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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello Blossoms,

 this is the Makeup show Day 1!!!!

I am super excited I just wanted to share some things!

Lets all come out of our comfort zones and TALK and NETWORK..im sure many of our friends will be there and at times we get caught up!

I challenge you all to talk to and follow up with 20!!!! Yes 20!! new people! With an attendee list of over 6,000!!! Yes over 6,000 20 new people should be a piece of cake!!

I attended the bloggers preview yesterday and there are some amazing new products in store!! but the education available is mind blowing!!!

Be sure to visit the PRO PODS which will be located throughout the event which will be areas where you can have 1-on-1s with industry insiders and powerhouses in the game!!!

Also have your portfolio on hand for awesome feedback from the panel "Working in New York" and "Women in the Industry" featuring the top makeup artists, AGENCIES, and photographers!!

Also there will be representatives from the UNION giving you an all you need to know on how you can work towards building the requirements to becoming a union mua!

New products to watch for!!!
MUFE-aqua liners
OCC- tinted moisturizers
Face Atelier: Ultra Matte Liquid Foundations

and so much more!!!

For those of you that prefer natural products be sure to check out:

LIT ...brand new cosmetic company to the bunch but comes highly recommended by James Vincent
Samashbox(has a green line)
Naked cosmetics
Nurturing Force

and more!!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Danessa M. will have a makeup competition going on that will be hosted by youtube gurus: Purzebuzz and EnkoreMakeup, they are uber cute! and the first contest will kick off at 11:45am, 2:30pm and then 5:00pm so be sure to watch!! (NYC now and the winner will go against DC!)

ZUCA BAG will be on sale : this was not confirmed by anyone at the Makeup Show this has been buzzing around Twitter for days...supposedly it will be $90 and sold at Glamcor and at Alcone...with Glamcor having a sort of trade-in..if you turn in your old Zuca to give to school children you'll get a new zuca (only 100 available!)...again this HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED...but worth checking out!!

Wear something to make you stand out amongst the crowd!!!

See you there!!

First class I'm attending is "HD Makeup Techniques: Airbrush & Beyond" with David Klasfeld for OCC at 11:00!!!

I'll also be tweeting live from http://www.twitter.com/mssherryblossom

Be sure to follow up with my Youtube channel and blog for more exclusive info!!!!

I filmed the entire bloggers preview..."Out of 240 bloggers request I chose the TOP 80 to be here" James Vincent....I'm sure if he could have had us all there he would have...so experience what 80 of us did...subscribe to my channel and watch the video...this video will only be available by subscribers who request it since it will be uncut! the entire event! Watch James Vincent speak of all his favorite products, how he uses them, and even some great commentary from Michael Devillis and cameos from Danessa M, Purzebuzz, EnkoreMakeup and watch Eve Pearl via satellite!!!!

I do this because I love it people and I can't wait to meet you all! Gotta run and get ready....Ciao!

Sherry Blossom

Makeup Artist
Beauty Blogger

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


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