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Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year Blossoms,

So it's a new year! I'm sure many of you have attended holiday parties to close out 2010 and looked your best doing so! Here's a step by step guide to achieve ANY makeup look that you desire. Hey its never to late to get into the habit of applying great makeup to prepare you for the parties you'll attend throughout 2011. Rest assured that guide will help you achieve the basics to getting a makeup look you can duplicate on yourself and wear out! this guide isn't ironclad, It's versatile so that if necessary you can tweak a color here or add a little more intensity there to change it to your liking.

Eyeshadow/blush/lip colors that are wonderful at this time of year: burgundy, plum, purple, green,mahogany, chocolate, taupe, mauve, red, gold, silver, grey, creme, white, vanilla, cream and even black.

First make sure you start off with a clean and well moisturized face. Cold dry air can dry a face out and deplete it if it's moisture. Make sure to add eye creme to the under eye area! You want your eyes to appear "awake". Eye cream is a great way to reduce puffiness and used over a period of time can reduce under eye circles. (Check my blog and review on the L'oreal Revitalift Eye Cream) Don't forget lip balm too!

Secondly, prime your face with a face primer so that when your makeup is applied it'll last through all the mingling, talking, dancing, (cheek/air)kissing and jolly good time I'm sure you'll have. A primer aids in filling in any fine lines you may have and preparing your face for the makeup application.

Thirdly, apply concealer to your under eye area. Do not be afraid to add more if necessary. The point IS to conceal so if your not going to put enough to do that then just skip the step altogether. For women of color or women with deep set eyes if you have very dark colored under eye circles then try using a corrector first. Choose a light peach, medium peach or a dark peach colored corrector and blend in smoothly then place a concealor on top of the corrector that is ONE(no more than 2 please or you risk having super light circles under your eyes.) shade lighter than your skin tone.The point is to brighten that area but not too bright. Blend well! Don't forget to apply to the inner corners of the eye and even at the beginning of the top eyelid if necessary(usually the darkest part)

Fourthly, choose your foundation according to your undertone. The foundation will look natural and not contrast between your neck and your chest. Apply lightly and then build upon the color. Applying too much too soon can make the blending process difficult if you have to much product on your face. Depending on if your using powder/mineral foundation it can look ashen/dry, liquid/cream can be to "wet" and can move about the face(causing blotchiness as your makeup wears off). Besides its always easier to build on foundation already placed than to tone it down if you place to much(you'll have to wipe it all off and start again).

The Fifth step, make sure to set your foundation with a powder to ensure that it stays in its place, doesn't move about your face or become blotchy throughout the day. this is especially true to those who have combination/oily skin. The oiliness of your skin will "eat" away at the foundation causing it to fade and blotch. Use a blotting powder, translucent or regular powder foundation to offset your oiliness and give a true matte finish to your foundation and ensuring that it'll last all day with none or minimal touchups(blotting). Set your concealer with a powder a shade lighter than the one used to set your foundation or even a powder the same shade as the concealer you used.

The sixth step, fill in your brows if you like using a brow pencil, brow powder or dark brown/light brown eyeshadow. You can make the brow shape more defined using a concealer to outline the shape and blend the concealer out and into the foundation. Set the brow with eyebrow wax, brown or clear brow gel or mascara.

The seventh step, prime the eyelid with an eyeshadow base. Cream eyeshadows, eyeshadow pencils, gel liners, paint pots and even a eyeshadow the same shade as your skin are great. Pick the color(s) you like. Place the darkest color all over your lid and blend out into the crease. Place the middle color into the crease and blend out just below the brow bone and place the lightest color beneath the arch in your eyebrow as a highlight. Apply liquid/gel/pencil/powder eyeliner, mascara and false lashes if you like.

The seventh step, apply blush and highlight your face if you want. Choosing blush is up to you cream/stick/powder/liquid just make sure to apply from the apples of your cheeks back towards your hairline and up towards your temple. apply lightly and build on the color to the intensity of your choice BLEND WELL!

The eighth step, apply lipliner, lipstick and/or lipgloss. A rule of thumb to follow is if your eye makeup is dramatic or bright keep your cheeks and lips a nude/natural color. If your eye makeup is neutral/natural spice the look up with a little more color on your cheeks or a bold bright/dark lip. Or just do whatever you please. Dramatic eye/bold lip can work too! In makeup there aren't any die hard rules its all about how YOU feel and what YOUR style is. WORK IT!

The ninth step, whip your hair back and forth! LOL!

The tenth step, SMILE and walk even more confidently than before because you KNOW rocked your makeup!

These are the 10 basic steps and I assure you if you follow them you'll be well on your way to flawless makeup application and BLOSSOMING BEAUTY!

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Here's a few photos using the 10 steps I mentioned above. Different looks but same idea!


Melly said...

Hi Sherry you have 2 seventh step.. it was a good read

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

LOL whoops! Thanks for letting me know!!!

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