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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

We all love makeup and we all love a great discount. The Makeup Show is unprecedented in the prices of the products that were available. From every major cosmetic brand and then some. It was truly a makeup artist heaven. The brands were there fully stocked and staffed with the best employees. Customer Service was of the upmost importance! The Makeup Show is like a 5 star restaurant or hotel. You just KNOW beyond a reasonable doubt that you are getting your monies worth.

Check out this insane list of The Makeup Show sponsors:


Make Up For Ever


Inglot, Temptu Pro


Crown Brush, Stila, Alcone, Smashbox, OCC, World.bodypainting.festival, On Makeup Magazine , The Powder Group

The list of exhibitors was endless. But don't take just my word for it. Just read them off below...
American Laser Skincare
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Becca Cosmetics
Beauty Addicts
Beauty Etc.
Beglimmered Skin Art
Chic Studios
Cinema Secrets
Crown Brush
Crystal Wright Live
Dex New York
Dinair airbrush
Embryolisse USA
Eye Kandy Cosmetics
Face Atelier
Frends Beauty Supply
Grande Lash MD
I Make You Beautiful
Iredale Mineral
Ivy Enterprises
Jao LTD.
Kett Cosmeticws
Keyvn Aucoin
Kissable Couture
Linda Mason Elements
Lord & Berry
Luminess Air
MAC Cosmetics
Make Up For Ever
Makeup Designory
Mario Badesu
Mehron, INC.
Menaji Cosmetics
MG Hair & Makeup
Model In A Bottle
Myrabelle Products
Naimies Beauty Center
Naked Cosmetics
Nars Cosmetics
Nigels Beauty Emporium
OCC Makeup
Parian Spirit
Red Carpet Kolour
RMS Beauty
Sam Fine
Senns Cosmetics
Smashbox cosmetics
Stila Cosmetics
Temptu Pro
The Powder Group
Viseart Cosmetics
Yaby Cosmetics
Youngbloog Mineral
Yves Saint Laurent
Arbonne International
Bdellium Tools
Body Beauty Bar
Empire beauty Schools
Eve Pearl
In The Mo
Lit Cosmetics
London Brush Company
Nurturing Force
Pinnacle Cosmetics
Ruby Kisses
T3 Micro
Volcanic Origins
Xotic Eyes

That's 90 AMAZING COSMETIC/BEAUTY BRANDS offering shocking discounts from 30-50% off with added bonuses for bulk purchases and even amazing discounts of up to 70% off when purchasing sets! The savings were endless and the sheer variety was overwhelming. These brands cater to the pro makeup artist industry and were more than willing to place smiles on the faces of all who came to purchase!

So let's jump right into it.....


 GLAMCOR is a lighting company that is taking the beauty world by storm. They sell amazing lighting equipment that is convenient for the freelance makeup artists but easy for the makeup lover who is just looking for better lighting for makeup application. The Pro Artist Kit comes with a 2 LED lighting bulbs and a lighting stand. Disassembly and reassembling is a piece of cake and the entire lighting kit is as light as your favorite purse. I love the sleeve on the back and front that allows for you to attach it onto your GLAMCOR rolling bag or even your ZUCA. The most amazing thing about this company is their customer service. I attended IMATS and Erik was so kind as to show me a demonstration of their ever popular portable makeup studio station. They are also heavily involved in social media and I love a company that keeps itself easily accessible for questions, concerns or suggestions.

GLAMCOR sold out of all their limited edition lighting sets (they are black/grey as oppose to the original white) and I was saddened as blogging/vlogging kept me too busy to make it to purchase anything that day. Erik promised he'd find me one the next day. Via Twitter that night he confirmed when I stopped by that he'd have it ready for me. I was super happy! When I finally made it to their booth nearing the ending of the 2nd day of the show I waited while Erik assisted another costumer (I surely didn't mind after they went through the trouble of honoring my request: I told them Sherry Blossom could NOT be without the LIMITED EDITION model and come on you all know black is my favorite color!) and I kid you not the other women at the booth approached me EACH 2 separate times asking if they could assist me and apologizing for the wait( CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE!!!) I realized that I was missing an important presentation I wanted to cover on another floor and let one of the ladies know it was imperative I made it upstairs in time. She not only moved at top speeds to make sure my transactions was completed expeditiously but she checked and then DOUBLE checked that I had everything I needed! Seriously no request goes unhonored with this company! And to top off the excellent experience Erik also asked me to check out the small double zippered case! I was excited about that because I immediately thought it could hold my lip liners/ eye liners in each pocket or other knickknacks for my kit. The linking is an easy to clean material and something about the "Designed in New York, made in China" tag makes me smile!

 Did I mention that Erik of GLAMCOR sews and designs his own suits. I was on such short time it slipped my mind to snap a photo but his suits are amazing! I totally would wear that silver suit he wore on the second day! In a sea of 90 vendors its hard to stand out but GLAMCOR accomplished that and then some! The units were moving so fast even James Vincent, Creative Director of The Makeup Show didn't get his and Johnny Lavoy was tweeting he'd do anything to get his..lol. EnkoreMakeup and I agree that we'd tackle him and split the suit...I get the blazer!!! Be on the lookout and be sure to follow @GLAMCOR on Twitter they have amazing lighting AND they are working on some more awesome items! I can NOT wait! Can you?

Hissyfit is the company owned and operated by Makeup Artist, Reggie Wells, who has been Oprah's makeup artist for over 22 years and has done EVERY SINGLE COVER of "O" Magazine! WOW! Talk about amazing accomplishments. After racing from the GLAMCOR booth I headed upstairs to hear this man's amazing presentation. He was extremely honest and made sure to express the other side of the business. He let everyone know that the road to the top isnt always glamourous and to not have such exorbant expectations of becoming a "celebrity" makeup artist and to just focus on being a GREAT makeup artist. He broke down the dynamics of his products and before he was finished I high tailed it back to his booth. I had been undecided on whether I would purchase his foundation clockpot or his blush clockpot and with the recommendations of BOTH from Jennifer James I settled on the foundation. I've worn it already and I must admit I LOVE IT. It's super natural looking, matte finish without a dry, ashen or mask look and very light. It truly feels as if your not wearing anything! I love how it doesn't move about the face, although its a cream foundation.

Mr.Wells says his inspiration for the clockpot was because Oprah constantly urged him to create something where she had everything she needed all in one place. He surely delivered! The face clockpot foundation in #15 has a highlight foundation, all over the face foundation, a highlight powder, a contour powder, an all over the face powder and a powder to add glow to your face! It's super easy to use and each section can be removed/refilled or replaced with the other clockpot products!! For the price I feel like this was highway robbery! A more in depth review with pictures will follow.

I am deeply in love with Graftobian products both their cream foundations (which I wore the first day of The Makeup show) and their wet/dry powder foundations. I had to re-up on both and this time I made sure to grab the 5 pan palette of their deepest range and their airbrush foundation in those same colors (I misplaced it so I was unable to grab a photo). Makeup by Ren Ren was at the booth and she helped me make a quick decision. The deepest cream colors are also available in the cool foundation palette but I rarely use cool foundation shades of  lighter shades so the smaller palette was definitely a better choice. I'm eager to try their airbrush foundation!

During the Blogger's Preview, James Vincent, Creative Director of the Makeup Show, was asked to give a list of those brands that would be in attendance that offered natural products and one of the companies to be mentioned was RMS beauty which he highly recommended to check out and to speak with the creator. As I was waiting on line to speak with Sam Fine at his PRO PODS I approached her PRO POD first and asked her to share more about her products. She gave me a run down and when she got to the fact she uses coconut oil as a makeup remover!!!! REAL RAW coconut oil cream that is so pure you can EAT IT! Yes, you can EAT IT! I was sold. All my natural hair people know how amazing coconut oil is and all it's amazing benefits and uses.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a woman from the Ivory Coast that mentioned many store bought coconut oil is over processed and not as pure and raw as its advertised thus taking away from its amazing properties. She summed it up to say "if you can't eat it, it isn't real". So when I heard this one WAS edible I bought it. So I'm sure your wondering if I ate any. YES I took a small amount onto my finger and ate it it tastes just like coconuts through and through. I've already used some on my hair. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a few more jars. As far as for a makeup remover I've used it to remove swatches from my hand and WITHOUT water the makeup was removed with no problem and left that area of my hand super smooth. I cant to wait to use it all over my face! A more in depth review will follow as well as a hair update!

Eve Pearl products are awesome. She is most known for her amazing salmon concealers and foundations. I decided to grab another foundation ring. It's super convenient because it gives you 3 shades you can use to highlight, contour and blend to get your perfect shade! She is such a sweetheart and I enjoyed hearing her speak on the panel "Women in the Industry". A boatload of information and while telling her story of her humble beginning she shed a few tears. What an amazing women. I recommend her products to everyone ESPECIALLY if you have dark under eye circles and looking for that holy grail concealer. Her magic concealer wheel is a staple in my kit!

A sponge is not just a sponge. Sam Fine highly recommends these sponges for foundation placement. He does not use foundation brushes as the sponge allows for more manipulation of the foundation and strategic placement. I got a huge bundle of 12 squares (each square has approx 10 wedges). The price was super affordable and I'm glad I finally received mine. I attempted to pick some up at IMATS but they sold out so quick!

 Kevyn Aucoin booth was quaint but the products drew me in like a fly to honey. The radiance of these blushes are amazing. The pigment is absurb. I could NOT believe the price! I didn't ask question I just made sure to purchase. I hear great things about his foundations and picked up a jar. It's a creamy looking dream and I can't wait to try it! An amazing makeup artist that revolutionized the industry of makeup artistry. Sadly, he passed away just before the debut of his highly anticipated makeup line. A more in depth review will follow!

 The items that took up the most space on my "TO BUY" list was BRUSHES! Second, was foundations. Third, was disposables. I checked out all the brush companies but was taken aback by Bdellium brushes! This company is most known for their line of anti-bacterial brushes. The brush sets they had were not only of amazing quality but super affordable. With 50% off the retail price how could I say NO. They ran out of their full brush set (the woman in front of me purchased the last one) So I set out to build my own customized set. In the end I'm happy because I needed a few dupes of some of the brushes. I was so undecided and after about an hour of browsing during the tail end of the show. I grabbed a handful of the brushes my eyes kept going back to and the man who assisted me through in 2 more brushes for all my troubles (I had picked up all the brushes I had wanted earlier in the day but they accidentally put all the brushes back and sold out one of the brushes I really wanted!). I was more than grateful. The 2 brushes are very unique. Green bambu! These brushes come highly recommended and I'm glad I decided to purchase from them. A more in depth review will follow! I purchased quite a few brushes so I decided to just take a photo of them altogether!

When I passed the MOTVES booth I was recognized by a woman working at that booth that is also a MUA that is apart of a Makeup Artist NY based meet up group. She was so kind to give me a blogger press pack that was loaded with MOTIVES products: 3 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 eyeliner, 1 lipstick, 1 glitter pot and 1 mascara. That was so generous and although I was press for the event I wasn't expecting any press promo packs! Great surprise! An in depth review will follow!

Although this haul wasn't as massive when I attended IMATS it was one I'm actually most satisfied with it. I picked up many items I have been eyeing for a while and it was more personalized than kit based! Yay! I am so in love with my GLAMCOR lights, my HISSYFIT clockpot foundations and my BDELLIUM TOOLS brushes!

I have so many products between the Bloggers Preview, what I purchased and from Motives! I will be sure to share the wealth so stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway!

What did you purchase? Have you tried any of these products?

 Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for a compilation of amazing highlights of The Makeup Show NY (both days) HERE!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


T.Davis said...

Wow girl this blog is in depth!!!! I love it, you should be very proud of your self. I heard a lot about the Bdellium brushes too bad I only attended the show for one day. Ugh!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you!!! Yes I love them. I used them on the set of a video shoot today and they performed well!! In depth review to follow!

Vev said...

It was so fun reading this post. I use Eve Pearl concealer and foundation, and I have one of those Aucoin blushes. I want u to do a video on the Hissyfit stuff you got....

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Definitely! I love Eve Pearl and the Aucoin blushes are suppperrrrr pigmented. The orange is my favorite! I will definitely do a review on Hissyfit I've worn it almost everyday since I bought it! Awesome!

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