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Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey Blossoms,

I did not think I would protective style so soon but after experiencing a few tangles from constant manipulation of my hair trying to place it in styles it could go in and styles it couldn't I decided my tresses needed a break (no pun intended!).

I was very hesistant to protective style for many reasons.The first being I did not want a hair disaster to set me back on my journey, The second, I felt like I was going against the natural law and resorting back to "fake" hair so quickly. Lastly, I felt I would get hooked and cover my natural hair up more than I would show it. After almost a month of protective styling I see that my 1st and 2nd reasons aren't anything to worry about. However, the verdict isn't out yet on the third. I've been eye balling a few other styles but I've promised to give my hair a few weeks break in between protective styles.

Jenelle, a natural hair blogger and creator of www.kinkycurlycoilyme.com recommended a local hair salon to me via Twitter. Although this salon doesn't specialize in natural hair she told me that she goes there and has had many protective styles done, all which she was very satisfied with and she had no hair issues after removing the styles. I was sold. I follow her blog and am a subscriber to her Youtube channel.I've seen the many pictures of her protective styles and her growth is amazing and we seem to have similar hair texture so I decided to give it a try.

This is how I was wearing my hair before. I would gather it into a pony puff and then place a synthetic puff over my own to not only protect my ends but to add volume to my puff: I LOVE THIS STYLE! Sadly the constant manipulation was a little rough on my newly natural strands so I have to retire this style for a short while.

These are pictures of me with my Senegalese Twists:

They are very easy to maintain. I moisturize and seal them with water, essential oils and Shea butter or Coconut cream daily. I tend to wear them gathered up and away from my face since I'm no longer used to wearing hair in my face since going natural. I remember a time when I HATED wearing my hair up now its a style I prefer.

So far I've had this style in since 5/9/11, just under 3 weeks. I made 2 months natural 5/20/11. I am super excited to do a length check and see how my hair has grown when I finally take down this protective style. I'm trying to make this style last for at LEAST 6 weeks and at most 8 weeks but I can tell that I will need to get the front redone in the next week or 2. My hair was NOT straightened for this style. I instructed the stylist to merely just comb each strand out, ridding it of knots, add a little Shea butter and then twist it with the synthetic hair used to create the Senegalese twist.

I will soon write a blog post on the DARK SIDE of being natural AND the confusion and myths NON-NATURALS have of protective styling! I am NOT surprised that when people saw me with this protective styling those who had shunned me because of my natural hair began (TRIED!) to talk to me again. I was rained upon with compliments of how nice "MY" hair looked (some of the compliments were about the style itself and harmeless but others seemed almost slathering me with compliments to persuade me to not go back to wearing out my natural hair...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!) Also some seemed even more "mad" in thier minds (im just assuming here) they believe once you declare yourself a "natural" that you shoulnd't ever use another hair tool, product or wear any synthetic style EVER AGAIN! The natural hair misconceptions are endless!

I'm curious to know what are other's naturalistas protective styling favorites? Have people received you or treated you differently when your hair is protective styled? What myths/misconceptions do you see/hear from nonnaturals about being natural?

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!


Ashley said...

I love your makeup. Your bun is on point! Now following your blog :)

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...


socialitedreams said...

i love protective styles because it makes my hair grow so nicely. those senegalese twists are the business, i've wanted some forever. i usually just wash, twist, and pin up my own hair now that it's long.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

@socialite I am excited to see how much length I have retained. June 9 will make 1 month that I've had this style in and I plan on having it in another 2 weeks after (6 weeks or so total). Thanks for your compliment I like them. I may try Kinky twist next just because they can be curled. Congrats on your journey!

Anonymous said...

This looks great! What type of hair did you use?

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you! The hair was called "African Senegalese Synthetic hair". At least that was how it was said to me. It's similar to synthetic but "acts" like human hair (if that makes sense). P.S. Don't be afraid to show your name! I love interaction!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

I'm going overseas for about four months and I really want to get Senegalese twists as my protective style while I'm there. What do you think? Could they hold out that long? I really don't want to damage my hair in any way.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

For 4 months? I doubt that they would be able to hold out that long. That 16 weeks and approx 120 days of your hair being in a stretched and twisted state. Even with moisturizing and sealing your hair there will come a point when you need to Deep condition/wash/clarify with vinegar...so even 6 weeks is pushing it (as I did) plus another 10 weeks I'm not so sure. I don't think any protective style would be best kept in that long CONTINUOUSLY.

Consult with a natural hair stylist and find out what's best. Perhaps you can protective style your own hair (2 strand twists, Bantu knots, bun, ponytail, half wig, cornrows, box braids, etc) that way you can always DC/wash/clarify and redo...

Good luck on your trip!

Thanks for reading!

Stefanie said...

hey, where in NYC did you get your twists done? they're beautiful!



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