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Thursday, January 6, 2011

BLOSSOMING INTERVIEW: Up Close & Personal With Your Favorite Gurus: MAKEUPBYRENREN

Hey Blossoms,

I have something so EXCITING for you all! So I'm sure for those of you who frequent Youtube and beauty/makeup blogs the person I'm about to mention is definitely a favorite...even better than that a WORLD RENOWNED MAKEUP GURU! 


Here's her beauty channel...

Here's her blog...

and here SHE is....

                                    Gorgeous!!!!! Yes she is!! And is an AMAZING makeup artist!

So here's the deal! I wanted to bring all of my supporters/followers and even her supporters/followers an insider's look with a fun question and answer interview. 

I thought long and hard about what questions to ask. I really enjoy her blog and videos and she is super personable! I wanted to reflect that to all the people that I know, that may have heard of her and even introduce her to those of you that haven't. Never before asked questions and EXCLUSIVE answers! You all have heard it here FIRST! 

1) How did you get the nickname RenRen?
My real name is Renelyn and I go by Ren for short.  If I was to ever meet you in person it’d either Ren or Renelyn…only one of my friends used to call me Ren Ren and I thought makeup by Ren Ren sounded a little cuter than makeup by Ren, lol.  I’m used to Ren Ren nowJ:)

2) How old were you when you first started wearing makeup? youngest person you've made up?
I started wearing makeup in middle school…I had really bad acne so that’s when I started experimenting with foundation.  Mind you, it was a horrible match, way too pink…whatever I could find at the drugstore.  I’ve learned since then lol.  The youngest person I’ve made up was about 2 years old…crazy right?  It was for a photoshoot charity event and the Dad thought it would be cute.  I applied a tiny bit of blush and sheer gloss on her…she enjoyed it immensely, lol.  Generally though, I try to be very age appropriate when it comes to makeup application.

3) What was the defining moment that catapulted you into seeking a career as a makeup artist? how long before you started seeing success?
I honestly don’t have an exact moment, but it seemed liked after a while, my career really started to pick up.  I was booking more gigs, people were contacting me to write stories and attend events.  It’s great to see hard work pay off.  This started happening about 1.5 years into my career.  We’re all different though.  It depends on the person and the amount you put into it that will determine how far you take your career.

4) What's the craziest makeup look you had to do? craziest prop or makeup product?
I’ve actually done plenty of crazy looks on my YouTube page…many of them for Halloween and costume tutorials.  I’ll pretty much glue anything to the face that will stick and not do damage, lol…the craft store can definitely be your friend when trying to come up with avant guarde looks.  For clients the craziest look I did was a mix between face paint and geisha…I thought it was pretty cool.

Here's what she's referring to....AMAZING ISN'T IT!

5) What do you find most challenging as a makeup artist? what are your coping techniques with that challenge?
There are a few tough things that stand out…first off, dealing with rejection.  You’ll run into some hard to please clients who may not like what you do…the key is to keep your cool, and really listen and try to adapt your technique.  In the end, you also must realize that you may not be a match for every client.  Also, being a makeup artist can be a very cyclical business.  You may have a few jam-packed weeks of gigs and then hit a dry spell.  The key is to keep moving, keep advertising, practicing, never wait for opportunities to come to you.

6) How many people do you think you could makeover if you did face after face for 24 hrs? times that by 365? Amazing right?
Wow, so now sleep huh?  I can make over a person in 5 minutes…if they’re a guy, lol.  Give me all guys with perfect skin and it’s a deal!  Typically though, you should be able to complete a basic makeover in 20 minutes.

7) Who's your favorite top 3 makeup artists and why? What top makeup artist were you surprised knew of you?
I can’t just pick three!  I’ll go with Sam Fine, Billy B, Kevyn Aucoin, AJ Crimson, Scott Barnes, and Pat McGrath.  I follow many of them on twitter and not only are they amazing artists, but they’re great teachers and down to earth people.

8) TOP 5 must have colors that offer the best versatility as a makeup artist or makeup lover? Top 5 steps to a flawless makeup application?
For some reason I interpreted this as eye shadow colors, so I’ll go with that.  Top 5 colors – matte black, matte cream, medium toned brown in a warm tone, neutral dark brown and throw in a fun color!  If I only had those 4 colors, I could do any look and I’ll throw in the wild card color to make it different.
Top 5 steps to a flawless makeup application – 1) You must take care of your skin, have a routine that you stick with that is good for your skin type, age, etc.  Your skin should be clean and moisturized going into makeup application 2)Have the proper tools – good makeup brushes/tools can really make or break your makeup game 3) Apply makeup according to the person…the skin tone, age, personality.  It’s a skill that not every makeup artist masters…learn new tricks, don’t apply the same look to everybody because everyone is different. 4)The points that really define good makeup application for me are clean skin, nicely shaped brows, brows, mascara, and cheek color…from there you can add drama with color…just remember to blend! 5) Practice makes perfect!  That’s the only way to have flawless makeup application…learning from mistakes and becoming better for it.

9) when will you visit NY? how often do you visit? Furthest place you've ever been requested to go to do someone's makeup? did you go?
I’m definitely planning on attending IMATS NY in 2010.  I visit whenever the occasion calls for it…work, vacation, weddings, but I’ll definitely be there for IMATS.  I’ve been asked to travel all over the world for events but honestly, if travel and board is not included it’s not an option.

      Here's MakeupbyRenRen with another GURU:Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny(to her right) at IMATS LA 2010

10) Have you ever messed up a makeup makeover look completely? What did you do to recover? How do you correct a makeup mistake in a crunch time situation?
The good thing about makeup is that it wipes off.  With experience, you learn how to fix little mishaps.  The key is to keep your cool and persevere through it.  I’ve never in my opinion completely messed up a makeover, but I have had clients that weren’t happy with a look.   Just do your best, be quick on your feet and keep it moving!

MakeupbyRenRen's FUN FACTS:


Favorite Movies

Favorite Music

Favorite Books



has over 300 Youtube videos and adds to that frequently!

has over 21,000 blog profile views!

has 45,665 subscribers on her YouTube channel that increases daily!

has over 996,000 beauty channel views!

has over 5,078,000 YouTube video views!

has been on Youtube since Nov 2007!

graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration from Emory Univ in 2005!

Works in Marketing in Corporate America AND as a Freelance Makeup Artist!

has over 4,400 followers on her blog that increases daily!

has over 7,100 followers on twitter that increases daily!

reps her home as ATL!

is a SELF TAUGHT Makeup Artist

 one of the top 10 people I started to follow when I joined Twitter!

has been "listed" on twitter over 230 times!

is a future MBA candidate!

is just AMAZING!

Here's more pictures of her awesome makeup skills on herself:

 Also, this wouldn't be complete without her signature look pouty/pursed lips and upside down peace sign or is that the "A" for ATL, her hometown! lol

Thanks for reading! I sincerely hoped you all enjoyed this EXCLUSIVE interview and feel free to subscribe to her beauty channel, follow her blog and/or follow her on twitter. Please feel free to let her know you were first introduced to her or even re-introduced to her HERE! 

This is someone who is SHERRY BLOSSOM APPROVED! Stay tuned for more in this series: BLOSSOMING INTERVIEW: Up close & Personal With Your Favorite Gurus!

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms!!!!!!


MakeupByRenRen said...

wow what an amazing post! i am truly truly honored...i think you did a great job with the interview and capturing every thing. thanks again honey bunches!

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it I enjoyed doing it. Just a thanks for all the hard work you put into getting new and fun info out to your supporters via twitter/blog/Youtube. WE greatly appreciate it! Thanks for being extremely kind!

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