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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey Blossoms,


So today's question is: WHY WEAR LIP LINER? 


Before answering that we must first explain what lip liner is and what's its purposes, the pros and cons.

Pencil lip liners

Retractable lip liners

Lip liner is a pencil or retractable pencil that is used to line the rim of the mouth. It's purpose is to define the mouth and prevent lipstick and gloss from "bleeding" or running onto the outer rim of the mouth. Also to even out the rim of the lips for a more defined shape. Lip liner comes in many different colors and can be a god send for those wanting to try bold lip colors. Let me explain, I love red lipstick but sometimes I'll find a shade of red that I love but it's far to bright to just place directly on my lips. What I'll do is line my lips with a medium to dark brown lip liner and then apply the lipstick. I'll blot my lips together meshing the lip liner lightly into the lipstick thus allowing for a nice transition from my skin tone to the lip liner and then to the lipstick. I've included pictures to show you exactly what I mean.

Some even use lip liner to make the lips appear smaller by lining the lips on the inside rim of the lips(top, bottom,or both) and using concealer or foundation to cover the natural lip line. Here's a few photos to show you what I mean

Or lip liner can be used to make the lips appear bigger by lining the outside rim of the lips and some even create a crest right at the top of the lip if they don't naturally have one. Here's a few photos to show you what I mean.

Or lip liner can be used to help create unique editorial, avant garde or costume lip looks. Check out these photos

A key to remember in lining your lips to appear bigger or smaller is to make a sutle change. Don't try and go from thinner lips to Angelina Jolie shaped lips because it'll look very unnatural and the same goes for reverse. Another trick to making lips appear fuller is to add lip gloss! And to appear smaller skip the lipgloss and stick with a matte shade of lipstick! (Note: shine/gloss finish makes lips instantly appear fuller)

I believe the only con of wearing lip liner is that if you dont use a smudgeproof/waterproof one it can fade quickly and the reverse of that is a highly pigmented lip liner can stain your lips but it can be removed with a little extra rubbing and makeup remover. I dont believe its any more a risk of either types of lip liners than what you take wearing lip balm, lip tint, lipgloss, lipsticks or lip stains or anything else on your lips...I'll explain the difference in all in another post. 

All in all lipliner is an accessory to lipstick or lipgloss(yes you can wear lipliner along with JUST lipgloss) and isn't a necessity in the overall makeup application steps but it does have it's benefits. Not wearing lip liner you run the risk of having your lipstick or lipgloss "bleed" onto the outer rim of your lips and make the shape of your lips looks a little distorted. Another pro of lipliner is if you use it to fill in the lips and place lipstick over it your lipstick will last longer! Yes a proven fact! Think of it as a primer for your lips! If you use a lipliner the same color as your lipstick and use this technique as your lipstick fades you will still have a "stain" of color on your lips, as oppose to your lipstick completely fading away leaving no color. We all know that sometimes you can't run to the restroom or open your compact mirror for a touch up/ re application so this is a boost for your lip colors staying power! 

Hope you enjoyed!

 Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!

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