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Friday, May 6, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

One of my biggest hair battles has always been with my edges. As in most people your edges are the finest and shortest area of your head, prone to the most tension from different hairstyles, product buildup from hair products AND makeup, and even a build up of sebum from sweating. Basically, your hairline and edges take a beating and it can definitely be the most difficult to overcome in any hair journey ESPECIALLY a natural hair journey.

My hair is coily...very coily..and shrinks up to 85% of its actual length!!!! WOW!!! Don't believe me check out my recent Youtube video on my 1 month natural hair update  HERE where I stretch my hair out and show you what shrinkage really is! So imagine what the hairline around my edges does! It curls into these individual little coily "circles" and it REFUSES to lay flat! When I first went natural I chucked having tamed edges up to just being a total lost cause. Imagine my sheer surprise and HAPPINESS when I discovered this product.

Now I tried this product BEFORE going natural when I wore weaves but it didn't work that well. So I chucked it in the garbage and didn't think twice about it. When I tried it again natural it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Without further wait that holy grail edge control product is.....


Now I'm sure many of you have heard of this product before but have you SEEN the wonders it works? NO! Well I'm here to show you.

I also included a link where you can purchase your own. This retails for about 6-7 dollars in many beauty supply stores. So at $4.69 your definitely saving!!

The key ingredients are: Water, Olive Oil, Aloe vera, Wheat protein, Glycerin, Castor Oil, (it has a slight fragrance so you do not have to fret your hair WILL smell good!)

It's texture is very light weight and its neither greasy or sticky and it does NOT harden when it dries.

Here's a picture of my hair when I first went natural. Notice how my edges are coiled up and gives the illusion of being dry but actually my hair is well moisturized and very soft here.

My hair along my edges and nape of my neck are the areas of my head I'm working diligently on to aid in its growth. Being that I always had my hair covered or permed (which is a temporary fix for loss of edges because with the coils straightened it gives the illusion that the edges are longer than what they really are) I didn't care how my edges and nape looked. Now that I'm natural I wish I took better care of my hair OVERALL (I'm sure many naturals have this feeling from time to time too!)

Now here is a photo of my edges and nape after using ORS Olive Oil Edge Control. The above pictures were taken the first day I went natural 3/20/11. These pictures below were taken after I BC (Big Chopped: I went from 6 inches of hair to 3 inches!) and I HAD to use something to help make my puff look more presentable. I bought another ORS Olive Oil Edge Control and after my hair air dried I placed it on the edges and nape and smoothed it in and these were the results....

WOW!!! Super smooth! To avoid a shellac' look (think of a cowlick or super slicked back) I place the product at the tips of my fingers and smooth it out to a thinner consistency up to the middle of my finger-beds. This allows for the product to be applied evenly giving a smoother look and evenly distributed shine. Another bonus of this product is it definitely bought out my wave pattern!

I would not recommend this product to be used for wash and go's because it is way too thick to be used all the hair, just use it along your hairline, nape and edges. Also use this product in moderation a little goes a long way.

Another trick is when you smooth the product along your edges take a soft bristle brush and brush your edges and nape lightly and place a silk wrap around your head. This will help your hair stay flat as the product dries (which takes a few minutes if you use a little so don't overdo it!).

This product is DEFINITELY Sherry Blossom Approved! I noticed that at my local beauty supply store these sell out quick so I always buy 2 at a time. I use this almost every day and it's become a staple in my natural hair care arsenal! I may go a day without it if my hair stay wrapped properly but I ALWAYS mess my hair up in my sleep so those rare days are few and far in between.

This product can be hard to find! Don't be surprised if you have to go to a few stores before you hit the jackpot and cross your fingers that when you do the price won't be trumped up due to it's rare availability! (Remember I've included a link above for you where it can be shipped to you! No hassle!)

This product does have many great natural ingredients in it but with continuous uses without washing there can be slight build up. So if you use it throughout the week be sure to co-wash or shampoo.

If you use this product frequently the small jar of product will be done QUICKLY. I wish they came up with an economy size! I also wish they had a small travel size jar that can fit in a backpack or purse without taking up to much space for when you need those quick touch ups!


Have you ever tried ORS Edge control? What product(s) would you say are similar? 


Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


Mz More said...

I love this stuff. It worked wonders for my edges when I had a wet n wavy and now that I have a short cut, this and Elasta QP Glaze keeps my nape tamed. I always keep a backup in my hair arsenal.

CPaware said...

Will be tryingit out soon, just got my order from Sally Beauty today!! I went ahead and ordered two of them, before reading/watching any reviews! Just a gut instinct said "order it", LOL!!
Thanks for the review!!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Mz. More I have seen Elasta QP Glaze but I haven't tried it I've heard it leaves more residue than ORS Olive Oil edge control. I use it so much that I think elasta might not work for me with all the product buildup? Whats your opinion on it?

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@CP Your so lucky!! They run out quick and they are a good investment. You have an awesome gut instinct lol it did NOT lead you astray!

Crissy K said...

You are very pretty! I love your blog-Crisania from Meetup group

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you so much @Crissy! I love the Meetup Group! Hopefully we will get a chance to meet if we havent met already!

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