THEM BY NAME! Now I know most of you may think I'm reaching and how could that be the most profound thing that stuck out to me when I talk of SAM FINE but it was. I even mentioned it to my fellow MUAs/beauty bloggers on the way home. I thought that was amazing and spoke volumes about him as a person, a business, a mentor and a celebrity!

When I first touched down on 121st and Frederick Douglass Avenue (8th ave for the true Harlemites) I felt a sense of nostalgia because I was born and raised in Harlem, a short walk north of the famous Apollo and a few blocks west of Sugar Hill (remember the song: "get up on the A train ...chu...chu...to go to Sugar Hill way up in Harlemmmm...hurry get on board it's comingggg"....ok I digress!) I looked around and felt an instant comfortability so all my nervousness completely left me and when I walked into the venue I felt as if I walked into my home.

The place was jam packed but I didn't mind (funny because at the earlier Makeup Forever Event the crowding seemed like it cramped my style to really check out the items and network) because it felt like I was shoulder to shoulder with friends, brothers, sisters, mentors and collegues. A comfortability that has NEVER been reached so instantaneously before. I was smiling ear to ear and had the urge to walk up to each and every person and not jus shake their hand but give them a hug!

Well that thought didn't last long because before I took 10 paces in I met (again) a fellow MUA and collegue! She is so gorgeous and her and her friends are hilarious. She also will soon be starting a blog but you can find her on Youtube at Kiss of Beauty.

She calls me her career and passion twin she we both work in EMS & as Freelance MUAs. Here's a photo of us at the event.

Here she is pictured with her friends who attended the show with her, the woman on the left assists her sometimes and is thinking of persuing becoming an MUA...how awesome is that?!

Not even 10 steps away stood 2 more awesome bloggers, @StyleNBeautyDoc of www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com  and @TheGorgeousBlog of www.thegorgeousingredient.com These sites are definitely ones I visit often! I also follow them on Twitter so be sure to do the same!

Here's a photo of those amazing bloggers (@StyleNBeautyDoc on the Left & @TheGorgeousBlog in the middle):

Pictured below are: (2nd from left)@MissMerli  of www.missmerli.blogspot.com, @thisfancyface of www.thisfanceface.blogspot.com , @stylenbeautydoc of www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com and @thegorgeousblog of www.thegorgeousingredient.com (2nd from Right)

Mr. Fine captured the event with grace, style and lots of laughter. Can you say H I L A R I O U S. He's like that cool uncle that you used to sneak out of bed at bedtime to greet when you heard his booming voice and laughter in the living room; even though you would get in trouble for not being in bed on a late night when you had school the next day you still risked it anyway. Yes, the COOL uncle that's how I see Mr.Fine. He was honest and real and the absolute most personable celebrity I have ever met (ok it's not like I'm paparazzi and meet celebs daily but I don't believe they are all as cool as this man...seriously!)

Another treat of the night was him autographing his DVD. It's funny because I wasn't aware that he would be autographing DVDs but I had brought mine as well as a permanent magic marker just in case he was. I already had it in my mind that I wanted him to sign the actual DVD and not just the back cover. Well I was in for a treat because he did BOTH! Now I'm getting a little ahead of myself let me back track....

So as my other blogger friends geared up to chat with Mr.Fine I was nervous thinking would he recognize me as the girl (who was still a newbie to all things Sam Fine, who actually mentioned airbrush makeup as a choice for a go-to waterproof foundation & if you know Mr.Fine you know he does NOT do airbrush makeup...he has nothing against it it's just not his cup of tea for the techniques that he uses) or as the blogger who taught him what FOTD stood for in blog talk (Face of the Day), or the Youtuber who did a true review on one of his favorite foundations: Dermablend, or as the blogger who dedicated an entire FOTD post on his makeup techniques and followed up with a Youtube video or maybe as the makeup artist who entered into the Black Opal Contest and asked him to please retweet the link (which he kindly did with NO problem!) I was confident that all those things and more weren't to bad to be recognized by.

However it crossed my mind, what if he DIDN'T. You all are thinking I would have been devastated right? NOPE! I would have felt more comfortable asking him a million and one novice questions! truly picking his brains just because, LOL!. Well I didn't get that chance because when it was my turn and he finally got a good look he RECOGNIZED ME (insert syncopal/fainting episode here!) Not only did he recognize me and actually show excitement that I was there but he said the absolute most amazing and endearing things I've heard in my career as a makeup artist thus far.

Mr. Fine made mention of how he enjoyed my videos/blog posts and the hard work I put into both. Of course he explained this with more eloquence. If you want to hear all that he said. My blogger friend @thisfancyface RECORDED IT! When I tell you that video is priceless it IS! It will be available for viewing soon on my Youtube channel HERE! Who would have know that a Celebrity Makeup Artist like Sam Fine has viewed my videos(I only knew of one he had viewed: my Sam fine inspired FOTD)  or reads my blog posts. I always tell you all that both are my diary and its here for the viewing but I could never imagine the people it touches and rarely do I meet them face to face. So this was a special treat one that has me more than humbled.

On to more photos!

Sam Fine & MUA/Beauty blogger @MissMerli

Sam Fine & MUA/Beauty Blogger @thisfancyface

Yes I know the photo Sam Fine and I took the lighting is off. :( However our smiles are still shining bright and I couldn't resist. I must be sure to snap another photo at the upcoming Makeup Show!

The absolute HIGHLIGHT of the night was when I conjured up the courage to ask Mr.Fine to view my portfolio. I brought it just in case I found the courage to do so. It's not everyday you get your portfolio in the hands of a Celebrity Makeup Artist but I went out on a limb and when I asked him to my surprise he took the book and flipped through it. Unfortunately, it was the tail end of the event and I was prolonging him from making his exit but he did tell me that he will follow up with feedback via FB! I was so happy!! Excited! Elated! cloud 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13!!!!!

Again my amazing MUA/beauty blogging friend @thisfancyface caught the entire exchange through photos below!

AHHHH! That's my portfolio he's actually touching and looking through!

Some moments are not only meant to be remembered but captured and THIS was definitely one of those moments!!!

Overall it was an amazing event and even though I had so many mishaps from wardrobe to makeup I am glad I made it. I blogged about this event when I first heard about it over a month ago and was counting down until the big day! And it couldn't have been sweeter. To @HarlemVintage, a wine store which also hosts events and wine tastings and to Mr. Fine thank you for such an awesome experience, great laughs and good memories! See you at the next one!

SIDENOTE: Mr.Sam Fine is a great makeup artist and mentor. He generously spends countless moments answering the same makeup questions over and over again via Twitter @SamFineBeauty and did wonders with showing his   techniques on how he transforms the everyday women on his DVD(pictured and available for purchase below!). If you don't already own it be sure to pick it up!

The fun doesn't stop at last night's event. The upcoming Makeup Show NY. Mr.Fine will be making another appearance. I will be attending both days of the event and will be sure to film a Youtube video as well as blog on my experience. There are some amazing things in store and you all do not want to miss out. Be sure to follow this blog to keep up with all that's upcoming!

Hey Blossoms, do you own Sam Fine's: The Basics of Beauty DVD or his makeup book: Fine Beauty?? If not, be sure to pick them both up! What you'll learn will amaze you! They are ONLY available for purchase at the website below!!!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!



The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

This was a great read, Sherry :)

heidistylhix said...

Very nice blog post! Everything you mentioned is so true. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Im going to start a blog as you said I should


Shawna said...

Thank you so much for a such a nice written piece of me in your awesome blog..and the pics are awesome I blushed..lol keep up the great work TWIN...LOL see ya soon either on the highway or the runway ....lol Shawna Seymore ,A Kiss Of Beauty Makeup

Cassandra Kennedy Beauty said...

Who doesn't love SAM FINE?! He is so kind and generous - not to mention insanely talented. What a treat to meet him and have him looking at your portfolio!!! That's awesome!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks ladies! It was my pleasure to meet and converse with each and every one of you! We will surely meet again! I can't for the 2 of you to start your blogs! Be sure to tweet me the links! See you all at the next event!

Kerissa said...

This was a well written piece. I'm a makeup junkie And I frequently read your blog and watch your videos. I always say folks can learn so much more from Mr. Fine than just makeup. If everyone was as thoughtful, generous, charming, polite (I could go on and on) in the business they handle/do; their business would thrive and there would be no need for complainants. Looking forward to reading more and sharing this experience through your eyes.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you @Kerissa! I totally agree, kindness and humility can take you so far and it overall feels good and leads to good karma. Who wouldn't want good karma? I admire Mr.Fine so much! Be sure to read the Makeup Show posts for more on him and the amazing other MUAs/beauty bloggers that share the same kind spirit! Thanks for your readership and following both my blog and youtube I sincerely appreciate it! lol @could go on and on you and me BOTH!! keep reading and ill keep sharing!!

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