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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

As a freelance makeup artist in New York competition is FIERCE! However to succeed, thrive and profit there are a few key steps one must embody and follow. I'm going to tell you ALL how to make money as a makeup artist!


Know your craft! 

No one wants to hire someone that doesn't know what they are doing. So if you need to practice on your smokey eye, then practice. Still having trouble matching foundations to skin tones, then practice. Unsure of those who've paved the way before you, then read/google/ask about them! Ignorance will keep you broke and poor skills will keep you even broker as a MUA. So KNOW what your doing, never think you know it ALL and KEEP PRACTICING! Even veterans get a little dusty.


Have a STAND OUT business card!

Have you ever been handed a business card and went about your day. Only to find the business card in the depths of your pocket or bag and couldn't remember the face behind the person who handed it to you NOR what exactly they were promoting? No? Well go walk around a busy shopping strip and see all the fliers and business cards you'll be handed or go to a seminar or major event. Look at all your business cards at the end of the day and see if you can remember the person based off their business card. Yea, I'll wait...

Don't get me wrong I know sometimes less is more and in today's economy less is more affordable but don't drown yourself with simplicity. A little color and a photo..(RETOUCHED photo that is!!! ABSOLUTELY No camera phone/digi cam pictures please! Trust me from experience!) can go an extremely long way. To make it easier have your business card match your personality or speciality. If your a special effects MUA design it around that theme, if you want mainly bridal clients then design your card around that theme and so forth. With the ability to custom design the front AND back of a business card  the sky isn't even the limit.

Your card will be the LAST thing in a potential client's hand when you depart from them, and stand as an extension of your FIRST IMPRESSION, but the FIRST thing in their hand when they realize they need a MUA for a gig and reach for the business cards they've hoarded( yes hoarded because trust me many cards will be in that pile). Will YOU be remembered through your card or will your card SINK or SWIM?

Here's my OLD card (I placed a digi cam photo! HUGE NO NO! Novice mistake)

When you know better you do better right? Decked out with my logo (my actual lips filled in with Cherry Blossoms ,my namesake inspiration, by a lip brush engraved with my name "Sherry Blossom") and 2 RETOUCHED (albeit slightly) photos from my portfolio...Here is my NEW card(a few changes have been made to it this was a draft copy but it still looks pretty much the same with some info removed/inserted)!



Goodness I have come across so many MUAs that are still "working on it", their portfolio that is and  yet they thrust themselves into the mix and add to the competition already out there. Are you saying that there are MUAs working and getting clients with no business card, website or hardcopy of their portfolio even? YES I AM!!! So you need to rise to the occasion again,1st with business cards and now with a solid and strong portfolio.

Now my demographics is the everyday woman. Regardless what your market is everyone in the world is VISUAL. They like to SEE what ever it is that you SAY you can do. It's simply human nature. Grandma always said "The proof is in the pudding." And she was right. Now I'm not saying go obtain a encyclopedia sized portfolio filled with every makeup combo known to man (trust me even if you did that you would STILL miss some). but have a few photos in there. If your unsure of how many start off with these categories if you'd like or as they pertain to your business: Bridal, Editorial, Beauty, Special Effects, Avant Garde, Black & White. A few photos in the categories you pick would make for a nice well rounded portfolio.

Now this portfolio can be online, hardcopy OR both. For those of you interested in TV, Print & Film it's best to have both. Sometimes there is no time to sit there and log onto a website. Many top publications have corporate offices where you drop your hardcopy portfolio off to for them to view and you pick it up at a later time or day.

Again since my demographic is the everyday woman its more my choice to have an online portfolio AND a hardcopy portfolio. I notice that most of my work comes through by word of mouth and thus as Grandma said "The proof is in the pudding."



I know! I know! What happened to the "old school" or the "day and age when.." Yes I've heard all the stories but the fact still remains that technology HAS taken over and will continue to do so. So if you want to keep up with the wave AND the money then get with the program. But what does that mean? That means I do not care what Facebook did to your last relationship, get back on it and this time maintain a BUSINESS like profile(give your "friends" a heads up that shenanigans won't be allowed on your page!); clients don't want to read about the drama going on between so and so and how this guy/girl is hitting on you or even what your doing at that exact moment your posting (ok I'm guilty of this but be sure if you MUST post your daily happenings keep it PG13 and DRAMA/VULGAR WORDAGE FREE!)

Get a Twiiter account and LEARN what #hashtags will be most beneficial to you (for all MUAs be sure to follow #makeupchat & #makeupmonday chats!). Ok I understand life can get way to busy for the daily almost hourly upkeep of these said social networks. Here's a solution. BLOG!!! BLOG!!! BLOG!!! Simple websites are fine but people WANT to know what's going on with you, what you like, what your into, what you learn, and of course the occasional freebie (be it exclusive info, great tip, prize or giveaway). Unless your super successful already and random strangers google you by name, a simple website with a few photos and your contact info just will NOT work. FACT: I've bought more from companies/people who are interactive on social networking sites and blog more than from those people/companies who do NOT! So if I'M seeking more than I know others are too and so thats what you should AIM to provide..MORE...just simply because! People want to know that they are not just dollar signs to you. That the only contact or conversation  they can have with you is when they are paying for your services. So get off your "anti-technology horse" and go create a FACEBOOK, TWITTER account and START A BLOG! ITS FREE!!!

I have it all!




I'm Sherry Blossom all day everyday! Even when I'm out and about, at school, home or work. No I don't walk around making up strangers, classmates, my family or coworkers. What I mean is I AM THE SOLE REPRESENTATION of my brand..my business. Opportunity rarely gives you a warning before it knocks so I am always making sure to cross my T's and dot my I's. For me this means clean made up face, presentable wardrobe (I'm usually dressed in all black anyway..Universal MUA wardrobe!), business cards on hand, and a great personality with proper diction to match. There is nothing worse than a person that looks and acts all put together and opens their mouth and completely turns you off. PLEASE DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! Every single person you encounter: male/female, young/old can be a potential client or LEAD you to a potential client. I'm not saying treat everyone like your next paycheck I'm saying be sure to keep in mind that you are the SOLE REPRESENTATION of your business if YOU bring ill repute to your OWN BRAND...YOUR BUSINESS remember there is no one else to blame, no one else to fire...the consequences of poor behavior will DIRECTLY affect you. Your REPUTATION is all you have and it MATTERS. This is one profession where what others THINK of you can make or break you. MOST of your business will be by word of mouth and you will see in the field of makeup  artistry that its a SMALL SMALL world. So don't BURN BRIDGES!



This is a very simple numbers game. Here's what I mean using a very simple list of a few purchases(withdrawals) and a payment (deposit) to show a "month" of expenses and profits: I've made up these numbers and kept it simple so you can get the jest of the idea...

APRIL 2011
Spent $100 on a new eyeshadow palette
Spent $50 on a "MUST HAVE" _________(insert anything you like here you know how "must haves" go)
Deposit from 1 Photo shoot gig $200

Total Withdrawal $150
Total Deposit $200

Now you already have more than enough eyeshadow palettes and could have made do without that new palette you purchased and that "MUST HAVE" item actually wasn't that great. Now if you would have passed on both your monthly PROFIT could have been $200 instead of $50!!! So PLEASE STOP the FRIVOLOUS SPENDING and you'll start INCREASING YOUR PROFITS!



This is a huge one! Remember I said this makeup artistry world is really small well let me correct that its really really really small. I PROMISE you that you will soon work a gig with other MUAs and I assure you that you will work more gigs with those same MUAs again at some point. The Fashion/Beauty/Makeup/Photography and now even Natural Hair/Jewelry/Clothing world are integrating. It's like playing that game "6 degrees of separation". No matter how distant you think 2 people may be in any of these fields I BET there is a MUA that I can connect to them. Whether I have to go 20 rounds to make the connection I assure you a connection will be made. So what does that mean for me? If your a type A personality your fine I'm sure you understand the need to network, to not disrespect anyone, to do your job, to keep your mouth closed, to not burn bridges or step on toes but for you ALPHA MALES & FEMALES you will need to RELAX and quickly or your business will meet its demise before you have a chance to clean your next roll of brushes. That's ALL it takes! One wrong move,one bad statement, one tardiness and it can be all over between you and that client or fellow MUA and the rest will be a domino effect. Don't believe me when I say that the industry is small and befriending other MUAs is a positive and not a negative well here's a story. One of my first jobs when I began was referred to me by ANOTHER MUA who could not make the shoot and asked me to take her place! From that single act alone I have made SO MANY connections!

 Still unconvinced here's another story about professionalism and not burning bridges(no matter WHAT!): I tested with a photographer ,who I never received my photos from, and 6 months later was hired by a stranger via online ad to do work on a shoot for their friend. I arrived at the photography studio to be greeted by that SAME photographer. I remained neutral and did my job and at the end of the shoot the photographer spoke of needing my services as an in-house MUA for the studio (due to the photographers POOR IMPRESSION from our initial meet up I remained respectful but was relieved when there was talk of getting back to me with more info as  I really didn't want to have to politely declined right in their face!).

And yet another story, I was chatting with a woman randomly and before our departure found out she was the Makeup supervisor for Phantom of The Opera that same day I chatted with another woman randomly only to find out a few days later that woman was the creator of a VERY popular blog site and surprisingly knew who I was at the time but I didn't know who she was. She later told me "You pop up everywhere!". I asked if that was a good thing and she said "Yes especially in this industry." I'd like to add to that and say as long as it's POSITIVE things your popping up end then keep it up! ...POINT MADE! I have soo many stories like this but the moral is: Network, make connections, be respectful, humble and kind you NEVER know WHO you will run into again or what doors they can (if any) will open for you!



Uh oh I'm sure I'll get flack about this but I don't believe in trying to get rich off every client. I have a flat fee that I believe is very reasonable. Although the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry we are STILL in a recession and my demographic are everyday woman be it college students, working moms, at home moms even retirees. I understand that sometimes getting their makeup done by a professional makeup artist is done on a special occasion and usually a "splurge" that they treat themselves to. I understand because I WAS THEM at one point before I turned my love for makeup and makeup artistry into a business! My fees can be located at the bottom of this very website and are current. I freelance and so I do have a full time career. However because I freelance and don't do makeup 40hrs a week/5 days a week does NOT mean I give subpar service I actually do my very best to give the absolute BEST service. I'm always told I should charge more. For now the prices are what they are. So ladies/gents enjoy it now! My profit potential is insane! Imagine 10 people that have $35 but not $50 but want their makeup done. There is no bargaining at makeup counters the price is just the price(most counters charge a $50 minimum fee) and many freelancers charge an equal amount or sometimes MORE! So under other circumstances those persons would be without their makeup done (unless they scrounge up the difference or WANT to part with the extra money..usually not) .When they see my work and prices its a deal they just can't beat. So 10 UNHAPPY customers just became 10 HAPPY clients. Imagine those 10 HAPPY clients know 10 other UNHAPPY POTENTIAL clients EACH. That's 100 more people to know of my "can't be beat deal" and the rest is HERSTORY! Now of course its not JUST that simple but you get my idea.



This should be a no brainer but some MUAs like to hold on to "information" afraid to let it seep for fear that those persons who are novices to makeup will gain knowledge and therefore might no longer seek a MUA services. Now I'm not saying that this DOESNT happen because it does BUT we ALL know how vast makeup is its more than just a foundation, mascara and lipstick. So unless the people your giving makeup information to are working towards becoming MUAs they will NEVER be at your level of expertise and thus your services will STILL be needed.

We all know how much money we've dropped on building a kit, makeup artistry books, makeup school, makeup classes, makeup seminars, makeup shows. So much blood, sweat and tears to make OTHERS LOOK their best. So trust me YOUR SERVICES ARE NEEDED!! Not many people know what you DO! So don't be afraid or hesitant to give back to those that come to you seeking help: What's the best foundation for oily skin? What's the best concealer? What eyeshadows do you prefer? These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we as MUAs get asked. These questions aren't even the tip of the iceberg to the world of makeup, it's like one little snowflake on top of the TIP of the iceberg! Answer them all (no matter how repetitive they may become) you ARE your BRAND so don't be afraid to be BRANDED as a MAKEUP GURU (in your circle). It's okay to be the GO TO person for sound makeup advice just be sure your telling whole truths and not whole lies. Just be sure the information your giving to people who trust your expertise, judgement and answers are complete and your generosity will be appreciated, cultivated and ultimately lead to CLIENTS!



WHAT?!! DID YOU SAY FOR FREE!!?? Why YES , YES I DID! There is a method to my madness folks. Nothing in life is ever truly free. I've volunteered my makeup artistry services to many fundraising functions, awareness events and even school/college/church fashion shows. In each event I was able to showcase my skills and abilities, practice on different skin tones AND network! (pass out business cards, talk about makeup with other MUAs at times & chat with key people) All of this is invaluable. The gift that can keep on giving! Trust me not only does volunteering your services feel good on the inside it can feel good to your bank account in the near/far future when you hand out your business cards to potential clients. Even if nothing comes from it, I still go home from these events feeling good. Many times the "models" you do in these events have never had their makeup done professionally. Yes I'm a sap and seeing those awesome smiles when they look in the mirror makes me smile. When I get a call from a person who requests my services who was referred by one of the persons I made up or was an attendee to one of those events  I did for "FREE"  THAT makes me smile EVEN MORE!!!


FOLLOW ALL THESE STEPS(if your current plan isn't making you a profit) or INCORPORATE THE ONES YOU DONT FOLLOW YET(to increase your profits)

Follow these above steps and I promise you will MAKE MONEY! Ok maybe not filthy rich but depending on your demographic and how much you dedicate to your business and your fees you can get a nice piece of change every day/week/month/year it's all up to you!!! Also remember that not only monetary gain can be obtained from following these steps too but CONNECTIONS! In many fields it can be a matter of WHO you KNOW not just WHAT you know but PLEASE PLEASE (I can not stress this enough) BE GENUINE & HUMBLE! This entire list will not benefit you if you are NOT GENUINE & HUMBLE!


Really Sherry Blossom? Is it true? Why does it work? IT works because it has YOU..YOUR BRAND...YOUR BUSINESS in CONSTANT rotation! All day and everyday!! Your bound to get feedback, business, network, make connections, gain future clientele. All these are imperative to a successful business and a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROFITS!!!

So do you have any other money making tips? Have you tried any of the above tips to improve your clientele?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms


Jennifer James Beauty said...


Excellent post. Sharing everywhere!

Celene said...


tee said...

Love the advice thanks

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Wow! Thank you ladies!!!!

Etoria said...

Great much needed advice.than you!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

your welcome! thank you all for reading and following my blog! I appreciate each and eveyr one of you! Stay tuned! I will go more in depth with some tips and tricks (tried and true experiences) of what I have done and still do (on top of these steps above) to EARN as a MUA

The M.A.D. Diva - Lynique said...

I <3 this! I definitely want to share this in the Diva's Digest for May! = )

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

WOW! Thank you for reading and of course you can share this! For anyone interested in reposting this on a site or social network feel free! The more people this helps the better! Thank YOU!

Evelyn and Gigi said...

Hey Sherry, I just did a blog on the same thing, check it out (GlamBoxArtists.blogspot.com). It is only part one of my freelancing tips series. I'm with you all the way, except the free makeup thing. It's funny I say this because we met doing free makeup for Beth Israel Hospital. I believe if you are new to it and you want to practice and network-Sure. However, there comes a time in an artist career where you must say I need to charge for this talent because I deserve it. I read a book about writing and it said never write for free. I was writing for free for a few publications to get my feet wet, but after it's damp I have to charge for my ability to write. Love this post!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Hey yes I remember you. Well if you reread that section you'll notice I use the word volunteer services to fundraising/ awareness/ college/church/school events yes that equals free but its for a great cause. I'd NEVER charge for my services for a charity event. Again unless your name is Sam Fine, Eve Pearl or Kevin James Bennett (all Celebrity MUAs) and people google you by name for your services then its ill advised to be so opposed with helping out. Actually those mentioned artists DO GIVE BACK so if the Celebrity MUAs don't hold their noses up to charity work then why should we..following in their footsteps? again its all preference but these are steps that I have taken and continue to take that makes me great profits....

The M.A.D. Diva - Lynique said...

Thank you Sherry!! = ) Hmmmmm its so informative, I am trying to decide if I am going to post a tip per month now! LOL!!! I will DEFINITELY give you your credit! = ) SHARING IS CARING!! = ) THANKS AGAIN!!!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Whatever you chose is fine! I will be adding more and I know you have a monthly publication. Perhaps a few tips a month might be great..there are actually 9 tips posted already with a plethora of tips to come! thank you for your consideration and readership it is greatly appreciated!

Ambitious Beauty said...

Thank you so much for this post Sherry!! It makes me feel more confidant in my decision to TRULY define myself as a MUA by branding and knowing my artistry more before putting myself out there. Where have you been all of my life ma'am?! Lol, thank you for sharing this post for a newbie like myself ;-)

Maria Barreda said...

Love this Sherry!!Girl You just inspired me to do a blog!! But where to start???

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you ladies for reading!!! @Ambitious Beauty Patience is virtue! When you feel 100% to thrust yourself into the mix than do so! In this field competition is always fierce so we have to go above and beyond to show our own uniqueness! Congrats on your journey!! And i'm still a newbie too! I'm about a year into the mix and still wide eyed lol!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Maria WOW! I'm glad I could help. It;s very simple to start a blog. First choose what host you want (blogger, wordpress, Tumblr..etc) I chose blogger because it seemed to be much easier to navigate and understand and I have since purchased my domain (dropping the .blogspot.) and it's been great to me! Which ever host you choose will promt you through the entire set up! Be sure to make your blog a name that you ALWAYSSSSSS use that way they can connect your work to your blog and other social networks...using the same name EVERYWHERE makes it easier in branding yourself and easier for people to find you! I hope this helps! Be sure to leave the link and comment when you create it!

Trina J Makeup said...

These are amazing tips for every MUA to live by. Great POST!! Thanks for sharing :)

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

THANK YOU and thanks for reading!!!

BeautybyFrancisca said...

Thank you, Sherry. This is very helpful, especially for someone like myself, who, is just starting in the business !

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Your welcome @Francisca! If you ever have any questions, comments, requests or suggestions feel free to email me at Sherryblossombeauty@gmail.com!

Kim said...

very good post... i shared the direct link with the mua meetup group

Kham said...

This is great! You brought a lot of things out that I had been thinking about lately and you've inspired me to get my business together the right way. I'm glad I stopped through your blog tonight because I almost forgot about the Sam Fine event tomorrow and I would've been sooo mad if I missed it lol... Love the blog and thanks again for this post!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks @Kim for sharing the link!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thanks @Kham I will definitely be in attendance I'm doing my best to move things around so that I can show up bright and early! I'll be tweeting live...@MsSherryBlossom so be sure to follow me and shout me a holler if you recognize me! See you there!

Sheila Jordan said...

Sherry this is great. I'm so excited and just a bit overwhelmed with what I need to do! Thanks for sharing

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Your welcome! Thanks for reading! Im so happy someone else can benefit from things ive benefited from. No 2 stories or lives are ever alike but we can tweak someone else's steps and make it work for ourselves!

Anonymous said...

This was just what I needed to read! I quit my regular job and moved to South Florida to freelance. I don't know anyone here in the industry so it's a little scary and intimidating. Thanks for this post, Sherry!!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

To Anonymous you heart has driven you to do this! Im so happy you found my post you made it there for a reason! I want you to do all that you have to because you didnt make these changes in vain. You will make it! I just hope you come back identity revealed of course and let me know!!! Stay in contact! the industry may LOOK intimidating but it IS able to be penetrated! TRUST ME!

Purple Eye Diamond said...

Love it. Thank you!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hola I am from Mexico... I was browsing on the net and your articule came up...the truth is that today I was about to quit my dream...to be a Professional Makeup artist...because I am so broke and so frustrated...I did invest in a super kit, also enrolled on a course, did promo cards, presentation cards, got a mini site, got my facebook fan page, super book...and my bank acount is dry and no clientel...three months back I was working at a hotel as hostess but...lefted cuz I want to be a makeup artist so bad, but is a hard industry hard to get a job, and totally true one bad ref no work...so I am so affraid right now that if I made the right decition....and reading your blog has given me some hope...probably will keep on traying and see what happends. Thank you for you advise and best of luck!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

I am so happy that you will keep trying. Please DO NOT give up on your dream. This blog and my entire freelance career used to be just a day dream in my head until I went out on a limb to make it a reality. You can make yours a reality too! You obviously aren't a quitter and was seeking help. Keep seeking and you shall find! Look for senior makeup artists in your area to assist. Go to you local flower shops, hair salons, bridal boutiques, nail salons, domestic abuse shelters, ob/gyn clinics, schools, day cares and even women gyms and let them know that you are a makeup artist and see if you can collaborate wit them to showcase your talents and help other women at the same time!

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

*whew* another great post! Keep 'em coming, Sherry!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you! I know I know! lol It was lengthy but sometimes the best information isn't so cookie cutter and to truly understand what I was saying and feeling I had to dive deep. Thanks for reading @StyleNBeautyDoc

Traci said...

Great article and well written. Keep up the Great post!

The Beauty Bar

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Traci thanks for reading! I definitely will keep it up! I have a series coming up soon with even more ways I've tried use (and still use) to make money as a freelance makeup artist

Tisha said...

Sherry thanks for sharing this info it's the bomb.com...lol it's very informative time to put it to good use...thanks again:)

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@ Tisha your very much welcomed! Let me know how things turn around for you when you decide to incorporate the steps! I appreciate your readership!

Natasha Gem said...

You are officially my MENTOR!!! ITS MONEY MAKING TIME!!! Thank you for great advice...next step NEW and IMPROVED business card. Natasha Gem

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

LOL!! Thanks @Natasha!!! Be sure to check out the newest blog Series: PROFIT SERIES: How to Make $1,000 a month as a Freelance MUA....I will go more indepth with tried and true ways to make a profit!

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

I don't know why your posts don't show up on my dashboard but good thing I find them on twitter

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Jessica Rivera...hmm thats weird...hopefully your following via Google friend or feel free to subscribe via email...and yes Twitter is a lifesaver!! thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

very helpfull!!!! thanks ;) I came across your site by accident ant am so happy to get more advice on how to grow my Makeup Artistry career!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@Anonymous Thanks for viewing and I'm glad I could help!



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